Secure Your JuvaBun In 3 Simple Steps (Works With Thin & Short Hair)

Are you among the countless customers who have fallen in love with JuvaBun's products but find it challenging to make it work with your thin or short hair?

Fret not! We understand the struggle, and we're here to share a foolproof solution to ensure your JuvaBun stays securely in place all day, leaving you with a fabulous hairstyle that lasts all day.


Step 1: Use A Clip:

Grab a Clip To enhance the grip of your JuvaBun, start by securing a clip to your own bun.

The clip will serve as the foundation for your JuvaBun, providing a sturdy anchor for the product. Choose a clip that matches your hair color for a seamless blend.

Step 2: Put Your Hair In A Bun:

Create Your Own Bun Using the clip, gather your hair into a small bun. Ensure that the clip holds your hair tightly, forming a stable base.



Step 3: Apply The JuvaBun.

Now that you have a solid base with the clip, it's time to incorporate the JuvaBun into your hairstyle.

Simply attach the JuvaBun product over your created bun, securing it with the clip you have over your bun.

The combination of the clip and the JuvaBun will provide a double layer of support, ensuring your bun stays securely in place.

Once the JuvaBun is in place, feel free to adjust the bun to your liking. Experiment with different styles and positioning to achieve the perfect look. 

There you go, a quick and easy solution to make sure your JuvaBun stays secure all day even if you have thin or short hair.

Whether you prefer a sleek and polished bun or a more relaxed, tousled style, the enhanced grip from the clip and JuvaBun combo will keep your hairstyle intact throughout the day.


With the simple addition of a clip, you can create a stable foundation for your bun, allowing JuvaBun products to work for you like magic.

Follow these easy steps, and you'll be flaunting a flawless JuvaBun hairstyle that stays put all day long!

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