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Light and graceful curls attract attention, making the most ordinary hairstyle solemn and festive. Tight curls are perfect for a romantic evening, work, or a casual walk.

Is it possible to repeat the curls yourself as beautifully as in the hairdresser? Of course, you just need to adhere to the necessary recommendations. The positive result depends on the type of hair and its manageability. Besides, you can use false hair to create unusual and stylish hairstyles.

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Important general guidelines

important guidelines for curling hair

There are many methods for curling your hair. But it is worth remembering that salon procedures are harmful to hair. Perming can severely damage hair health. You can use artificial or clip-on hair to add volume to your hair and keep it healthy. Moreover, fake hair can be curled, dyed, and manipulated in any way.

It is best to do tight curls yourself without using chemicals that spoil your hair. You can also return the previous evenness and smoothness with a simple shampoo if you do not like it.

The following recommendations will help everyone who decided to get curls:

  • Hair must be washed before curling.
  • If you plan to use thermal devices, the strands should be entirely dried. It is recommended to apply a protective agent before the procedure.
  • The tight curls do not unwind for a longer time. You need to use a fixing mousse, and upon completion of styling, fix the hairstyle with varnish before manipulating.
  • Curls are not combed with a massage comb. It is better to walk over them with your hands, straightening the curls with your fingers. If combing is necessary, use a wide-toothed comb.

How to get tight curls with a flat iron?

How to get tight curls with a flat iron

If you think that you can only straighten your hair with an iron, then you are wrong. This is the most useful device for hairstyling that can make large curls in a matter of minutes. Curls will look natural and last for a long time.

To make tight curls with an iron, you need:

  • Wash and dry your hair. If the strands are damp, the iron will burn them, break the structure, and ruin them.
  • Separate a small strand. Step back a little from the roots, position the iron and lightly press the strand.
  • Moving to the ends, run the iron along the strand, twisting the curl in a spiral. The first curl is ready. Twist all hair, divided into small strands, in the same way.
  • After all the hair is curled, comb them using a comb with rare teeth, or separate it with your hands.
  • Lay the curls in the desired position and fix them with hairspray.

With the help of an iron, it will turn out to make large and medium curls. Do not use a lot of fixatives. Otherwise, the curls will seem weighted and unnatural.

How to get tight curls with a curling iron?

You can make tight curls in just 20 minutes with a curling iron. The diameter of the curls depends on what kind of curling iron you have. The smaller the diameter, the longer the hair will retain its shape.

  • The hair must be divided horizontally into two sections. The upper curls need to be fixed so that they do not interfere with you.
  • Spread the lower hair into thin strands. If you curl thick curls with a curling iron, the hairstyle will not work. The curls won't stick. If the hair is unruly and heavy, it should be covered with foam before winding it up.
  • Grab the tip of the strand with a curling iron and wind it in a spiral, moving to the roots. Hold for no more than 20 seconds and then release.
  • After twisting all the curls, remove the fixing hair clip from the strands of the crown. Work the same way with your curling iron.
  • Spray your homemade curls with hairspray. The hair is ready.

Curlers for curls

Curlers for curls

Curlers will always be relevant. You can make curls quickly at home, without a hairdryer and curling iron.

Curlers are made of different materials. They come in different diameters.

Most girls prefer Velcro curlers. It's easy to work with them. Having chosen the desired diameter, it is easy to wind up the curls. Curly hairstyle is not done as quickly as we would like, but the result is excellent.

Velcro curlers twist on dry hair to add volume to the hairstyle.

  • After washing, you need to dry your wet hair lightly.
  • Cover the separated curls with foam.
  • Moving from the ends, roll up the curlers, lightly pressing your hair against it.
  • If the curl is long, you must additionally fix the curlers with hairpins.
  • In order not to wait for your hair to dry itself, you can blow dry it. Set up hot air first and then cold air flow.
  • Unscrew the curlers, and spray the curls with the fixative.

Safe way to curl your hair

A curling iron, iron, and hairdryer will damage your hair. This method is suitable for girls who take care of the health of their hair. You will need a regular elastic band that athletes wear during their workouts or a braid for composing hairstyles in the Greek style.

  • The washed head needs to be dried and applied to the curls with fixing mousse.
  • Place an elastic or braid over your head so that all your hair is under it.
  • Separate the strand from above and twist it several times, bringing it to the back of the head, around the braid. Scroll all the hair in the same way.
  • If the hair is manageable, quickly giving in to any manipulation during styling, the elastic can be removed in a couple of hours. But it's best to leave your hair in this position overnight. Remove the braid and straighten the curls with your hands in the morning.


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