Celebrity Hairstylists Share The Hottest & Happening Hair Extension Trends Your Favorite Actors & Actresses Are Following

Hair extensions are probably recognizable when you see them, right? But what happens if you don't? Hair extensions are worn by so many celebrities (like so many) that the untrained eye would never notice – because the extensions aren't utilized to add navel-grazing length but overall fullness. 

Fullness is likely the most important distinguishing factor between "normal" hair and extraordinary, shampoo commercial-worthy hair. And it's especially elusive for the roughly 30 million of us who have reported problems with hair loss and thinning due to heredity. Celebrities, of course, are not immune to the phenomenon, nor are they all born with naturally thick, beautiful hair. They are, however, ahead of the curve in terms of knowing the variety of extensions.

Extensions Are Being Declassified 

Priscilla Valles, a hair specialist, says she's applied extensions to a variety of styles — bobs, lobs, you name it — to make the hair appear more voluminous. 

Take a look at her Instagram, for example, You'll see the waist-length extensions she used on Kim Kardashian, but you'll also see how she boosted Hailey Bieber's shoulder-length cut with extensions. Valles wasn't always able to share her hair extension work in such an open manner. Valles claims she was "signing secrecy agreements left and right" just six years ago. Celebrities were loath to admit — or even hint — that the hair on their heads was not entirely theirs. 

Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, a hairstylist and extensions expert, has also had clients request confidentiality: "'But don't you want the truth to get out, especially to young kids who look up to you?' I say. [Those youngsters] will be wondering, "How did you acquire your hair like that?" It is preferable to be truthful." 

However, thanks to Instagram, both Sturdivant-Drew and Valles believe the veil is beginning to lift. When celebrities share images from an event, they're frequently identifying their extensions, as well as the rest of their "glam squad," like their makeup artist and stylist. "That's their way of saying, 'This isn't me; I stole this hair,'" Sturdivant-Drew explains. "It's a little like dressing up."

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What Extensions Are Used by Celebrities? 

Hair extensions, on the other hand, are like having your toes pedicured on a regular basis for some celebrities – Valles estimates that around half of her clients use them as part of their usual upkeep. (The other half looks for extensions for special events like performances or picture sessions.) 

Valles says she mainly employs individual keratin bond extensions in this situation, which she developed in partnership with Glam Seamless. (Those by Great Lengths and Bellami are also favorites.) Keratin-bonded extensions are "regarded as the Rolls Royce of extensions," according to Valles. "Because [the bonding point of the extension] is the width of a grain of rice, they move and flow so easily." You're essentially creating a wig for your head."Valles says she frequently uses many hues on a single client: Chrissy Teigen's multi-dimensional highlights, for example, necessitate six different hair colors. 

This form of extension lasts six to eight weeks and involves the application and removal expertise of a qualified professional — but there are also more temporary options for increasing volume. Sturdivant-Drew likes clip-ins, such as those from her own TSD Hairline. (We also like The Hair Shop and Luxy Hair.) She recommends sectioning hair at the root and clipping in the extensions (which have snaps that look like small combs) as you go. 

Leave out your hairline and natural part to assist them in blending in better with your natural hair. Valles suggests bringing your clip-in hair extensions to your next hair appointment so your hairdresser can cut them to frame your face if you like the look. If you're using many clip-ins rather than a single large piece, she recommends labeling the interior of each portion (left center, right front, etc.) to keep track of where they go. 

If you find it amusing to discuss it with your hairdresser, understand that you're not alone. "The more we mainstream extensions as a hair ornament or as a hair color treatment, the better it is for everyone," Valles adds. "Many women are self-conscious about their hair. Many people in the public spotlight who are known for having the 'greatest' hair actually have a head full of hair extensions."

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Clip In Hair Extensions Are Everyone’s Preference 

Valles offers the following tips to keep your hair extensions in place all day: "When applying for clip-in extensions, begin with clean portions and a rat tail comb," she says.

"It's even better if the comb is a teasing comb because you'll want to backcomb your part. Then spray the backcomb portion with hairspray and clip the extensions in; this is the right way to attach them to guarantee that they are secure."

Make sure you have enough covering hair for the extensions (the area on the crown of your head) that lays on the extensions to avoid seeing the clips, especially if you have thinner hair. 

According to Valles, after wearing your extensions, close the clips, brush them out, apply a little dry shampoo to the root, and brush through them. She adds, "I like to keep mine in a silk bag or even a zip lock bag. "Depending on how much product is used when you wear them, wash them every six to twelve weeks."