Bubble Braids with Extensions: Elevate Your Hairstyle Game

If you're looking for a fun and trendy hairstyle that will catch everyones attention then bubble braids, with extensions are the way to go. Bubble braids offer a twist on braids and when combined with extensions they give your hair added volume, length and a touch of glamour. In this blog post we'll explore the world of bubble braids with extensions providing you with all the information you need to achieve this eye catching hairstyle.

What are Bubble Braids with Extensions?

Bubble braids are a variation of regular braids where each section is secured with an elastic band creating an effect similar to bubbles. By adding extensions to bubble braids not do you get length but also enhance the overall look by making the bubbles more pronounced and dynamic.

Materials You'll Need

Hair extensions (matching your hair color)
Comb or brush
Clear or matching hair color elastic bands
Optional Hair spray

Step by Step Guide

Prepare Your Hair; Begin by brushing your hair to remove any knots or tangles. If you're using clip-in extensions make sure to clip them in before starting the braiding process.

Create a Base; Divide your hair into sections based on your preference.
You have the option to style your hair with a part or a side part depending on the desired look you want to achieve.

Start by braiding; Begin by taking a section of hair, near your hairline and dividing it into three parts. Proceed to braid these sections while incorporating extensions as you go along. Finally, secure the end of the braid using a band.

Create the bubble effect; Gently pull on the sides of the braid to make it wider and give it volume. Then place a band about an inch or two down the braid to create the bubble." Carefully tug on the sides of each section to make them appear fuller. Repeat this process by adding bands, at intervals along the entire length of the braid pulling and fluffing each section to achieve that desired bubble effect.

Secure your hairstyle; Once you've created bubbles throughout the length of your braid use a hair tie to secure its end. For an appearance gently pull on each bubble to loosen them slightly.

Finishing touches; If desired you can apply a light hold hairspray to help maintain and prevent any strands from appearing.

Why opt for Bubble Braids with Extensions?

Bubble braids, with extensions, offer a range of styling options, including ponytails, half-up styles and elegant updos. The added extensions create volume. Make the bubble effect even more captivating.
With extensions, you can experiment with hair lengths without committing to cutting or growing out your hair. Bubble braids are a trendy style that is guaranteed to make you stand out in any crowd.

To maintain and care for your bubble braids with extensions

Gently remove the bands at the end of the day to unravel the bubbles.
brush your hair and extensions to prevent tangling.
Sleep, on a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and minimize frizz.

Before you delve into the world of bubble braids with extensions there are some factors to consider;

1. Hair Type and Texture; Take into account your natural hair type and texture. While bubble braids work well on hair types certain textures may require preparation or adjustments.

2. Quality of Extensions;
Select hair extensions that're of quality and closely match the color and texture of your natural hair. High quality extensions will seamlessly blend with your hair enhancing your appearance.

3. Skill Level Evaluation;
Assess your braiding skills to determine if you're comfortable, with attempting bubble braids using extensions. While this style can be achieved by individuals at skill levels it may require some practice to master the bubble technique.

4. Time Commitment Consideration;
Keep in mind that creating bubble braids with extensions can be time consuming especially if you're new to this style. Plan accordingly. Allocate time for the braiding process.

5. Occasion and Purpose Reflection;
Consider the occasion or purpose for wearing bubble braids with extensions. Are you styling them for an event daily wear or as a change? Your reason for choosing this style can influence how you approach its execution.

6. Comfort and Practicality Assessment;
Evaluate how comfortable and practical the style is for your activities. Bubble braids with extensions offer versatility. Ensure that it aligns with your comfort preferences.

7. Hair Health Prioritization;
Place importance on maintaining the health of your hair before incorporating extensions into it. Ensure that your hair is in condition, as use of extensions or improper care can result in damage.

8. Maintenance Routine Suggestions; To ensure your bubble braids stay fresh and beautiful it's important to establish a maintenance routine. This involves taking care of both your hair and the extensions.

Factor to Consider

1. Consider your budget; Take into account the cost of quality hair extensions, as any professional assistance you may need. Find a balance that works for you between your budget and the desired outcome.

2. Explore styling options; Get creative with how you wear your bubble braids. Try out updos, half up styles. Even add accessories for some flair.

3. Decide on the duration; Determine how you want to keep the bubble braids with extensions before making any changes or removing them entirely.

4. Seek help if needed; If you're unsure about the process or need guidance don't hesitate to consult a hairstylist. They can offer expert advice. Help you achieve results.

By considering these factors you can confidently embark on creating bubble braids with extensions that perfectly complement your style and preferences. Remember, it's about enhancing your beauty and enjoying experimenting with different hairstyles!


Bubble braids with extensions are a choice, for embracing a fun and fashionable hairstyle that adds a touch of personality to your look.
If you have an occasion coming up or simply want to change your look bubble braids, with extensions can be a fun and trendy choice that will definitely get attention. So gather everything you need follow our instructions and get ready to showcase this hairstyle!

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