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The first day of summer is still a few weeks away, but the warmer weather has already prompted the season's most popular haircuts. 'Hey Discount' from the UK has examined social media data, listicles, and cosmetic reviews to identify the go-to looks for summer, from the TikTok-favorite copper hair color to festival-proof face-framing braids.

Copper Hair

Tight braids hairstyle

In case it wasn't clear, red appears to be the season's most popular hair color. Many celebrities have colored their hair red in the last year, particularly in a more copper color. 

Kendall Jenner, Sydney Sweeney, Barbie Ferreira, Doja Cat, and Zendaya, among others, have opted for a fiery red hair color change instead of the more traditional blonde or brunette. After Kendall Jenner's debut at the Prada autumn/winter 2022 show, the copper hair trend surged, generating 123 million views on TikTok. Copper hair echoes the hues of orange sunsets and the brief moments of golden hour, making it an ideal summer choice. One of the most appealing aspects of this color is that it can be customized to suit any skin tone and undertone. 

In terms of upkeep, you should concentrate on using a tinted pro to enhance color and keep it from heat and environmental elements. Color-protecting shampoo, tinted hair gloss or a glaze, heat and UV rays protectant are all essential items in your toolset. Another important step in keeping the vibrancy of your color is to keep it well hydrated, especially if your original color was pre-lightened to get the copper of your dreams.

90’s Blowout

Beachy waves

The defining aesthetic for the last decade's second half has been about not trying. The 2010s were all about barely-there beauty, with Glossier no-makeup makeup and Olsen-inspired beach waves after the big '90s blowout and more-is-more period of the early aughts. However, after a year of having few excuses to dress up, full glam is back. 

In terms of hair, this means that bouncy, polished '90s blowout vibes are back in style. Consider Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer's supermodel hair, and Cher's in Clueless.

This is a hairstyle that doesn't mind looking "done"; in fact, it begs the world to notice the time, effort, and talent that went into it. It's elegant and timeless, with a "rich bitch" attitude that's a refreshing break from the greasy ponytails and half-hazard clips we've been wearing for the past year. 

"Everything from the '90s era is coming back, from beauty trends to accessories to hair, so it's only natural that the '90s blowout is the next big thing," says Laura Polko, the celebrity hairstylist behind Gen-bouncy Z's blowouts. Emma Chamberlain and Addison Rae are examples of it.

The bombshell blowout, one of the most iconic hairstyles of the supermodel era, is making a solid comeback. TikTok is a tempting trend to get behind, with over 30 million views and many tips and tutorials. It's all about having the correct tools for this hairstyle: This regimen includes the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush and a set of huge velcro rollers. 

Principles of hairstyle

To prevent your hair from the heat and prevent frizz, try Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Hair Oil, a cult favorite. Regarding technique, remember that direction is everything: to get the most volume where your hair frames your face, guide your strands away from it. Direct your hair upwards and toward your face at the crown of your head to give it the most appealing form when it falls back. 

Halfway Up, Halfway Down 

Should you wear your hair up in a bun or down? This summer fad allows you to do both at the same time, so it's no surprise that it has 161,800,000 views on TikTok! Dakota Johnson donned this look at the Met Gala this year, proving that it's not just for the everyday girl next door. 

Prep the hair with your favorite blow-dry type to get the greatest version of this hairdo. According to her hairstylist, Dakota Johnson's Met Gala style was achieved by smoothing her hair with a flat iron and fixing the top portion with hairpins. After styling, add dry shampoo or texture spray (Klorane Daily Dry Shampoo or OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray will work) and bind the hair at the top with a discreet elastic or a hair clip for a more effortless look.

New hair color trends

Elevated Sleek Bun

Sleek buns have been hot on social media for a while (they presently have over 76 million views on TikTok), but now we're seeing more imaginative variants. 

To make a standard sleek bun, separate your hair in the center and straighten it with a hot tool; this will ensure that your hair texture is uniform and suitable for a beautiful smooth bun.

After that, pull your hair into a ponytail, twist it into a bun, and secure it with an invisible hair net. Apply OUAI Matte Pomade for a matte finish or Bumble and Bumble Sumogel for an ultra-glossy finish, depending on your desired effect. Finally, braids, a colorful hair clip, or some baby hairs plucked out for a less dramatic look can be added to your sleek bun.

Suitable for your hair color

Face-Framing Braids

Face-framing braids, another 90s hallmark style, are making a comeback, as seen on celebrities like Dua Lipa and Hailey Bieber at Coachella. 

Add some structure to your hair before braiding, especially if it has been groomed or is naturally straight and light. Any texture spray can be used for this. Choose a braiding style that flatters your face shape: you can have an equal number of braids on both sides of your face or go asymmetrical with more braids on one side. Tie the ends with subtle micro elastics for a more natural look, or use neon-colored ones for a splash of vibrancy.