Wanda Transforms Her Curly Hair into A JuvaBun Straight Bun

Wanda straight bun testimonial

Wanda is yet another customer who is in love with Juva Bun, the messy hair bun, and the clean-cut straight bun! She is a new customer and is completely impressed with the product, its features, the overall quality of the messy hair bun, and the straight bun!

The JuvaBun bun is the perfect hair extension that doesn’t feel heavy, has amazing quality, and is durable. Wanda adores this product because of its ease of use and how convenient it is for her. It takes her 10 seconds and voila she’s out the door. It takes her 3 easy steps to make this hairstyle. Let’s see how Wanda styles her hair in a messy hair bun and the straight version as well. 

3 Simple Steps To Look Like A Chic Diva

Step 1 

Tie your hair in a bun, Wanda ties her hair in a bun and brushes out her hair to make a bun. She makes sure her hair is tightly in a bun. 

Step 2

Secure your JuvaBun messy hair bun on your hair. The second step is putting the JuvaBun messy hair bun on your hair like a scrunchie. Since the JuvaBun hair bun is a scrunchie it can easily go on top of your hair and it feels like a pony. After putting on the scrunchie you’ll feel like you have nothing on your hair since it’s so lightweight. 

Step 3

Style your hair and adjust it according to your own preference. Wanda prefers to adjust the bun according to her mood; she does a low messy bun sometimes or a high straight bun. She likes taking out a few strands and adjusting her hair bun according to what she likes. Voila!

You have the perfect messy hair bun in less than 10 seconds! I mean what more could women want in a hair extension? It’s lightweight, it’s great quality, it’s quick and you have a perfect messy hair bun in just 10 seconds!

Voluminous & Fluffy in Just a Few Seconds

Wanda loves it since it’s so quick and easy! She was able to make the perfect messy hair bun in just 10 seconds. Previously she used to spend hours and minutes perfecting this hairstyle but because of her thin hair, she was unable to make it look fluffy and voluminous.

However, thanks to JuvaBun her hair looks full, voluminous, and fluffy in a matter of seconds! Girls, you don’t have to worry about spending so many hours styling your hair or watching YouTube videos. Just get yourself a JuvaBun hair bun and thank me later. 

Wanda loves that it’s a scrunchie which makes it so easy to use and wear. It’s so well made and the bun is made out of the highest quality of synthetic heat resistant fibers which guarantee that you’ll look like the queen you are! The bun itself feels so soft and feels like your natural hair which is another reason why Wanda absolutely adores this product. 

Who Needs Hair Dye When The Bun’s Match Perfectly 

It matches perfectly with Wanda’s hair color and it looks like it's her own hair bun. She's gotten so many compliments on her hair and everyone keeps asking her about her hairstyle and what she uses ever since she's started using the messy hair bun and the straight bun.

hair extension colors

It comes in so many colors and if you are unable to find your perfect hair color the Juvabun sales assistant will help you find your perfect match. If you order the wrong shade the return process is so smooth and easy and you can easily order a new product that matches your hair color. 

 It ranges from black to brownish blonde, brownish-gray, dark blonde, dark brown, dark red, light blonde, light brown, light gray, medium blonde, medium brown, platinum blonde, reddish-blonde, and lastly salt and pepper. I mean that's a handful and a mouthful of hair colors, you can easily find your hair shade and can find yourself the perfect messy hair bun - the same goes for the straight bun! 

Well Made Products for 100% Authenticity 

Wanda loves the quality of the products and she's obsessed with how well made the products are of Juva bun. She's used hair extensions before and it's been ages since she's come across a product that is so durable and is so well made.

It doesn't feel tacky at all and it doesn't feel like cheap plastic at all. Wanda has used so many hair extensions before that they feel like plastic and feel like fake hair. However, ever since she's come across Juvabun she has never looked back. She loves the quality and it feels like real hair but better. It's lightweight and it feels like you have nothing on your hair.

So, in short, you’re getting the perfect messy hair bun and the straight bun which is easy to use, quick, and takes only 30 seconds, is made out of great quality heat resistant and synthetic hair fibers, looks and feels like your natural hair, and is durable and can easily be washed.

juvabun bun extensions

An Endless List of Benefits is What Wanda Sees!

I mean that there are a lot of positive things about the JuvaBun messy hair bun and the classy straight bun. These are all reasons to motivate you to go to the JuvaBun website and order yourself a messy hair bun or gift it to your friend on her birthday! 

So go to the JuvaBun website and select your messy hair bun and do yourself a favor. If you want a clean look then go for the straight bun, it is just as amazing. It's a blessing from the hair gods to avail this fabulous product and say goodbye to bad hair days.