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With spring's arrival, every girl chooses exciting images to reveal herself in a new way. This year's time is perfect for renewal and change, and fashion has prepared many interesting proposals for us. Stylists are professionals in their field, so they know a lot about the most charming images that shock the world every year. Starting from unusually different and lighter clothes and shoes, ending with fashionable hairstyles that fascinate others, they have introduced new beauty rules for this spring, and each luxury fashion house stands out in its own way!

  • At Gucci, models shared new discoveries in the holiday campaign. The event featured bouncy blowouts and long thick bangs, a lush and rather retro look brimming with optimism.
  • Balmain, as always, had other thoughts with which they crossed out the rest and previous. Their models stood out thanks to fashion shows with punk pixies made modern thanks to feathered, feminine strands at the nape.
  • Red Valentino decided to give everyone a new look at sophistication and extravagance. Even though it was an online conference, thanks to the ropey braids, the effect of uniqueness was felt even through the screen.

In many ways, we can see one message: the new hairstyles' main idea for spring is serenity and fun. And our article will help you to reflect this idea in your image with great ease. Cute spring hairstyles come in different shapes with weaves of varying complexity. It can be hair pulled back, braids, voluminous buns, hair tails with colored strands, and much more. The whole variety has given rise to a number of difficulties, but we will simplify them for you. If you go through our article to the end, you will find the best spring hairstyle for yourself.

Top short spring hairstyles

Top short spring hairstyles

Short hair gets more attention due to the fact that such women's haircut styles are only gaining popularity among women. But fashion dictates new rules of hairstyles, and today, hundreds of stars know that they will spend this spring only with short hair. In addition, such hairstyles require less maintenance and allow you to feel freer. In 2022, the following three options conquered fashion:

  1. Messy bob. The messy bob haircut is renowned for its ease of styling. Thanks to a certain cutting technique, the hair becomes visually more voluminous and thicker. You can create laconic and cute spring styling with this hairstyle. Interestingly, the messy bob is suitable for women with different hair lengths. This spring hairstyle is especially recommended for those with thin, weak, and short hair. This is a women’s stylish and easy haircut that can completely change your look for the better. 
  2. Choppy Pixie. This hairstyle wins against the rest's background, showing insolence by breaking all the stereotypical female haircut rules. Here, hair from the very top of the head is brushed straight forward, then trimmed in jagged snips just above the lashes. This spring hairstyle for short hair was popular in the 50s and 60s of the last century. Great examples would be Audrey Hepburn's look in "Roman Holiday", Mia Farrow from "Rosemary's Baby" and, of course, the look of famous British supermodel Twiggy. In general, besides practicality, this women's haircut style has a lovely old-fashioned and, at the same time, new cheeky punk.
  3. Sleek Pageboy. This hairstyle will brighten up your spring and your short hair. The pageboy is suitable for women of all ages, but you should always take into account the shape of the face. It is better to avoid such a haircut for women with extensive facial features because the pageboy will add too much coarseness. The best example would be a modern pageboy haircut from Kaia Gerber and Rose Byrne. This women's haircut style will give you a more youthful appearance a fresh dose of modernity, thanks to sleek brush strokes and snippy, uneven ends. Pageboy always implies a bang, so if you are not a fan of "curtain", it is better to make a different hairstyle.

Best spring hairstyles for long hair

spring hairstyles for long hair

Spring is a good way to start new relationships with people, and your long hair with our suggested hairstyles can even help you with it! In accordance with the research, long and medium-length hair had a significant positive effect on ratings of women’s attractiveness. Thus, their parameters of femininity, youth, health, sexiness are higher for men than for other girls. We have highlighted three of the most outstanding women's haircut styles that will win the hearts of any man.

  1. Elongated bob. The classic bob will never go out of fashion, but it is losing its relevance a little in the spring of 2022. In the spring, another kind of bob will be fashionable - an elongated version. In this variant, you will be able to maintain the optimal hair length than in a regular square, which is definitely a plus. The elongated bob perfectly extends the face, which is especially great for women with a square and rectangular face type. If you love bangs, then an elongated bob can be supplemented with it. But remember that the bangs should not be straight and short - this will ruin the image completely. It is better to choose a graduated version or bangs to one side.
  2. Ponytails with braids. In the spring of 2022, classic ponytails fade into the background. Instead, options for these hairstyles with additional braids are becoming relevant. When two classic hairstyles for long hair are combined: a ponytail and a braid, this forms a universal hairstyle that can be selected for any spring occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, or an ordinary walk around the city. And the most exciting thing is that such a hairstyle does not require a lot of money or time from you. It can be easily made at home, and for this, it is enough to know how to weave a basic three-strand braid.
  3. Soft waves. Fabulous curls and increased volume in the hairstyle remained in the winter season, and in the spring of 2022, it is essential only to leave a hint of the curly strand in long hair. Soft waves are perfect for a busy weekend or a romantic dinner with your loved one. Famous stylist Justine Marjan from Los Angeles advises trying a look from the 60s - with soft chunky waves and a bandage or curly hairstyle in the style of the 90s.

Spring is the time when everything around us blooms and gratifies, filling our life with long-awaited rich colors. And the most amazing thing is that you can become a part of this wonderful process. Do not waste this opportunity and discover your look from a new and surprising side with our advice on the current trendy hairstyles.

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