Discover The Best Claw Clip Straight Bun Tutorial for A Day to Day Look!

Since Alexander Wang recently wore them on the runway, claw clips have made a wonderful comeback—even the tiny ones! Check out this charming claw clip hair trend in action! Butterfly clips, also known as claw clips, are ideal for accentuating an updo, holding twists or buns, and creating a half-up style. One of these styles for everyday hair is simple to throw your hair up in. 

Take a cue from the '90s and use these clips for more than just usefulness on your hair! Utilizing these puppies merely takes a few seconds.

Prongs on two sides of a jaw or claw clip come together like fingers clasping. One of the simplest and most adaptable hair clips on the market, they are held together by a straightforward spring. These clips sometimes referred to as butterfly clips, are simple to style even for those who are new to hairstyles and are great for everyday looks. The options are unlimited and include twists, buns, updos, and half-ups.

From tiny to enormous, claw clips are available in a variety of designs and sizes. The claw clip may have its humble beginnings in drugstores, but today's pricing can range from $6.99 for a pack of five in various colors on Amazon to $78 for a handmade couture item (France Luxe). 

These clips have been seen on the heads of social media influencers, models, and Insta-celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Hailey Bieber, and Blackpink's Jennie, although it's possible that the claw looks best on regular people. It's an adaptable item that both celebrities and everyday people have used for running errands, leisurely strolls through the city, and mid-afternoon Zoom meetings (guilty!).

The world's population with medium to long hair is literally in the claw clip's grasp. Even Harry Styles has reportedly been seen sporting tiny claws on his clothing and hair? (It is to be seen if Styles will bring claw clips to shaggy-haired men; God knows they need it.) 

It appears that the mid-2010s Tumblr messy bun fad will be replaced in 2021 with claw clip buns and up-dos. The video itself has become somewhat of a niche fad on Twitter. Girls make fun of their "claw clip era" while admitting that being enthusiastic about a 1990s trend is relatively standard. But like the once-controversial scrunchie, the claw might surpass its faddish reputation and become valued for its practicality.

How to make the perfect straight bun using a claw clip straight bun hair extension

The claw clip was used by many people through middle school, but there were a few very, very dark years when they seemed to have forgotten everything about it. That's no simple task, especially when we were wearing braces and were huge fans of brick-brown lipstick.

Now that the claw clip has reclaimed its rightful position as the hair accessory that rules over all those flimsy barrettes and bobby pins that can barely hold back bangs, we're here to offer advice on how to use the adaptable hairpiece, beginning with the simplest and most reliable way to use a claw clip to ensure your hair doesn't fall out within the hour. Before learning these trendier claw clip hairstyles and how to put your hair in a claw clip, follow these steps.

French Twist

Because it's so easy to do, the modified French twist is one of the most common claw clip hairstyles. Use a big claw clip that can hold all of your hair, advises Rubenstein. "So the look is stylish, professional, and not sloppy," she advises, smoothing a pomade (like the R+Co Bleu Elastic Styling Pomade) over the hairline and top layer of hair.

Golden claw hair clips

STEP 1 - You should use a hairbrush. Remove any tangles or knots to avoid the clip becoming trapped. This is particularly crucial for long hair. Following the instructions below, create a voluminous head of hair with a stylish spray covering the clip once your hair is detangled. 

STEP 2 - Put your hands' palms down beneath your hair. On each side of your head, place a hand.

STEP 3 - Take all of your hair together. Keep your hands in this posture, palms facing up and thumbs resting on top of the bunched hair?

STEP 4 - As you push the hair up against the back of your head, twist it. For thin hair in a loose style, this can be a quarter- or half-twist; for thick hair in a tight style, this can be numerous full twists.

STEP 5 - Fix the twist. With the jaw clip, fasten the hair bundle while allowing the ends to fall over the top. Hold the ends of the hair and open the clip a little with your other hand for a larger hair spray. Pull your hair up gently, then secure the clip once more. Continue till you're happy.

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Ponytail Bun

Can't seem to locate your scrunchie this morning. No cause for concern. You can use a claw clip to hold your hair together depending on its thickness of it. Use a larger size of the attachment to securely hold on to your strands by making sure to do so.

STEP 1- Ponytail your hair. Organize your hair into a cozy ponytail. Use a hairband to keep it closed. 

STEP 2 - Create a coil out of the ponytail. Starting at the base, twist the ponytail into a neat coil while pointing it upwards. 

 STEP 3 - Embrace the base with the tip. Retract the ponytail tip and tuck it beneath the twist's base.

STEP 4 - Cinch up with a claw clip. Use a jaw clip to hold everything together. 

Fashion hairstyles with clips
  • Twist halfway up

A claw clip is perhaps the most reliable way to accomplish the half-up, half-down look, which is a classic haircut. Using your fingers, divide your hair into horizontal sections. Clip the top layer of each area in the back of your head's center. All there is to it is that. To personalize the look, you can wear your hair straight, wavy, or curly.

Try experimenting with using numerous claw hair clips as an additional option. To split your hair horizontally, try dividing it down the middle. Your hair should now be divided into four portions. Using smaller claw clips, clip the top two portions back until they are parallel to each other at the back of your head. It's a fantastic technique to give your haircut depth and playfulness.

STEP 1 - To style a half-up hairstyle, divide the upper third or half of the hair above the ears from the bottom half. (To make sure you are only dealing with the top half, it may be useful to temporarily secure the lower half with an elastic or scrunchie.)

STEP 2 - Twist the ponytail length approximately three-fourths of the way to the ends, wrap it around two or three times, and stop with the ends facing down to resemble a bun. Contrary to the ponytail twist, it should resemble a traditional bun, with just a few inches of your ponytail remaining and hanging out at the bottom.

STEP 3 - Place your claw clip where your loose ponytail hair starts and the bun twists end. If the design is a clock, the claw clip should be at the sixth hour. This results in a half-up style that has volume and sufficient grip to last. Use a transparent elastic to tie exceptionally thick or long hair before twisting to make sure it doesn't fall. Shorter hair, curlier and kinkier hair types, as well as medium-sized claw clips, work well with this hairstyle.

Hairstyles with jaw clips

  • Jaw Clip Ballerina Bun

Your hair accessories are normally kept out of sight when wearing a traditional ballerina bun. The bobby pins or elastics you use to hold your hair in place become hidden inside your strands. On the other hand, this hairdo makes your claw clip the focal point of the look. 

As usual, twist your hair into a bun. After that, hold the bun and secure the ends with a big claw clip. Make sure your hair behind the bun and the clip is properly secured. Pull a few strands out at the back of your ears for a loose, worn-in look if you want to make the look a little more casual.

  • 90’s up-do with the jaw clip

Claw clips conjure images of '90s hairdos, and this particular appearance is what we had in mind. To begin, tuck your entire head of hair behind your shoulders. 

claw clips

Then, twist it till you reach the ends after gathering it as if you were making a low ponytail. Pull the hair up against the back of your head after that. The ends of the twist will stick up when it lies against your skull. To hold the twist in place, wrap a large claw clip around it, leaving the ends dangling over the top. It is the pinnacle of supermodel hair from the 1990s.

Key Takeaways! 

Looking back, the 1990s seem to have been a good time for fashion and beauty trends. While we are content to put some trends, such as micro brows and frosted tips, in the past, we are ecstatic to welcome new ones. Simple hairstyles are elevated with striking hair clips, face-framing highlights instantly give you cool-girl cred, and of course, the classic claw clip.

You could recognize it from every rom-com from the late 1990s or the early 2000s. Claw clips were an essential part of Rachel Green's beauty kit since they allowed her to create effortlessly undone updos. Supermodels and working mothers alike loved the practical clip.

After more than 20 years, the claw clip seems to be making an obvious comeback. Social media cannot be browsed without coming across a photo of an Instagram model wearing a claw clip. The practical and stylish accessory is worn by our favorite celebrities, like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber, and is spotted on high-end runways.

The claw clip is much more adaptable than a scrunchie, looks a little more put together, and causes less harm to hair than hair ties. It is also quite simple to use. You don't need to be skilled to duplicate this simple updo. It takes around 10 seconds to make the style, it doesn't require heat styling, and brushing is optional. This enduring 90s hairstyle is as simple as a twist and clip.

If you haven't pulled out your old claw clip yet, now is the time to do so because the style has been popular all summer.

Fashion and beauty trends are usually always cyclical in nature. A few decades later, fashion trends that were once trendy but then went completely out of style find their way back into the "cool" category. 

The ideal illustration of these haircuts with claw clips. Recently, this '90s hairstyle has become very popular again; models, influencers, and celebs are all sporting it. In addition to coming in adorable patterns, colors, and sizes, claw clips may also be utilized for some of the simplest and cutest everyday hairstyles. For three quick, stylish claw clip hairstyles that will help you join the trend, continue reading.