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Someone showed the hairdresser a photograph of Emma Watson and her trendy micro-bang. Someone decided to follow the example of Bella Hadid and at the same time did not take into account the peculiarities of their hair type; instead of straight and smooth bangs, they received uncontrollable vortices. And someone hid her brow from prying eyes all his life and at some point decided to show it to the world. Women's mood is not constant. It is essential that you are determined to grow your bangs. Yes, it will be difficult, but it is possible. We will help you find the answer to how long it takes to grow out bangs?

How to understand that you don’t need a bang?

You need to define your hair type clearly, face form, and consider the rhythm of life before telling the hairdresser a firm "cut.” But sometimes girls are too impulsive for these trifles. And already a few days after a trendy haircut, many notice that short bangs combined with a high brow do not suit them. Moreover, porous hair and straight bangs are incompatible concepts. You need to get up earlier every morning and do styling to get straight bangs. It starts to get annoying after a while, and the girls wonder how to grow out bangs? Suppose you have gone through the stage of completely rejecting your reflection in the mirror. In that case, you were seriously looking for a master who will agree to extend your hair to bangs, then urgently change your approach to the situation. 

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How to grow bangs out fast? You need to start with proper care.

Care for regrown bangs

You can become the owner of a bang in 10 minutes. But it will take you many months to grow bangs. Unfortunately, bangs don't grow faster than hair in general. How to grow bangs out fast? It will not be possible to significantly accelerate hair growth either with vitamins or with the help of spells. Just accept this sad fact and follow these simple rules:

  • Bangs need to be styled with a hairdryer or iron, so use light thermal protection so that your hair does not break off.

Care for regrown bangs

  • Styling dries hair, and it becomes brittle. Yes, you can't do without it, but try to use the highest quality moisturizing products for washing your hair.

  • Try to overcome your fear of a person with scissors at the level of your forehead and cut your bangs just a couple of millimeters. This will make the bangs look more attractive without sacrificing the length, avoiding split ends.

Hairstyles for regrown bangs

If you wondered how to grow out bangs in time and followed all the tips, then you are already on your way to even length.

So, after the bang has reached its most unpleasant length, it has dropped over the eyes and interferes with contemplating the world. Ribbons, invisibility, and bandages should become your constant companions from this moment. Yes, do not forget the styling foam and, just in case, a spray for especially unruly hair. You can hide your overgrown bangs with hairstyles or even hair extensions. Below are some of the best hairstyles to help lock in bangs that get in the way.

woman with bang

  • Hairstyle in the Greek style. Just use a particular elastic band or tie a tape along the hairline and twist the strands into it. Fix this beauty with styling, and feel free to go for a walk or work.

  • A simple hairstyle of flagella that can be quickly done. You need to divide your hair into a side parting and act as your intuition prompts, or split the bangs into two parts and frame the temporal zones with flagella, or twist the flagellum along the brow, gradually including the strands from the bangs into the hair.

  • A popular way to hide bangs is with a spikelet braid. Concentrate on the brow and braid a spikelet moving from temple to temple. Its hairstyle is right because it perfectly fixes the hair and looks neat until the evening. The longer the bangs, the more aesthetic the spikelet. Do not forget to pre-work each strand with cream.
  • Retro. Part the bangs evenly and roll up the rollers in the style of the 40s. Use invisibility and strong hold varnish for a stunning and long-lasting effect.

  • The express masking option is suitable for the laziest. Comb the bangs back (carefully moussed) and tie a wide ribbon. Or use a wide bandage in fashionable shades for these purposes. It is the easiest and fastest way to hide your bangs and look great.

Styling for regrown bangs

Styling for regrown bangs

It's time to learn about styling with regrown bangs after you know the answer to the question of how to grow out bangs?

If the bangs have grown even longer, then you can do without invisibility. There is a lot of successful styling for this length, and they all look incredibly stylish.

  • The best way to hide overgrown bangs is to change the parting and ask a trusted expert to make you a side bang. It is much easier to lay it. It is also great for all girls.

  • You can imagine yourself a grunge girl, make an impressive pile and comb your hair back. We recommend combining with cat arrows and dark lipstick.

  • Play the movie The Great Gatsby, turn your attention to the heroines' hairstyles, and go for bangs in stylish retro waves.

Very soon, you will fall in love with this, at first glance, a hopeless period of growing bangs and begin to hear compliments addressed to you.


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