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Are you tired of wasting time and money trying to keep up with whatever hairstyles become popular each season? Basically, hairstyle trends seem to be evolving all the time. While it's fun to switch up your style from time to time to show off the latest hair trends, it may become tiring at some point. Therefore, you should consider keeping it classic and vintage with retro hairstyles or old-school haircuts.

So, do you want to witness something wildly nostalgic, a collection of hairstyles ranging from flipped ponytails to curtain bangs to chunky highlights that will take you back to your childhood? If yes, sit back and continue to read as we've compiled a list of the best hairstyles for you to try; let’s go retro!

Get Ready For A Retro Throwback - So Many Types

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Rock The Ribbons & Bows

Coco Chanel once said: “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” And most vintage hairstyles manage to combine the two, which is why they always seem to make a comeback, even today. The perfect example of this is the classic hair ribbons!

You can't go wrong with a classic hair ribbon if you're looking for a pretty accessory that will give a little extra something to your hair without being too over-the-top. This retro hair accessory is ideal for various events, activities, and occasions.

On Instagram, anyone who wants to start wearing hair ribbons and needs some inspiration will find a wealth of examples on how to wear this vintage accessory. A traditional white hair ribbon with black polka dots, for example, is a throwback alternative for anyone who likes a 1950s-style look. Wear a bright red hair ribbon with a matching outfit and cosmetics if you want to make a dramatic statement. Plus, if you're a fashionista ready to spend money on a hair ribbon, why not go for a name-brand piece from a well-known designer like Hermes? OR JavaBun? Their scarves can be used as hair ribbons too! How amazing is that?

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The Ever Stunning Waves

Finger waves are currently making a comeback, and even Cardi B is a fan! 

The question is, what are these? Basically, pin curls and finger waves steadily made their way onto the scene as Hollywood rose to prominence. Therefore, if you love viewing romantic films from the early 1900s, you should consider wearing your hair in long waves. This look never goes out of style because of classic movie stars like Lana Turner and Veronica Lake, who were known for their blonde tresses. These delicate waves aren't as tight as most curly hairstyles, but they have a swirlier, softer feel than straight strands.

The question is, how can you perfect this vintage Hollywood hairstyle? Don’t worry! YouTube has a plethora of tutorials!

In fact, let us be your guide. First of all, select how you want to separate your hair; we recommend going for a deep side part. Next, divide your hair into sections and curl the bottom portions with a medium or large curling wand by twisting your hair around the rod. Spray your hair with a texture spray once you've done this all over your head. Brush or comb your newly curled locks carefully to soften the curls into waves, then finish the look with hairspray. Tada, you’re done!

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Natural & Feathered 

This timeless look is all about movement and volume! 

The '70s classic hairstyles, often known as the hippie generation, focus less on styling and accentuating the hair's natural, lived-in textures. These long, straight tresses and natural afros look like your hair that has grown naturally. These 'dos, however, can be adorned with vivid headbands and flowers, or even braided, despite their simplicity. In fact, the 1970s gave birth to many of today's boho festival hairstyles. How Cool!

Tired Of Ribbons? Go for Bandanas!

A bun with a bandana is a stylish yet nostalgic hairstyle that is simple to obtain. Wearing your hair in a sleek bun with a few tight curls and a crimson bandana can help you develop a robust and determined vibe.

Do you know of Rosie the Riveter? She is likely familiar to everyone who took a high school history lesson. In the 1940s, the iconic images of this strong, independent lady motivated many real women to leave their homes and work instead of remaining in traditional positions. Rosie the Riveter was depicted wearing a red bandana with polka dots knotted around her head over tight curls and no long hair flowing down her skull.

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A Bewitching Bun

Your hair should be long enough to create a huge bun for this famous retro hairdo. Do not rush since it will take time and patience to make you look amazing. In this design, don't forget to maintain the desired attitude to highlight that vintage impact. Do give it a whirl!

The Perfect Wedding Look!

Retro hairstyles are presently the most popular among women and have become the new trend in today's wedding themes. To achieve this hairstyle, all you need to do is learn the skills. With this lovely haircut, even your jewelry will stand out. So, most beautifully, give a retro touch to your persona.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for a Gibson Roll Hairdo at your wedding. The best part about this retro hairstyle is that it looks great on both straight and wavy hair, although it requires at least medium-length hair. Using bob pins, infold your hair from the back and tuck it in nicely. If it's a formal occasion, leave it alone and don't accessorize, but if it's a relaxed evening, you may add your flair.

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Create The Perfect Look With Juvabun

When it comes to fashion, each age has its own distinct style. From clothing to automobiles, vintage has always held a significant value and a special place in the hearts of many. Similarly, Retro hairstyles have had their own beauty and grace for a long time and are currently acquiring enormous popularity. 

Hence, go for any of the hairstyles mentioned above and look the best version of yourselves. In fact, go and order today from Juvabun, the best hairstyle accessory website out there! They're offering 50% off on all your favorite items and free shipping on orders above $40. Happy Shopping!