The Complete Review of The Black Messy Hair Bun Extensions - JuvaBun

Woman Black Hair

Have you ever had a bad hair day and no matter how hard you tried your hair still doesn’t look good? I get it. I've been through the same problem every single day of my adult life. Until I discovered JuvaBun black hair extensions. These hair extensions are a gift from the hair gods and are the best purchase that you can make for your hair. 

The JuvaBun hair extensions are luxurious and are made up of earth-friendly materials. The hair extensions come in a wide range of hairstyles and colours. They range from messy hair bun extensions to ponytails to braids and the colours range from brown to blonde to red to black to grey. The possibilities are endless and the brand truly has incorporated all hairstyles.

 They have curated hair extensions that are perfect for every woman and cater to the needs of all women. These hair extensions come in a variety of styles but my favourite one is the messy hair bun extension. The messy hair bun is one of the most popular hair extensions and it has so many benefits you’ll be shocked. 

I think every woman has been through the struggle of perfecting a messy hair bun. From watching YouTube videos to googling 2 easy step tutorials we’ve done it all but no matter how hard we try all of us are unable to perfect this hairstyle. Don’t worry I’ve got you! 

The JuvaBun messy hair bun is the solution to all such problems. The bun is so easy to wear and it feels lightweight. It’s a dream to use and it makes styling your hair easy, convenient and quick.

The Miraculous JuvaBun Messy Black Bun

What is This Miracle Product? 

So without waiting let’s talk about this miraculous product! The JuvaBun messy hair bun is the answer to all your hair problems. It’s a hair extension made up of synthetic hair fibres that are soft and luxurious. These hair extensions are made up of natural high technology heat resistant synthetic hair fibres. The JuvaBun messy hair bun is carefully curated to fit all hair types whether it’s curly hair, straight hair, fine hair, thin hair, dry hair or thick hair. It’s perfect for all types of hair and fits all your hair needs.

Elegant Looking Hairstyle

 The product is so simple and easy to use. The benefits of this product are endless from being easy to use, quick to style and durable. The JuvaBun messy hair bun does not feel cheap at all. I’ve used countless hair extensions and all of them don’t last long. They feel like plastic and easily get destroyed if you wash them or style them with any heat tools. But you don’t need to worry about all of this with JuvaBun. 

Is It Worth The Price? 

The hair extensions are made to withstand heat and you easily wash them and they’ll stay the same. These hair extensions are on sale right now and cost 27.99 dollars however originally they were priced at 55.99 dollars. The price is set perfectly according to the value that is provided by these hair extensions.

Natural Brown Hair 

Customer Service is Off The Charts! 

I’ve bought messy hair bun extensions in several colours. Whenever I dye my hair I get a new shade because JuvaBun caters to all types of hair colours. It’s very difficult to find hair extensions that blend in seamlessly with your hair and feel like an absolute dream to wear. In addition to this, the brand itself is customer-oriented and aims to provide the best products for its customers. 

JuvaBun has created the messy hair bun to meet all your messy bun hair expectations. The hair bun is specifically made to make you feel gorgeous and the company aims to satisfy the needs of its customers. The customer service at JuvaBun is excellent. If you are struggling to find the perfect match the customer service team helps you to find the perfect match for you. They assist you so that you face no problems. 

Curly Bun

Easy Exchange & Free Shipping

However, if you accidentally order the wrong shade the company offers an easy and free exchange policy for almost 60 days. You can return the product and order it in the shade that suits your hair. If you feel like anything is wrong with your order JuvaBun promises its clients to correct it immediately. You won’t get any delivery charges on your products if you exchange it and you can easily chat with customer care to correct your order. In addition, the order gets processed very quickly. 

The Best Delivery & Packaging 

If you’re ordering from the US you can easily get the product delivered to your doorstep within 3-7 business days and if you live outside the US your product will be shipped within 3-12 business days. Moreover, there is free shipping on all orders that are above 30 dollars and you can easily track your order. You don’t need to worry about your order not reaching on time or being late. 

Fashion Hair Extension

The company ensures that all orders are tracked and you get emails on the status of the order. The entire process from going on the Juvabun website to selecting a product to place an order and then getting it delivered is so smooth and seamless. The company is a strong advocate of customer satisfaction and their product and quality of service live up to that. 

Comes with Countless Benefits! 

       1. Easy to use

The JuvaBun messy hair bun is so easy and convenient to use. It’s basically a scrunchie so you simply have to tie it to your bun and within 30 seconds you have the perfect messy hair bun. If you’re someone who’s lazy like me and wants to do the minimal effort for their hair. This product is made for you. It’s so easy to use and you don’t need to Google or spend hours looking for tutorials or reading the instructions. It’s like you’re wearing a ponytail and that’s it. You look gorgeous and presentable in just 30 seconds. Now that’s magic in a bag.

Weft Hair Extension

       2. Exceptional quality

The product itself is made up of high-quality heat resistant synthetic hair fibres which make your hair feel and look voluminous and soft. The hair extensions are so silky and smooth. They feel and look like real hair. Everyone I’ve recommended this product to so far have raved about it and have gotten tons of compliments. 

People can never tell if it’s your actual hair or if it’s the messy hair bun extension. The minute you feel the product and see it you can tell that the company put in a lot of effort to make it look like real hair and feel like hair. It is of such high quality and it's hard to find such good quality hair extensions below 60 dollars. 

Wood Hairstyle Hair Extension


       3. Works with all hair types

    The JuvaBun messy hair bun works with all types of hair. Whether you have fine hair, silky hair, dry hair, thick hair, thin hair, long hair, curly hair or short hair I guarantee you that you’ll look amazing in it. The messy hair bun is made to fit all hair types and make your hair look so voluminous, full and stunning. 

           4. Reusable and easy to clean

      In addition to the countless benefits of this product, yet another benefit is that it’s easy to use and is reusable. The most common problem all women have with hair extensions is that they feel tough or get damaged when you wash them. With the JuvaBun hair extensions, you do not have to worry about any such thing. The hair extensions can easily be washed with soap and they look and feel the same. I’m telling you it’s an actual miracle and everyone who has used it fell in love with the product. 

      Lace Closure

      Three Easy Steps of Making The Perfect Messy Bun with The Black Messy Bun Hair Piece

      Step 1: Brush your hair and tie it in a bun

      You simply need to tie your hair in a bun and brush your hair to make a bun. A little tip is to brush out any tangles and make sure your hair is secured tightly in a bun.  

      Step 2:  Secure your JuvaBun messy hair bun on your hair 

      The second step is putting the JuvaBun messy hair bun on your hair like a scrunchie. Since the JuvaBun hair bun is a scrunchie it can easily go on top of your hair and it feels like a pony. After putting on the scrunchie you’ll feel like you have nothing on your hair since it’s so lightweight. 

      Clip in hair extension

      Step 3: Style your hair and adjust it according to your own preference 

      It is recommended to adjust the bun according to your personal preferences and your mood;  you can either do a low messy bun sometimes or a high messy bun. To make it look even better you can take out a few strands and adjust your hair bun according to what you like. Voila! You have the perfect messy hair bun in less than 10 seconds! I mean what more could women want in a hair extension? It’s lightweight, it’s great quality, it’s quick and you have a perfect messy hair bun in just 10 seconds!

      Styling Techniques For The Black Messy Bun

      The JuvaBun messy hair bun isn’t just for wearing to work. You can easily style the bun up or down. You can wear it to work and look presentable yet still have a messy bun. You can wear it to your university, on a date and on lunch and dinners with your friends and family members. 

      Hipster with bun meditating

      The possibilities with this miraculous product are endless. You can wear a low messy hair bun or you can make a high messy hair bun. You can add many accessories with this black messy hair bun. You can easily add a scrunchie on top of it or you can wear clips with it. You can take out a few strands to frame your face or you can use a tad bit of hair gel to make a sleek looking messy hair bun. 

      The JuvaBun messy hair bun is a blank canvas you can add accessories, wear ribbons, you can make low buns or high buns and you can wear it on every occasion from a nice dinner party to chilling with your friends to wearing it for a presentation at work. The black messy hair bun adds extra volume to your hair and makes it look very fluffy and full. You don’t even notice or feel that you’re wearing anything. It’s so quick and easy to wear. If you're running late and need a quick fix take your trusty companion the Juvabun messy hair bun with you and you can easily wear it in the car. It literally takes only 30 seconds and you'll achieve the best hairstyle which was probably not possible before.

       Professiona Messy Bun

      Slay in Your Black Messy Bun From Today! 

      Lastly, after going over the multitude of benefits these hair extensions have to offer you need to get your hands on them. I mean what more can I say? They’re quick, easy, convenient, durable, luxurious and look gorgeous. You can easily wear them and style them up or down.

      If you’re in a rush and need to look presentable - put this scrunchie on and look like the gorgeous woman you are. What more do you need? Go to the JuvaBun website and check out the black messy hair bun extensions. Thank me later!