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Hey girls! Are you looking for the best curly hair extension and a tutorial on how to attach the extensions without them falling out? If that is the case, let's see what curly hair extensions are and what type of curly hair extensions are available in the market for you! There are different types of curly hair available, going from loose curls to tight curls, wavy hair, coil curly hair, and many more - before we get into the tutorial one must know what type of extensions they are using! You can get amazing clip-in hair extensions for your hair, whatever your hair type. Curly hair extensions are the perfect go-to hack to getting long, curly, and voluminous hair in less than seconds! There are different shades of hair extensions, different lengths of hair extensions to purchase, seamless hair extensions, hair extensions that cover the whole head, tape-in hair extensions, human hair extensions, full lace wigs, synthetic hair extensions, and the list goes on.

Wearing a hair extension is really convenient, do you know why? Well, for starters, if you are having a bad hair day, you can just wear these hair extensions and slay in your events, and if you have thin hair, dry hair, damaged hair, or any other challenges with your hair, you can wear these and get your hairstyles made in a second and start your day with an amazing hairstyle. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find out what different types of hair extensions are, how you can use them and how you can style your hair with the hair extensions.

Explore The Many Types Of Curly Hair Extensions & How To Use Them

Various curly hair extensions vary in hair type and color. You can select from a whole range of brown, black, ombre, and chestnut hair extensions and can also easily do some color matching with the hair extension available online. Even though there are various colors available, you have to find the one best suitable for you, and for that, you need to know the different types of curly hair extensions are available in the market best suited to your need. So, here is a small, in-depth view of the various types of curly hair extensions available that you can use.

1.      Curly Claw Clip Extensions

There are various types of curly hair extensions available, and these claw clip ones are no different. These are basically curly hair attached to a claw clip that you can wear on a bun or ponytail to bring some volume to your natural hair. Usually, a claw clip curly hair extension is used as a claw clip ponytail that can easily be attached to a premade bun or pony. These are available in all lengths, styles, and colors, all you have to do is, take your pick, and you will be good to go. The claw clips in such extensions are strong but not too strong to damage your hair. They are perfect if you love wearing your hair up in a ponytail and can be worn in just seconds.

2.      Curly Wig

A curly wig is also really easy to wear. This is available for your full head and comes with a mesh on which hair is attached. The curls vary depending on the wig type. There are loose curls, tight curls, wavy hair, and the list goes on. Wearing a curly wig is simple; you can select any color, as, through this, you do not have to match your wig hair color with your original hair color. It covers your whole head, allowing you to go with any shade you like, but you have to make sure to set it properly so that you do not leave any spots for people to see that your hair is not real. These can range in color from black to blonde, blue, green, and more. You can also go for afro curls, loose curls, tight curls, and others varying in length.

3.      Long Wavy Wig

Long wavy wigs are similar to curly wigs, but the main difference is that no curls are present on this wig but a bunch of wavy hair that is perfect for a beach day out. These also vary in color and length. Even though the name states that it is a long wavy wig, still the length can vary. You can go long to sixteen inches, eighteen inches, twenty-four inches, thirty inches, and more. It is a whole wig with which you can play around and get your hair goals in seconds. It is perfect for everyday use, and if you love wigs, you can easily use great hair glue or a hair glue spray to attach it to your head and then wear it for the longest time possible. You would be surprised to know that you can even wear a wig for as long as two to three weeks before the glue leaves the head and makes you reapply it. These also come in different colors, and you can have your pick and get pink or blue hair to look like a beautiful mermaid or go for more natural colors to have your natural shades.

4.      Long Wavy Extensions

Long wavy extensions are usually clipped in curly hair extensions. You have to simply take up your front hair and then attach it to the middle of your hair, and you are good to go. If you have naturally straight hair, it might need some teasing to keep the clips in place, but it might not be difficult to attach them to your hair if you have originally curly or wavy hair. These are perfect if you are looking for slight volume combined with your natural hair and want to make different hairstyles that you cannot get with your original hair. These also come in different lengths, from eight inches to twenty-four inches. These are perfect if you love long hair or want to make fuller buns or waterfall braids that will give you a natural look. These also come in different shades and might have been highlighted, so if you have pre-dyed hair, you can definitely go for these extensions.

Now, we know the different types of hair extensions available in the market. There are various colors, curl styles, and much more, but do you know how to use them easily? If not, then here is an overview of how you can easily use these hair extensions available and rock all of the events within just a matter of seconds. These are very easy to wear, but you will be shocked to learn how these can be worn in such a small amount of time. So, let’s see how easy it is to wear these curly hair extensions.

The Universal Tutorial of Setting Hair Extensions Like an Expert 

Using hair extensions has never been so easy. Most people avoid them due to the long process the hair extensions take and the time they consume. Then, on the other hand, they really look unreal, but with these amazing curly hair extensions, you do not have to worry about any of these issues. They only take around one minute to be worn and set and also match perfectly with your natural hair color, allowing you to easily wear them without looking shady, having hair issues, and minimizing the hair extension struggle. So, let's see what the three steps involved in wearing a curly hair extension are.

Step 1: Brush and Set

The easiest step is this first one. As the name states, you just have to brush and set. In simple words, you have to brush out all the tangles from your natural hair and then set it according to where you want to wear your curly hair extensions. If you are going for a whole wig, you will need to hide all of your natural hair completely, and if you are going for clip-in hair extensions, you need to part your hair wisely so that their clips do not show. Also, remember to set your baby's hair with a gel or setting spray so that they look natural and sleek. You can also use a shiny hair spray, but I would prefer to use it, in the end, to finish off my style. Anyways, you have to prepare your hair by washing it, conditioning it, and then brushing it out and setting it. Apply all your curl creams, girl, to give your hair a good finish and a healthy look. So, let's move to the next step.

Step 2: Attach and Set

In the second step, you have to do two different things depending on the curly hair extensions you are using. If you are using a whole wig, then the steps are different, and for a clip-in hair extension, the steps are different. You have to simply take the setting powder that you use on your face for a whole wig. Yes, the one that matches your skin tone, and apply it to the inside of the mesh of the wig. This way, your hairline will not look fake. You can also apply your foundation on the inside, but let it dry. Then apply some glue near the front hairline, and then wear your wig, and you are good to go to the next step. You need to part your hair from the middle and then clip in the hair extensions for curly hair extensions; I would not recommend teasing your hair as it will damage your hair, and curly hair already has enough support to hold your clip-ins. Attach the clip to hair extensions, and then let loose the top half of your hair on top of the hair extensions. Now, let's move to the next and final step of getting your perfect look.

Step 3: Set and Slay

In this step, if you are wearing a wig, simply cut out the excess mesh that might be available on your forehead. Then take out your baby hair and style some hair from the wig to make them look like baby hair, and using a gel and a shiny setting spray style them all so that they can come together as one. This will give you a natural look; you can also go for a headband and wear it on the front hairline so that the wig parting does not show. You can simply set the hair a little bit for clip-in hair extensions and then apply a setting spray to further lock in your curls and mix your natural hair and extensions. Depending on the volume you are going for, you can add more extensions if required.

Then just go out and enjoy. But how can you style these for different occasions? Let’s see.

Style Them For Casual, Formal & Semi-Formal Occasions! 

You can easily style your curly hair once you have your desired volume. You can make different hairstyles, use them for different occasions, and play around however you like. If you love styling your hair in double buns, you can go for it. You can make a big bun on the back of your head. If you have worn the wavy hair extension, you can go for two front braids and let the rest of the hair fall naturally on the back. Make a side bun, top bun, two space buns, and more with these amazing extensions. You can go for a sleek bun for your meeting that will not move from its place, and due to equal hair length, it will give you a smooth look in front of other colleagues. Then you can just leave your curly hair open if you are going on a date or for an outing with friends. You can also do a half updo if the weather is humid. There are unlimited options that you can go for. A tip, get a colored hair extension, and you can also change your hair color every once in a while, leaving people skeptical of how you do it. These extensions are perfect for every occasion, and you can wear them whenever and however you want.

Get Perfect Looking Hair Styles with Your Handy Tutorial on Attaching Curly Hair Extensions 

So lovelies, I guess now you know how to easily get voluminous and perfect hair by adding a little bit of volume from these clip-in curly hair extensions. These clip-in hair extensions are perfect for wearing every day and getting your dream hair. These will not damage your hair, and you can either go for the whole wig or can simply take a few strands of hair extensions to get your desired volume. These can be easily worn with different hair accessories, scarfs, and more such things to enhance your overall look. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours today, slay every event, and never get late for a meeting again with these amazing curly hair extensions. Now I guess you do know how to wear these! So, come one gorgeous lady, enjoy these hair extensions and take your hairstyling game to another level.