The Best Tips for How to Sleep with Wet Curly Hair

By the end of the day when you are too exhausted to do anything, a hot bath is considered to be effective in pushing away your tiredness and brings you a soothing and comfortable feeling.

There are days when you are too lazy to even dry your hair using a towel and sleep just like that, right after taking a bath but do you know how to sleep with wet hair especially if you have curly hair? If not, then you are at the right place which will help you know different ways you can use while sleeping with wet curly hair. 

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Importance of Sleeping with Wet Curly Hair the Right Way!

Knowing how to sleep with wet hair is important because sleeping with wet hair can lead to hair breakage and weakening of the hair. This isn’t just one thing: sleeping with wet hair leads to fungal infection of the scalp. Hair loss is another problem associated with sleeping with wet hair.

When you sleep with wet hair, the water from your hair is absorbed into the fabric of the pillow which absorbs your natural oils too, consequently making your hair look more dull and dry without these oils. This will not only make your hair dehydrated but also worsen the texture of your hair.

In the case of curly hair, to ensure that your curls keep their shape and remain curly overnight, it is very important for you to understand how to sleep with curly wet hair if you are concerned about your hair in real life.

Tips To Sleep with Curly Wet Hair

While curly hair is a true beauty, maintaining it can take some work too. Do not fall asleep with wet curly hair as it is, take your time and follow the tips below to make sure your curls have an everlasting bounce to them! 

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1. Try Taking a Bath At Least 2 Hours Before Going to Sleep

Taking a bath two hours before you sleep is important because it will let your hair air dry, and they will be partially wet. Firstly, it will not only help to prevent your hair from breakage, but it will also make sure that your curls take their shape when partially dry and remain curly overnight. Apart from that, it will prevent you from any sort of fungal infection on the scalp and save your hair from dandruff. 

2. Use Your Styling Product on Damp Hair

After you take shower, apply your styling product on your damp hair if it is a curl defining cream which maintains the shape of the curls or oil which keeps your set curls in shape. As a hair styling product, you can use your conditioner that will help your hair in retaining its moisture over the night. If you wisely choose your styling product then you’ll be able to prevent frizzy hair and get amazingly soft hair instead.

woman braiding her blond hair

3. Braid Your Hair Before Sleeping

You always have the option of braiding your hair before going to sleep but make sure to braid your hair when they are 50% dry. While you are sleeping, this will keep your hair from moving all about but you should know that your braid will have an effect on how your curls will dry. 

4. Make A Hair Bun

The best way to maintain your natural-looking curls is to put your hair in a bun. This will retain your naturally looking curls and will help you in preventing them from laying on them. This will also keep your curls out of your eyes but make sure to make this bun high enough so that you don’t squish your waves while sleeping.

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5. Use Pin Curls

You can use pin curls to get your curls right in their shape while sleeping. All you need to do is to take a small portion of your curls pushing them towards your scalp through your fingers. While you compress them, make sure to keep them in their curl shape. Use bobby pins for each portion of curls that you have compressed.

As soon as you wake up, remove these bobby pins from your hair and enjoy your curls. There are two things that you should keep in mind that these bobby pins work well on short hair and covering your head in a silk scarf is a good option to keep pin curls in place.

6. Try Bantu Knots

Make small sections of your hair by using a comb and start rolling each section till it gets into a spiral form. Twist each section it is in a twisted flat on your head and then use a bobby pin to hold each section separately. Each of these knots is known as the Bantu knot which requires the hair to be separated into 8 to 10 sections. Untie each knot in the morning and enjoy your well-defined curls. 

7. Use A Satin Bonnet to Protect Your Hair

After making Bantu knots or using bobby pins, place your hair in a satin bonnet which will make sure that your curls remain in their shape and place. A satin bonnet is easily available in local shopping and online stores. 

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8. Use A Silk Pillowcase

To make sure that your curls stay in their shape and place, use a silk or a satin pillowcase. Silk or satin pillowcases don’t cause any friction and will keep your hair sliding smoothly on the pillowcase. Such pillowcases can be found easily on local shopping stores or online shopping websites. 

Take Care of Your Curls the Best Way! 

Considering the fact that curls are usually hard to maintain and sleeping with wet hair can lead to many problems. You should always try finding out the best possible solution to not let anything damage or weaken your hair and let your curls lose their shape. Make sure to apply hair cream on damp hair and give your hair the shape that you want to.

Try using bobby pins, make Bantu knots, braid your hair when they are partially dry, use silk pillowcases, and above all try taking a shower at least 2 hours before sleeping to maintain your curls and keep your hair healthy. 

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