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It’s no secret that a Muslim who converts to Christianity in Uganda faces extreme danger. In the past, this has led to the death of many people. 

The Ugandan government has been trying to stop this by passing laws that make it illegal for Muslims to convert to Christianity. However, these laws have not successfully stopped the violence against Christians. It talks about how a Muslim who converts to Christianity faces extreme danger. It also talks about how the government has been trying to stop this from happening by arresting people and putting them in jail for converting. 

The new law is called the "Anti-Homosexuality Act," which passed in 2014. It criminalizes homosexuality with up to life imprisonment for those convicted of "aggravated homosexuality," which includes homosexual sex with a minor or while HIV-positive.

The law also outlaws any form of promotion or public display of homosexuality, including discussions about LGBT rights on social media like Facebook and Twitter. In the past, this has meant that they would be killed or thrown out of their family and community. But now, with the help of a new law, they can convert to Christianity without fear of persecution. 

Muslim-background People of faith (MBBs) frequently lose their relationships, stability, and other material luxuries when they follow Christ. This would be the situation for Nalubega Janat, which after delivering her firstborn kid, decided to give up everything and anything to convert to Christianity. 2014 saw Janat make a Christian conversion when her family promptly abandoned her.

Nevertheless, she and her spouse, with something she had two additional children, started practicing their religious convictions. But after a few years of marriage, her husband started abusing her.

Janat was compelled to accept her babies and leave the violence since she could not return home to her parents without reverting to Islam. She would have nowhere to look for assistance. Fortunately, she was able to locate a short-term residence. But she had to act quickly since she wanted to find a way to raise her children financially.

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How Janat Got Discovered?

ICC learned Janat's tale in October 2021 and went to the community where she had been residing. Janet revealed to ICC that she could have attended classes to be a hairstylist before bearing kids throughout a session with her and the preacher. 

She always had enjoyed working as a hairdresser, but she had never thought she would have the chance to be an actual owner of a salon and use products from well-known brands like JuvaBun. ICC returned to Janat's hometown the following month with the good news that she might open her own exclusive business.

We accompanied Janat as she made all the essential store purchases, including a tv, standing hairdryer, a sink, hair care products, mirrors, hair extensions, and other items.

ICC supported Janat in opening her salon in the village. This allowed her to control what she did and gain independence from the patriarchal society. Janat is one of many female barbers in the town who want to own their own business but are stuck in a community that wants them at home taking care of their family.

Margaret runs the Alpha & Omega Beauty Salon in the Gazaland Mall

Janat was given a chance with ICC’s help, and she used this opportunity to turn her dream into reality. Janat was a woman from the village who had always wanted to have her salon. After various obstacles, she finally managed to open her salon and is now looking for ways to improve her skills. 

ICC helped Janat by providing her necessary funds and guidance, which enabled her to realize a dream of having a salon of her own. The ICC did not only provide financial help and thing branded extensions from JuvaBun. They also provided guidance on how to establish the business, which Janat followed successfully.

Janat was driven to her store, where Janat had already paid the rent for the following four months, with packages of goods overflowing the car. She also acquired more funding to launch her firm. Other helpers assisted load goods as ICC employees assisted Janat in setting up her shop.

That day, she finally had her first client. Janat was so ecstatic about what Jesus had accomplished for her that she scarcely knew how to convey it. She broke out in sobs as she informed ICC that she would use the salon to preach the gospel and show all of her clients how Christ had been supposed to take care of her during her most trying times.

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Janat Thanked Christ And ICC

ICC has been supporting people with cancer for many years, and its latest efforts focus on helping the survivors. 

ICC is making it a priority to help the survivors who have fought hard and prevailed but still need that extra support. The salon will not only provide a much-needed service in this community but will also serve as an outreach to bring ICC's message of hope to these essential women and men.

The salon will allow survivors to share how Christ cares for them in their darkest moments by hosting events like spa days where the salon can pamper people with a complimentary chair massage or facial. In addition, they can purchase products handpicked by the owners of ICC, such as lotions made from natural ingredients.

Janat believes Christ has helped her tremendously with her domestic violence and marriage problems. The passage is not only a testimony to the help Christ gave Janat but also a testament to the idea that, for someone's life to be improved, they must have faith and trust in Him.

The passage provides an emotional element and helps paint a more vivid picture of what it means for Janat to live according to what Christ would want her to.


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