How To Take Care of Natural Black Hair?

woman with natural black hair bun

Black is considered to be the standard hair color that symbolizes beauty and hair strength. There are many issues that can cause aging of the hair causing them to turn white or gray.

If you are looking for how to maintain naturally black hair, then you are at the right place. This article will give you some tips on maintaining naturally black hair.

Before we discuss tips that are essential in maintaining naturally black hair, you should know how important hair care is. Since hair defines half of your beauty, it should never be ignored.

The maintenance of hair, its color, and texture is a mandatory part of every woman’s life who has to undergo different hair treatments to keep their hair in proper shape and color. In this article, we will explore the numerous ways through which you can care for your natural black hair in the best way possible!

Did You Know That Your Hair Color is Determined by Melanin?

Melanin is the pigment present in your body that is responsible for the color of your hair. Your natural hair color is determined by two types of Melanin which include Pheomelanin and eumelanin. The more melanin in the body leads to darker hair.

A major issue with black hair is that white hair can be spotted in them easily. There are many factors that cause black hair to turn white, some of which include the extensive usage of hair chemicals, heat, and stress. These chemicals cause hair to lose its natural pigments and turn gray.

Natural Ways to Keep Your Hair Black

While coloring hair can be very expensive, there are some natural and inexpensive ways that can help you keep your hair black. Let’s have a look at some of them.

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1. Usage Of Coffee

Coffee is known to be an excellent stimulator for hair growth in androgenetic alopecia. Coffee is also said to increase the growth of keratinocytes. Coffee can be used to maintain the natural black color of hair as well depending on the amount of coffee you apply to your hair after making its mixture.

2. Use False Daisy

To keep the hair color black, false daisies have been used for centuries in certain parts of the world. False daisy is to enhance the natural color of hair. This plant has a composition of flavonoids¸ triterpenes, alkaloids, polyacetylenes, and glycosides. Besides darkening hair color, this composition minimizes hair loss and promotes hair growth.

3. Tea

Tea has been used to darken the color of hair for centuries. Many experts believe that black tea enhances hair sheen, hair color and promotes hair growth.

The black tea rinses are applied directly to the hair and allowed to remain on the hair for at least an hour. The high concentration of tannins in black tea enhances hair color. The black tea also contains the arubigins which give it its dark color.

Although this is a very good treatment that can reduce white hair after a few washes, it doesn’t last long. Experts believe that the caffeine present in black tea promotes hair growth by blocking the hormone which causes hair loss. Besides promoting hair growth and darkening them, black tea brings shine to hair.

4. Amla

Amla is of considerable importance in Indian history used for darkening hair. The vitamin C present in Amla prevents hair loss. Many hair dyes used Amla powder in them for the darkening of the hair. Normal utilization of the Amla Powder will obscure your hair tone and assist with keeping silver hairs from appearing.

It is truly powerful for reinforcing, obscuring, and saturating your hair and at times (where the issue isn't hormonal) may diminish hair fall or going bald and even advance hair development.

Moreover, there are many other oils that can be used with the above-mentioned materials to keep your hair naturally black.

coconut oil being used for hair care

5. A Mix of Hair Oils

Sometimes making your own hair masks is the best way to go. There are numerous oils available in the market ranging from coconut oil to argan oil, and many more. Each of these oils has its own benefits and contributions to making hair longer, stronger, and healthier.

The usage of oil dates to decades ago when ancient civilizations would make use of homemade oils to darken their hair and make it healthy. Nowadays, we do not need to make homemade oil, all these oils are available in the market at very decent prices.

Get your hands on some of the best natural oils and make a combination of oil to darken your beautiful hair in a natural way. Below are some of the best oils to maintain and care for natural black hair.

  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil is effective in penetrating the hair shaft and strengthening it. It helps to prevent hair from damaging and turning gray.
  • Olive oil: Olive oil can enter the hair cortex and saturate the hair from the inside. This fortifies hair tone and keeps it dark. It additionally lessens hair harm and saves individuals from extensive hair fall.
  • Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil saturates and conditions the hair and promotes a healthy scalp and good hair growth. Additionally, this allows an individual's hair color to maintain its pigmentation and keep a natural color. This oil is perfect for people with black-colored hair! You can mix it with other oils and use it on its own as well.
  • Argan oil: Argan oil helps in stimulating hair development. It likewise keeps the hair saturated and healthy. If you are looking for long and silky black hair, then buy argan oil for your hair.

6. Hair Vitamins

There are some hair vitamins that not only keep your hair thick and black but also enable proper hair growth. Biotin is considered to be the best hair vitamin for good hair growth. Apart from that Vitamin C and Niacin also promote healthy hair growth. Iron and zinc are considered to be the best minerals to keep hair naturally black and hair growth.

7. Low-Manipulation Styles

Experts say that low manipulation styles can lead to the growth of black hair and keep them naturally black. The theory behind this says that traditional hairstyles which involve tight braids cause more damage to hair and lead to hair breakage while low manipulation styles will not cause hair breakage and allow them to grow relatively faster.

woman oiling her natural black hair

Tips To Keep Your Hair Black the Way It Is!

1. You have to be gentle with your hair. Regardless of whether you are brushing, rubbing, or styling your hair, be with your hair.

2. Routinely oil your hair. A few oils, similar to coconut oil, can support your hair from the inside and forestall hair harm.

3. Warming a few oils, similar to olive oil, can assist them with entering the cortex and sustaining the hair from the inside.

4. Include hair massage in your routine. It has been proved that massaging the scalp causes an increase in hair growth and blood flow.

5. Hair treatments including keratin treatment may upgrade the regular shade of hair. The point is to improve the protein content of hair and decrease hair harm.

6. Don’t use a brush on wet hair. Wet hair can stretch up to 70%. This might cause hair breakage or damage.

7. Stay away from sulfates containing shampoos. They fill your scalp and hair with cruel synthetic compounds that cause harm, making your hair fragile and more inclined to breakage.

8. Try not to utilize such a large number of synthetic items or medicines on your hair. These items and medicines contain synthetic substances that might invade the hair and harm it, causing hair fall.

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Key Takeaways!

If all these tips are properly followed and all the ingredients that cause the hair color to darken are used, then you will be successful in maintaining your naturally black color.

Not just the ingredients, you will have to be careful in the selection of your shampoo and conditioner to maintain your naturally black color. Moreover, give your hair the essential oils which include coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil, these will not keep your hair in its natural black color but stimulate your hair growth and strengthen them.

Consider the tips given above to ensure smooth, thick, and natural black hair. Remember you always have to be gentle to your hair while brushing and combing through them. Don’t use synthetic products on your hair because excessive usage of synthetic products can lead to graying of hair, hair breakage, and damage.

The key to caring for your beautiful dark hair is to ensure that you are making use of quality products. There are many innovative options available in the market such as premium shampoo’s, conditioners, and much more.

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