How To Take Care of Damaged Hair? Keep Hair Beautiful

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Hair damage is a common problem faced by a majority of women today. There are a number of factors that cause hair damage and breakage and a lot of them are associated with our natural environment.

Sometimes, it is the low humidity levels and dry weather which cause hair damage while most of the time, direct heat from the sun can lead to damaging hair badly. 

Apart from these natural factors, there are a lot of factors controlled by humans that can lead to hair damage, hair loss, and breakage. Some of them include using a harsh shampoo or a conditioner, washing hair excessively, using hot hair styling tools, ironing hair routinely or blow drying them, and poor diet and nutrition.

While there isn’t anything that can repair hair damage entirely, there are numerous ways through which we can minimize the effects of damage to hair and make our hair healthy. 

Who doesn’t want bouncy, silky, and naturally healthy hair right?! Well, even if you have extremely damaged hair and cannot figure out what to do with it, JuvaBun is here to save the day. In this article, we will highlight the various factors which contribute to hair damage, how we can avoid those, and take care of our damaged hair!


What Went Wrong! 

Before you know what to do when your hair gets damaged, you should know where you went wrong. As mentioned earlier, numerous factors contribute to damaged hair. However, a study conducted in early 2021 shows that the factors mentioned below are the ones that contribute to hair damage by more than 70%. 

Factors Contributing to Damaged Hair

Using hair dye

Using dye to change your hair color or using it to hide your gray hair can lead to hair damage affecting its texture and making your hair dry. The chemicals present in the dyes can remove the natural moisture present in hair and remove essential oils naturally present in hair. If you are using dye, try staying on one shade that suits you instead of trying unnatural colors because they are very difficult to maintain and lead to more hair damage and hair fall.

Make sure that you use dye after taking a gap of 8 to 10 weeks, otherwise, it might harm your hair adversely. Moreover, ensure that you are using high-quality dyes only, your hair deserves attention so always try going for well-known and hair-safe brands

Using bleach

To remove natural hair color, bleach is used by a majority of women. Bleach is effective in dissolving Melanin that gives the hair its natural color. Bleach not only breaks the pigments in hair but also affects the natural fatty acids present in hair which weakens human hair.

If you have no other option than bleaching your hair then add moisture in your hair and use sun protection to protect your hair from ultraviolet rays. Bleach is a big NO-NO for hair if you want to keep it from getting damaged. While it may seem like a good option at the time, just know that it will damage your hair, and it isn’t even minor damage, it impacts hair quality substantially! 

Heat styling tools

Don’t use heat styling tools excessively to reshape your hair. Ironing hair, using iron curlers or blow-drying hair can lead to permanent hair damage because the heat from these styling tools takes all the moisture away from your hair, making your hair extremely dry and damaging them badly.

We aren’t saying, ban hair styling tools entirely, but be smart about it. Make use of heat protection serums which use a straightener or curler. Additionally, opt for treatments instead of styling your hair daily. 

Tangled hair

Sometimes, hair can become damaged if they are not properly brushed and stay tangled. Brushing hair after a day when they are fully tangled can lead to rooting out your hair completely from the scalp. This also leads to hair breakage and hair fall is one of the biggest consequences that result from this. 

Knowing how to take care of damaged hair is far more important than knowing how to keep your hair naturally black and give them its natural color. Damaged hair is the last stage where everyone should be worried about how to take care of it and how to prevent hair from further damage. 

Basic Hair Damage Prevention

Moisturizing damaged hair is extremely important to prevent any further hair damage. Below are a few tips that you should keep in your mind

  1. Try not to wash your hair consistently except if you have a scalp condition, for example, dandruff which needs every day shampooing for control. Use a gentle shampoo while washing your hair. Additionally, use hair conditioner every day.
  2. Limit the use of hot irons, hot rollers, blow dryers, or hair curlers. 
  3. Get hair treatments but increase the gap between hair treatments like keratin, protein treatments, or dyes.
  4. Wear a cap on cool, blustery days and put on a washing cap when swimming. 

9 Hair Care Remedies That You Should Apply to Your Hair

When you feel that your hair is dry, it might be weak and difficult to style. However, having dry hair doesn't imply that you have some health issues, or if something is wrong with your hair.

Heat styling, smoking, humidity, and sun exposure contribute to making your hair damaged and dry. Following are a few ways that you can adopt in preventing your hair from further damage and lessening the current hair damage. 

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1. Trim your hair 

Your hair requires a reset as a new trim if you have extremely damaged or dry hair. Even if you have short hair, split ends present an ugly sight and can make your hair styling very difficult.

Trim off your hair at the ends because that will lead to hair growth and prevent your hair from damage. You can ask someone to trim your hair at home if someone knows it or you can go to your salon and ask your stylist to give your damaged hair a perfect shape and a healthy-looking trim by trimming it. 

2. Take vitamin supplements

Your body needs certain nutrients and vitamins for its nourishment; however certain nutrients straightforwardly sway the well-being of your hair and nails, as well. Biotins, vitamin A and vitamin C make your hair look healthy and strengthen them.

Some people take prenatal vitamins that contain Vitamin A, C, and biotins for their hair. However, some people take biotin-containing supplements but it is also claimed that biotin alone is not effective for hair growth and strength. Marine protein supplements are considered to be effective for good hair growth and strength. 

3. Eat more antioxidants

Try to add more antioxidants to your diet because they help in reducing stress levels in your body which can weaken your hair and make them look old. These include walnuts, tomatoes, kidney beans, and blueberries.

4. Oiling

Oil your hair regularly because oiling brings moisture to your hair and keeps them hydrated. Apart from ensuring hair growth and preventing hair damage, oiling has many other benefits as it brings glow and shine to your hair and prevents premature aging of the hair.

If your scalp is dry it can lead to dandruff in your hair, for preventing hair dandruff try giving essential oils to your hair regularly. Applying hair to your oil also prevents hair fall.

5. Wrap your hair in a towel after washing

After you wash your hair, wrap them in a towel instead of air-drying hair. While drying hair, your hair can lose moisture if it is brittle. Try using a silk pillowcase if you wash your hair before sleeping because this will help to prevent moisture from getting sucked by your pillowcases. 

6. Reduce the usage of heat styling products

As mentioned earlier, the heat from different hair styling products can destroy hair leading to hair damage, breakage, and hair fall. It is very important that you reduce the usage of iron curlers, straighteners, and blow dryers.  For drying air try using towels first and let the air dry your partially wet hair. 

7. Take cold showers

Experts believe that using hot water has a negative effect on the health of your hair. The usage of hot water can make your hair porous and brittle which leads to an increased risk for hair damage and hair loss. Moreover, using hot water leads to the opening up of pores present in hair which weakens the roots of the hair and increases the chances of hair fall. 

8. Wear a cap

Ultraviolet rays damage your hair the same way they damage your skin. It is very important to protect your hair from them as they can damage your hair very badly. Try wearing a cap or a hat every time you go out in the sun.

Wear a cap during your everyday exercises, and keep away from sun exposure. If ultraviolet rays have already damaged hair then using aloe vera gel on your hair is a good option to protect them from further damage. 

9. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is effective if the sun or ultraviolet rays have damaged your hair. Coconut oil helps in improving the overall appearance of your hair by smoothing your hair strands.

Use coconut oil once a week and make sure it is at room temperature. Put coconut oil on your palms before applying it to your hair and then gently apply it on different sections of your hair. Let this oil sit on your hair for around 10 minutes and wash it completely. 

You can prevent your hair from damage if you take up these tips which include protecting your hair from the heat of the sun and other hair styling tools majorly. Apart from that, you should use essential oils in your hair to hydrate and moisturize it. Use coconut oil in your hair to ensure they stay smooth. When you go out in the sun, wear a cap to protect your hair from ultraviolet rays. 

Improve your diet and add antioxidants in your diet, they will improve your hair growth and strengthen it. Try taking supplements that are rich in Vitamin A and C because they are very good for hair growth and skin as well. You can also take biotins and protein supplements which have been proved to be effective for hair growth and strength. 

Myths about Damaged Hair Which You Should Avoid 

It is usually said that excessive brushing can improve hair strength and volume but if you brush your hair so much, it can damage your hair. Try brushing your hair regularly but don’t brush it exceeding the limit. Moreover, many believe that natural oils on your scalp can repair your hair which is not true. The natural oils present on your scalp can’t nourish your hair strands like designed products with fatty acids which actually protect your hair.

Additionally, you may have heard that a split end can be repaired, but that is not the case. A split end can not be repaired because once the hair is broken, it is broken. There is nothing that can cause the split end to repair however, you can protect your hair from further damage and breakage.

Many think that a hair cut is a solution for hair damage which is true but not always. Sometimes, it is the heat that you are putting on your hair that causes split ends and hair damage. A haircut isn’t always the solution, sometimes you just have to reduce the heat levels that you are giving to your hair. 

People believe that wearing a hat causes the hair to thin which is the biggest myth ever. Wearing a hat will protect your hair from the heat from sunlight or ultraviolet rays. 

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Start Taking Care of Damaged Hair From Today! 

All in all, taking care of damaged hair as soon as possible is very important for the health and outlook of your hair. If you want to keep up with maintaining healthy and voluminous hair, then follow all the tips mentioned above, avoid all the harmful activities too, and completely disregard the myths that people tell you! Embark on your hair repair journey today with some top-quality products available in the JuvaBun catalog!

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