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Among the various tools needed to create hairstyles and hairstyling, the rat tail comb has become widespread today. Professional stylists most commonly use it. But such an accessory may be useful at home for doing hairstyles on your own.

  • it is not difficult to use such tools; it all depends on the goals set. You should comb short hair from top to bottom. It is advisable to start combing them from below, gradually moving towards the roots to untangle long curls;
  • before dying, you need to brush all the hair, and with the rat tail comb,  the strands should be separated from the required hair density. The teeth ought to be stretched from the hairline to the ends in order to spread the coloring composition evenly.

How to use a rat tail comb? The rat tail comb is used to create root volume. The hair must be thrown forward and gently combed from the bottom. And then, the comb leads layer by layer from the tips to the roots. The topmost one must be left flat. It will help hide irregularities, to give the styling a neat look. Bear in mind that the fleece is not done on wet hair because volume cannot be obtained, and it is quite possible to damage its structure. You also don't need to spray a lot of hairsprays. The hairstyle will look unnatural, and instead of airiness, it will acquire the effect of cement.

The materials from which the rat tail comb is made

different combs

When choosing this tool for yourself, you must first of all pay attention to the material from which it is made. Unlike artificial combs, natural combs are much more expensive. But this pays off with a wide range of possibilities in using and careful treatment of hair.

The most popular is the metal rat tail comb. Models are made of metal serve that are lasting for a very long time; they are easy to care for. Nevertheless, they have disadvantages:

  • They can injure the surface of the skin and strands;
  • Create strong static stress on the hair;
  • Reacts to unnatural dyes.

Accessories, made from turtle shells, horns, and wood are completely natural and the most harmless. They positively affect the curls, do not electrify the hair, also do not destroy the structure, and help smooth to exfoliate cuticle bristles. In addition, to the high cost, their disadvantage is the need for careful care.

A wide range of products includes the cheapest silicone, plastic, and rubber products. They gained their popularity because you don't need to take care of them, but such models serve for a long time. Do not forget that they electrify the hair.

Rat tail comb design

These accessories are similar to combs. They can have teeth of various lengths, curls, and thicknesses. Tiny brushes are available, which are necessary when creating complex styling.

A simple and very common model is the flat comb. It is convenient for them to comb their hair, do styling and coloring. A double or triple comb has teeth of different densities and lengths on each side. The structure of the instrument is well-suited to work with all types of hair. There are combination combs which are  equipped with teeth and bristles with different lengths and are arranged in several rows. This rat tail comb is perfect for combing.

Rat tail comb design

The rat tail comb is an ordinary comb; only at its handle, there is a thin rod-like wide tooth. They can divide hair into strands. And besides, such a comb is needed:

  • for the care of curly strands;
  • the creation of bouffants and hairstyles;
  • highlights and coloring;
  • hombing short hair;
  • applying masks.

These tools are available in various types. The assortment is represented by combs suitable for grooming various hair types:

  • long and short;
  • curly and straight;
  • thin and thick also weak.

The specific functionality of the rat tail comb depends on the material and model used for its manufacture.

How to choose a rat tail comb?

When buying a rat tail comb, you need to decide which model you need. You should consider the type of hair and the main tasks of using the tool:

  • it is good to work with weakened and brittle hair using products made from natural materials distinguished by a careful attitude to the strands. It is convenient to comb short curls with a plastic or rubber comb with a ponytail that has long and thick teeth; a tool with sparse teeth is the easiest way to comb through curls; such a model will not destroy elastic curls; it will help to make the hairstyle well-groomed comb with a metal rat tail comb is also great for highlighting or coloring. It is convenient to divide hair into zones with such an accessory with a skinny metal ponytail;
  • ideal for root bouffants is a multi-row bristle tool. Thick hair is well combed with combs with densely spaced teeth and heavy strands with sparse ones;
  • the rat tail comb with a plastic tail is designed to separate strands for dyeing and perm. When buying it, you need to pay attention to the condition of the tool. All teeth and the working surface of the comb with a ponytail should be perfectly polished and the ponytail should be rounded at the end.

This type of hairdressing tool is used for haircuts. In this case, the comb captures the required number of strands and pulls them slightly. You can use both metal and plastic products for haircuts.


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