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If you know how to make a sleek hairstyle and apply this knowledge in practice, then you will certainly have a first-class appearance at any celebration or event. Smooth, neatly combed strands always look neat. Such hairstyles are associated with sophistication and aristocracy. These hairstyles are popular with world cinema stars, models on the catwalks, and businesswomen. They are versatile and suitable for any event and place. And almost every girl can do it on her own at home. Use our tips and make fashionable wet look hairstyles to make your look memorable and unique.

What tools will help you get a sleek hairstyle?

If you decide to make your sleek hairstyle, you cannot do without some cosmetics. It is especially true for girls with curly and wavy hair. You can do without a lot of tools to create hairstyles for smooth hair. But the owners of curls will have to use an iron for alignment; additionally, the result will be perfect.

Cosmetics for sleek hairstyle:

  • Sprays, oils, and serums that smooth unruly hair.
  • Styling products, mousses, and foams.
  • Anti-static serums and oils.
  • Gels, creams, pastes, and sprays for extra-strong fixing results.
  • Sealing and emollient serums.

Serums are great for creating a daytime parting style. It will give the hair a natural shine. Moreover, if you want to redo your hair during the day, you will not need to clean your hair urgently.

Smooth wet look hairstyles

Smooth wet look hairstyles

Smooth styling is comfortable as it helps keep hair out of the face. With it, you can also create low and high tails using ponytail clip-ins. Besides, you can create looks with smooth, flowing hair. You can decorate hairstyles with large elastic bands or hairpins. Also, with sleek hair, bundles that are permanently in fashion look great.

Smooth hairstyles for medium length haircuts

Short and medium haircuts are especially relevant this season. Many women part with their long hair following fashion trends. Short strands look especially good when laid in a sleek style. The main thing is to create the required volume. This styling is easy to do on your own. 

Follow these guidelines step by step:

  • Clean your hair.
  • Use a volumizing product.
  • Blow-dry your hair by pulling strands with a round comb back from your face.
  • Smooth down the hair with hair styling foam.

Smooth hairstyles for short hair look especially advantageous on black hair. If you have very short strands, this will be even easier. It does not require a hairdryer and numerous styling products.

How to do a messy bun with sleek hair?

How to do a messy bun with sleek hair?

A messy bun is a perfect hairdo that you can do very easily. You can easily do the following styling by performing the next steps in stages:

  • On wet strands, apply an emulsion or cream to make the hair straight, then comb it.
  • Dry with a hairdryer.
  • Apply a special elastic hold spray to the root zone.
  • Use a fine comb to create a straight parting. Place the strands behind your ears and smooth them with a comb.
  • Apply the fixing cream, gather the strands at the back of the head with an elastic band.
  • Divide the formed tail into two parts of different sizes. Fix most of it with pins in a bun. Cover the elastic in a smaller part to mask it and secure the free end with invisible ones.

Smooth hair with a messy bun looks very laconic and elegant. They are suitable for women of different ages and hair colors. You can purchase a bun that suits your hair color and type in our store.

Sleek hairstyle with ponytails extensions

Almost all types of styling are suitable for owners of thick and long hair. The combination of straight roots and crown with a careless bun and protruding strands looks unusual and exciting. The scheme for creating a hairstyle with smooth hair for the length of strands below the shoulders does not differ much from variations for medium length. But there are much more options for hairdos. You can twist your hair into yokes, braids, and ponytails.

If you have short hair but want a trendy hairstyle with a sleek ponytail, use ponytail clip-ins. These hairpins are easy to attach and look beautiful without damaging your hair. 

To make a smooth ponytail with hair ponytails extensions, you need:

  • Comb through your hair and apply styling mousse.
  • Make a tight ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.
  • Slip the ponytail clip-ins over the elastic.
  • You can hide the attachment point with a few strands of hair to make the hairstyle look as beautiful as possible.

Hair ponytails extensions will help you look unforgettable at any event. This hairstyle is perfect for both a strict office style and a romantic look for a date.

Hair smoothness secrets

Hair smoothness secrets

You can use unique masks for smooth hair to give the hair a secularity. If your hair is groomed, healthy, and strong, any easy, sleek hairstyle will look great. Use masks for hair care. Such masks can be made from natural ingredients or purchased as a finished product.

You will need an egg and burdock oil to prepare a mask at home. All components must be mixed and distributed over the hair. After half an hour, wash off with water using your usual shampoo. This mask is ideal for brunettes and brown-haired women and moisturizes the hair.

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