DIY Hair Masks Recipes: Homemade Remedies that Fit Your Hair Type

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Every woman wants to be beautiful, and one of the most important components of beauty is aesthetic, healthy, and shiny hair. For full-fledged care, it is unnecessary to spend large sums in salons; many procedures can be carried out at home, achieving a good result. Hair repair DIY mask will be one of the most effective care products. You can prepare dozens of types of effective cosmetics at home.

Hair constantly suffers from the negative effects of weather factors, and it is also adversely affected by poor urban ecology, constant stress, unhealthy diet, and lack of vitamins. The constant use of styling products, curling, straightening, dyeing, and other hairdressing procedures also negatively affects the condition of the hair.

It is necessary to provide it with adequate nutrition to restore a healthy hair structure, provide it with a beautiful shine, and restore volume. DIY hair repair masks are easy to prepare, and they will turn out to be much more effective than balms. 

What are the types of easy DIY hair masks?

You will have to carry out cosmetic procedures at home not once but at least weekly for two to three months to get the desired effect. However, the result will justify all the costs. You can restore even damaged hair by choosing the right product. It is unnecessary to alternate masks; you can choose one option to solve a specific cosmetic problem.

The most common are the following types of DIY masks:

  • Mask for dry hair. They are designed for intensive moisturizing; as a result, the hair will stop breaking and exfoliating, the hair acquires a beautiful and healthy look.
  • Hair growth mask. If you want long, healthy hair, special formulas can help boost growth and keep your roots healthy.
  • Mask for thin hair. They are suitable for owners of thin and weak hair. Long-term strengthening will restore thickness and strength to your hair. This option is also suitable for owners of colored hair. Strengthening helps to restore the structure after intense exposure to chemicals.
  • Mask for split ends. The split ends problem is familiar to many. Special masks help to cope with them and give the hair a healthy look.
  • Hair loss masks. Correctly selected masks prevent hair loss and accelerate growth; this allows you to maintain the beauty and health of your hair, regardless of age.

Moreover, special formulas can be appropriate for getting rid of dandruff, giving shine, protecting against excessive fragility, and other purposes. The best DIY hair mask for dry hair allows you to provide care no worse than in the salon, while the preparation costs will be very low.

The best DIY hair mask for dry hair 

DIY hair mask for dry hair

Dry hair needs special care; it suffers from the vagaries of the weather, blow-drying, dyeing, and other cosmetic procedures. However, you can try to restore them and make them healthier with simple recipes:

  • Use fermented milk products. They contain a whole list of useful natural substances that can penetrate deeply into the hair structure. It is enough to lubricate strands with fresh kefir or fermented baked milk without additional additives half an hour before washing, and very soon, you will notice a positive result.
  • Oil-based formulations give excellent results. A folk remedy is a mixture of olive and burdock oil, which has been proven for centuries. It is enough to take two tablespoons of each ingredient. Warm the mixture in a water bath to room temperature and then apply to the hair, paying special attention to dry ends. You can keep this mixture on your hair for up to 3 hours.
  • Another effective recipe for the best DIY hair mask for dry hair is a mixture of aloe juice and grated apple. It is a real vitamin cocktail that provides the hair with useful substances. The mask must be kept on the hair for half an hour, covered with a plastic cap.

DIY hair mask for colored hair

If you find a large amount of hair on the comb every morning, this indicates that they need to be strengthened immediately. However, it is necessary to select a strengthening composition according to the type of hair to obtain the desired effect and not damage the structure. Here are some simple and effective recipes:

  • You can make a DIY hair mask for colored and oily hair from black bread. It must be soaked in water; a decoction of onion peels and egg white are added there. This combination gives a guaranteed effect if you apply it to your hair for at least 20 minutes once a week. Another effective option for strengthening is almond oil; apply two tablespoons of the oil to the hair along the entire length.
  • A mask based on egg yolk and burdock oil is enough for just one tablespoon to strengthen dry hair. Warm the ingredients to room temperature, then apply to hair roots and massage. The mixture must be left under a plastic cap for 45 minutes and then washed off.
  • Color hair and give them a charming aroma; you can make a DIY chocolate hair mask to heal dry hair. To do this, use 1 bar of dark chocolate melted in a water bath, one tablespoon of any vegetable oil, and egg yolk. Prepare the mixture and use it to strengthen the roots.

DIY hair mask for thin hair

DIY hair mask for thin hair

Split and thin hair can make even the most sophisticated hairstyle unkempt and messy, so you need to take care of this problem. It is easy to do this: you can prepare an effective DIY hair mask for thin hair, which will strengthen the structure and help to eliminate damage quickly. It is also necessary to change the comb; it should be as soft as possible so as not to injure the hair and accelerate the formation of split ends.

  • Gelatin mask. Gelatin contains animal collagen, which helps to strengthen the hair structure, making it stronger and more elastic. For preparation, you need to dissolve a tablespoon of gelatin in water completely and then heat the mixture in a water bath or in a microwave. As a result, you should get a mass of medium density; it needs to be slightly cooled and evenly applied to the hair by hand or with a brush.
  • Oil masks. Natural oils effectively strengthen the hair structure and are convenient to use at home. In the fight against split ends, you can use almost any natural oils such as olive, burdock, castor, etc. The oil must be slightly warmed up before use; to improve the effect, you can mix it with honey.
  • Avocado mask. This recipe helps provide your hair with a full complement of essential nutrients. The pulp of ripe avocado fruit is mixed with a teaspoon of honey and burdock oil; the mixture must be thoroughly mixed. After that, apply it to your hair, leave it under the cap for 30 minutes, and then rinse.
  • Kefir mask. A common option is a mask for split ends with kefir. Fresh fermented milk products are easy to use at home. Apply kefir along the entire length of the hair or only on the ends; it is recommended to do this before each wash.

DIY hair mask for shiny hair

Healthy, shiny hair has become the hallmark of movie stars and singers, and many women would like to surprise those around them with the same impressive hairstyle. You can use a special DIY hair mask for shiny hair to give your hair a pleasant shine. Several popular recipes:

  • For brunettes, masks made of lemon juice and black tea infusion are suitable. A teaspoon of lemon juice is enough for a glass of strong tea leaves. Apply it all over your hair, taking care not to get the mixture on the scalp. Such a composition does not even have to be washed off; it will give a pleasant shine and a feeling of freshness.
  • An option for all cognac masks. This drink contains natural tannins that improve the structure of the hair and restore its healthy appearance. It is necessary to mix a tablespoon of brandy, honey, and lemon juice; the ready-made mixture is applied to the hair for one hour.
  • Spanish recipe for DIY hair mask for shiny hair mixture of cucumber juice with salt and egg white. It gives a triple effect; the salt absorbs unnecessary substances, the cucumber effectively moisturizes the hair along the entire length, and the egg will give it a beautiful shine.

Rules for using DIY hair masks

Rules for using DIY hair masks

Any hair mask can be not only beneficial but also harmful if applied incorrectly. Careful selection of the recipe according to the type and condition of the hair and a reasonable approach will help avoid various unpleasant accidents. 

Consider a few essential rules:

  • Many products, such as honey or herbs, are strong allergens. You must do an allergy test before using any new component to avoid an unexpected reaction. Apply a small amount to the skin area and wait. If redness, itching, burning, or other negative reactions appear, take an anti-allergenic drug and refuse to use such a hair mask.
  • Do not exceed the allotted time. This does not improve the result, but it can simply burn the hair, especially when it comes to red pepper, mustard, and other active ingredients. Follow the recipe and try to avoid any irregularities.
  • Choose the right masks for your hair type. For dry, brittle, and damaged hair, you can use not all recipes. In any case, the active ingredients must be mixed with emollient vegetable oil or egg yolk.
  • Alternate between different products for maximum effect. More often than not, several hair problems have to be addressed at the same time, so they can be provided with comprehensive support.
  • Do not go outside for 2-3 hours after cosmetic procedures, especially in windy weather. During this period, the scalp is especially vulnerable to the effects of negative natural factors.
  • During the course, you can additionally take vitamins to improve the condition of the hair. Taking vitamin E has a positive effect.

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