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Managing thin hair could always be frustrating.

So as understanding the different reasons for having fine hair.

Factors like medications, hormones, age, diseases, and genes that we cannot control over... is something you’re looking for.

Hair experts say that stress and poor diet are things we unnoticeably do on a daily basis which makes our hair more prone to breakage, fallout, and damage. 

The thing is that the combination of those two is much worse than one of the factors I’ve mentioned above.

But I got good news.

You can do something about it. 

All it takes is just changing a few minor adjustments to some of your everyday habits. 

I list down 7 Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making With Your Thin Hair for you to take heed.

  • Pulling hair back tightly when wet
  • Using too much product
  • Washing Your Hair with Hot Water
  • Avoiding color
  • Getting the wrong haircut
  • Combing or Brushing Your Hair Aggressively
  • Letting your hair grow too long


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1 - Pulling hair back tightly when wet

After hopping out of the shower, just minutes, you likely rush to throw your hair back in a ponytail

But doing so can damage your hair seriously, especially to thin strands. 

Lindsay Victoria, Master Stylist at Spoke & Weal in Los Angeles says, “Hair over stretches when it is wet.  Pulling it up in a hair tie so tight when in state of wet can cause added stress on the hair and can pull out hair or break the hair”

If it’s needed or you just want to tie it back when wet, you may use our JuvaBun hair bun but avoid anything too tight.

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2 - Using too much product

You may be thinking that fine hair needs all the products you see on ads to lift it up. 

Sprays, gels,  balms, and mousses—those are secretly weighing your strands down even more. Those roots don't stand a chance. 

Fact: This is the number 1 mistake fine-haired women make.

Choose one volumizing root lifter, and use a small amount on the roots (if you apply it to the length of your hair, it'll just be dragged down). Just do not too much, not too little. 

Enough, just to give those roots the boost they need.

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3 - Washing Your Hair with Hot Water

Do you use hot water to wash your hair? Let me tell you that it’s high time you stop that habit as it is doing your hair more harm than good. 

Hot water causes washing away natural oils present in the scalp which not only leads to dryness in scalp and hair but in the long run, this habit is known to make your hair brittle and thin, thereby resulting in hair fall.

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4 - Avoiding color

Probably you have already the intention to not color your hair. But what if I told you that you might be surprised to learn that adding a little color can do wonders for enhancing thickness. 

A hairstylist says, “Oftentimes when you add highlights or color your hair, you will give the illusion of fuller hair just by creating a contrast of shadows and lightness” 

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5 - Getting the wrong haircut

Get more layers -- it’s the answer to so many hair problems. 

A skimpy strand might actually be the basis of the problem. Having your hair with too many layers will make appear even more lacking in body and volume. Instead, since you have thin hair you may go with volume-enhancing styles like full bangs, blunt ends, and short lengths.

There’s the only exception for the rare case of someone with fine hair—but a ton of it. If you have thick hair made up of densely packed fine strands, well-placed long layers will give dimension and volume to your cut.

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6 - Combing or Brushing Your Hair Aggressively

Sometimes, when you are in a rush, you don’t really think about the way in which you are brushing your hair. You just comb it as quickly as possible and head out. 

This is something you should avoid and never do. Combining wet hair applies force on the roots of the hair which makes them vulnerable to damage and causes the hair to break.

For a smooth experience of brushing your hair, you may use JuvaBun Detangling Brush. 

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7 - Letting your hair grow too long

Long hair for fine hair is not advisable. The sweet spot for having one is shoulder length or shorter, hands down. 

That way, it removes enough weight to give your mane a boost of fullness and bounce, and it makes it much easier to add volume to the roots. 

When fine strands get too long and paired with too many layers, they can tend to look ratty, stringy, or lifeless. 

Additional Tips: Since having long hair is something hard to achieve, try our new JuvaBun Ponytails and get an instant hair volume with natural looks that will hold all day long.

"Fine hair with its ally, thin hair—has a tendency for falling flat. "

Just one mistake and the strands are dragged down to the depths of styling death. 

Luckily those 7 mistakes you don't know you're making with your thin hair have already been addressed to you.

So you might know what to avoid from making one of these fine hair mistakes every day.

Learned something new? I would love to hear your takeaways. =)
Feel free to comment below.


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