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We all have good hair days as well as bad ones, but one hairstyle that can work for both is a messy bun. You can never really go wrong with one. Want to style your hair but don’t want to damage them?

.Have a bad hair day and want to tame your hair? Tired of the scorching heat and just want to get your hair out of the way? Running late and need to do your hair? So many questions but one single, simple answer: messy buns! They are the solution for hassle-free and easy-to-do hairstyles.

It is the perfect go-to hairstyle. The best part about messy hair buns is that they can be made with every type of hair; long, short, medium, wavy, and even straight. Messy buns can pass as your formal hairdo as well as a lazy casual one. It is one hairstyle you can never go wrong with and can be perfect for every occasion.

Those bad hair days when no hairstyle seems to set well on your face, on days like that, messy hair buns are your saviors and true best friend. They help you hide the frizz of greasy hair and manage the troublesome hair strands. 

The origin of messy buns can be traced back to Ancient Greek women, who devised the Greek knot hairdo. It was a modest, low-lying bun knotted at the back of the neck that was sometimes embellished with jewelry as a status symbol for affluent Greek ladies. It is an ancient hairstyle and yet is famous to date.

This tells us just how flexible and timeless messy buns are. Having long luscious hair is a blessing, but styling and managing them can mostly be a challenge, and the same is the case with short hair. A messy bun takes care of all your hair problems and provides you with a straightforward solution to your everyday dilemma.

7 Perks of Making a Messy Hair Bun! 

a low messy hair bun or a high messy hair bun, no matter what the style is there are many many MANY perks and benefits of making them! 

1. Versatility

Not only does a messy bun make you look more sophisticated and formal, but it is a highly versatile hairdo with numerous perks. For one, it can pass as both formal and casual. Do you have an interview and wish to look driven?

Put your hair in a bun. Are you tired of your hair getting in the way of work or while cooking? Put them in a messy bun. Have a toddler who can’t stop pulling or chewing your hair? PUT THEM IN A MESSY BUN!!

2. Less-Frizzy

Another benefit of wearing your hair in a bun is that it becomes less frizzy. Hair tied in a bun retains moisture and protects it from getting twisted and turned every time you toss them around. As a result, your hair becomes more controlled.

Moreover, when you place your hair in a bun, you don’t require any hairstyling tools that damage your hair, and hence, even that aids in retaining moisture and makes your hair less frizzy while making it healthier at the same time.

3. Prevents Excessive Shampooing

When the hair is open, it tends to get greasier quickly by either absorbing the dirt from the surrounding, or we tend to touch it a lot, tossing it from one side to another, and hence, it gets oily more quickly.

shampooing hair

When your hair is in a bun, it is protected from the dirt around and subdued to one place. This also prevents you from shampooing or washing your hair excessively and prevents further unnecessary damage. 

4. Prevents Damage

Some might tell you that a bun hairstyle for long hair isn’t good as it keeps hair tied together and might make it weak. But they are wrong. A hair bun you tie while going to bed doesn’t require clips and other accessories. A simple elastic band or a cloth rubber band would do as it binds the hair loosely and avoids any breakage.

The tiresome hours you invest in blow-drying, straightening, and curling your hair can now be avoided too. You no longer need to splurge on expensive hair tools when you can simply pull your hair into a bun that keeps your hair sleek, calm, and tamed, making any hairdo simple. You can even carry the sloppy bun out the door.

5. Saves Time 

Getting read in itself is a time taking process. Your alarm didn't go off in time, and you don't have enough time to style your hair?

time saver

Put them in a messy bun. Spent too much time doing your makeup and selecting a dress for dinner? Put your hair in a bun. Messy buns hardly take five minutes to put together, and therefore they are the perfect go-to.

Furthermore, washing your hair is a time taking process. It requires you to dry your hair thoroughly to prevent damage. Messy buns avoid excessive washing of your hair and save you time.

6. Makes Blow-dry & Hairstyling Last Longer

The best technique to protect your curls is to wear your hair inside a loose bun. It not only keeps your curls in place but also prevents them from becoming messy.

Imagine sleeping with your curls in place and waking up with your hair all messed and blown up. A hair bun will undoubtedly save you from any horrible hair day that may come your way.

7. Makes You Look More Presentable

According to various sources, when the hair is tied up in a messy bun, they are considered to make the person look more presentable and more attractive. Loose hair has its own charm, but when all that luscious hair is tied back, and your beautiful face gets the attention it needs, your features are highlighted more, making the person look more attractive.

Scrunchie colors

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Different Types of Messy Buns For Long Hair, Short hair & Medium Hair

Different hair types have different hair styles depending on the length of your hair. Now, the messy bun is the type of hairstyle that can be made on all hair types, but there are just a few tweaks which need to be made in the overall styles. 


Ravishing Messy Bun Styles for Long Hair

When having long hair, one has an array of options to select from. Which bun is the most suitable for your long hair? Here is a guide on how to make a messy bun with long hair and the different options available to choose from:

Messy Knot Bun

You can always make a standard messy bun, but if you have beautiful long hair and wish to play around with the typical messy bun, the knot bun is the perfect option for you. It gives you all the perks of a messy bun but with a flare. It is the ideal hairstyle for prom or any chic gathering.

This charming, laid-back approach is ideal for highlighting a radiant complexion, sculpted cheekbones, and stunning dimples. You may highlight the best characteristics of your face.

The most excellent part about this appearance is that it allows you to show off your face. Consequently, whether you want a dewy, natural look or aim for glamor and definition, this casual style will brighten up your face.

You only require a few things to make your messy knot bun: Hairpins, hairspray, rubber bands, and a comb. You need to begin by creating two portions in your hair. You need to hold them together so that they resemble two pigtails. Then tie a knot in each section as the hairstyle's name suggests.

Make a knot underneath the knot with an elastic band. Then, separate the hair below the elastic band into two sections and tie it in a second knot. Underneath the second knot, tie another elastic band. Your hair length determines the number of ties you need to make. Four to five knots should be sufficient if your hair is long. Leave the ends out, fold the knots up, and pin them in place.

Pull the hair at the crown to add volume to the top and make the hairdo look messier. To keep the style in place, spritz it with hairspray. If you wish to add even more flair to the knot bun, you can make two of them by replicating the same process twice. 

Messy Bun with Bangs

Bangs are an excellent addition to your messy bun. They add more dimension to it and help the messy bun become more distinctive. The bangs and other hanging hair strands from a messy bun help frame your face and highlight your beautiful features.

messy bun with bangs

This look is not only simple to pull off, but it also has a dual, enticing aesthetic of playfulness and seductiveness that makes it perfect for any event. It can work as an effortlessly put-together hairdo as well as a stylish look to highlight your features. 

Make a loose ponytail with your hair by flipping it upside down. The length of your ponytail is entirely up to you. Even a few bumps in the hair would suffice to give that messy look. Make a bun by twisting and spinning the hair around the rubber band/base of the ponytail.

The tail should be left at the end. Finally, fix the bun with bobby pins and elastic. Instead of using a brush or comb, finger comb hair into position for the ultimate messy bun. Finish the hairdo with a ribbon, headband, or bandana. Pull your bangs back and rock your messy bang hair bun!

High Messy Bun

A high, messy bun would work wonders for women who want to add height or look taller or women who wish to extend their shape even more. The end effect is well worth the effort. A messy high bun is a perfect look when it comes to laid-back sophistication. Messy buns symbolize ballet, and therefore, messy high buns fall under the same category.

Ballet is an art of sophistication, and so are messy buns. The added height of messy high buns makes them look sleeker and more elegant. High messy buns are like regular messy buns but with added height. They are simple to put together yet make you look ravishing. 

Half Messy Buns

We are big fans of the half-up messy bun, even though we do not usually advocate for doing things halfway. This look gives long-haired women the best of both worlds, as it keeps your mane out of your face while flaunting your lovely locks.

Pulling your hair back has the added benefit of accentuating your cheekbones and eyes naturally. Consequently, this flirtatious, informal bun is ideal for daytime occasions. This style will keep you ready for anything that comes your way, whether it is not brunched with the girls, dancing at a day-fest, or strolling your dog in the park.

Half-up messy buns or any messy buns, for the matter, are not only subject to women but to men as well. In fact, many men grow out their hair long just so they can have a man-bun. Half-up messy buns are easy to make. They don't compromise your hair length but instead give you long hair with a beautiful, messy bun. You just need to put half your hair into a bun and let the rest flow. 

Messy Double Knotted Bun

The double knot bun is simple to make and gives any bun a unique flair. It has a sleek and distinctive look and is the perfect bun for any formal gathering or interview. It mostly has a middle partition which evokes grace. The double knotted bun is placed relatively lower than most messy buns and is polished.

Messy Double Knotted Bun

This hairstyle is the epitome of sophistication. It is the perfect hairdo for middle-aged women and above. The double knotted bun requires all the things like a simple messy bun and hence can be put together quickly for any special occasion

Messy Sock Bun/Ballerina Hair Bun

A messy sock bun is perfect for adding volume to your bun and giving it a fuller look. It only requires a sock or something similar to it, hairpins, and elastic bands. An uneven doughnut created by a thin sock will result in a strange-looking bun. Remove the toe portion of the sock and begin rolling the adjustable side first until you have a sock doughnut.

Allow your hair to fall over the top of the donut band. Make your hair so that it completely covers the band. Using an elastic band, secure the hair that has been covered. Wrap the remaining strands around the base of the bun and secure it with pins. You can achieve the perfect ballerina-like hair bun by following these basic steps. 

The Disheveled Low Messy Bun

Try rocking a tousled low bun for a classier look. This is an excellent option for individuals who don't want to wear their hair in a high bun all of the time. Start by spritzing your lengths and roots with Air  Dry Shampoo.

Tease your strands using a comb to give body, then gather your hair into a low ponytail with your hands. Make a soft bun with the ponytail by twisting it and securing it with an elastic or a few bobby pins. To help keep everything in place, spritz with a strong-hold hairspray.

girl with cute short hair

Spectacular Messy Bun Looks for Short Hair

The idea that short-haired women cannot bun their hair is a misconception. Many people underestimate the allure of short hair because they believe that you may experiment with different hairstyles.

After all, it is short. But we are here to show them how incorrect they are. You may not be able to style your short braids in the same manner that you would wear long hair, but that does not mean you cannot experiment with updos and low bun hairstyles for your hair above the shoulders.

The Messy Half-Knot

Have already existing short hair but don't wish to make them look shorter? A messy half-knot bun is perfect for you. Without making your hair appear even shorter, you get to enjoy the perks of a messy bun. A half knot bun can be made with hair of any length, and therefore, it is an ideal style.

A messy half-knot bun is an extremely popular hairstyle that can be effortlessly put together. Furthermore, you can spice up your messy half-knot by adding a French braid in the middle front of the hair or a waterfall going from the front to the back, or even adding a tight braid underneath the bun to add more dimension to the hairstyle.

Sleek Low Bun

Putting short hair into a bun can be a challenge if the hair is too short. Since the hair isn't too long, pulling it up enough to turn it into a bun may not be possible; hence, one can opt by putting the hanging hair into a low bun. Therefore, a low, sleek bun would be the perfect way to put your extremely short hair in a bun.

Anybody looks lovely with a low bun, and it's also relatively easy to achieve. It works on clean and oily, straight and curly, long and short, with a side part or a middle part, and long and short hair. No "moment" is required for the low bun: Its time is now, and it is always. You can even leave a few hair strands out to highlight the facial dimensions and to add more detail to the look. 

Modern Milkmaid Braid Bun

Milkmaid braid buns don't require lengthy hair. Hair that is about shoulder length and has a few shorter layers will work. A modern milkmaid bun amplifies the beauty of short hair. It adds more dimensions to it while ensuring the beauty and nature of the short hair are kept in place. A Modern milkmaid bun is a highly intricate hairstyle. It surrounds the top of the head with hair that gives off a crown-like image.

braided bun

Add flowers to this hairstyle, and it will become the perfect hairdo for a wedding or any formal, special event. Milkmaid braids can be single and even double for the added flair. You can carry one in many different styles; boho milkmaid braid, bandana milkmaid braid, front and back milkmaid braid, etc. 

Milkmaid braids aren't bound by age. You can still rock a milkmaid braid bun no matter how old you are. So, instead of suppressing your inner fashionista, allow yourself and your tiny daughters or siblings to show off their milkmaid braid buns.

For a great casual style, complement a typical thick braid with a fishtail braid in the front while keeping the front hair strands open. It offers everything you could possibly want in a casual feminine style.

Mermaid Braid Bun

Hairstyles with mermaid braids don't necessarily have to flow down your back or shoulder. Why not tie it up in a bun? Make a braid as usual and bring it up into the bun, as seen in the image below. This sleek and classy hairdo is ideal for weddings and other formal occasions.

Have young daughters or siblings with short hair but wish to spruce up their hair game? Mermaid hair buns are a treat for short hair. At times the hair strands are so short you can't get them away from your face, but with these delicate and intricate braids, one can easily manage short hair and enhance its beauty to a great extent. The mermaid braid bun is ideal for school-going girls and teenagers. 

Pulled-Back Hair Bun

It is no secret that short hair is harder to style, and not everyone is equipped with making intricate braids to add depth to them. However, one simple and effective way to style short hair is by putting it in a pulled-back bun. When you pull back the hair, no extra length of hair is wasted, and you get a sleek and neatly put-together hair bun.

However, this won't be an ideal option for you if you have thin hair, as this type of hair bun makes the hair look flatter. The volume of short hair buns is one of the primary difficulties. You can create magic with a decent volumizing product and a little teasing. It is a good hairdo for people with small faces and sharp features as it highlights them to the maximum. 

High Bun with Middle-Braid

Adding a braid with your bun is a great way to elevate the look. You might not find it too satisfying to put your already short hair into a hairstyle that makes the length vanish even more.

Hence, adding a braid on the top is an excellent example of playing around with your hair and making them more exciting and appealing. There is no age limit to this particular hairstyle. Anyone with short hair who wishes to boost their look can incorporate this into their everyday hairdos.  

Low Rolled Bun

The low-rolled bun is extremely simple to put together but at the same time has a very modern appeal to it. It requires two simple steps; putting your hair into a ponytail and then simply inverting the tail in the middle and then wrapping it all around.

low bun

The 2-3 step process helps you achieve the perfect hairdo for date night or any other occasion for the matter. It is pretty similar to a chignon and can be put together within minutes, if not seconds. 


With your short hair, forget about making a top knot. You may develop an unpleasant "palm tree" look on the top of your head. Instead, go for a chignon, which accentuates the nape of your neck and is better suited to short hair. To style it, spritz hairspray all over your head to give it body, then backcomb your tresses.

Then, softly comb your hair towards the back to gather it into a low ponytail without flattening the volume generated on top. Coil your short hair around itself to form the bun, but don't over tighten it to keep it puffed up. All that's left to do now is secure the movement with a few hairpins, being sure to bury the tips beneath the chignon to complete the look.

Elegant Messy Bun

The classy messy bun is the lovechild of a typical low messy bun with a sumptuous chignon. It's the ultimate of easy beauty. Use your brush and texturizing spray to add volume to the top of your head to achieve this style.

Pull your hair back into a low, sloppy bun, then tuck it in beneath itself and secure it with a hair tie. A few bobby pins or hairspray strategically placed will help keep this bun in place if you have thick hair. The outcome is a timeless aesthetic that is elegant, smart, and ultimately magnificent.

women with shoulder length hair

Enchanting Medium Hair Messy Bun Hairstyles

It's the ideal length for a bun if you have medium-length hair. It won't get too heavy to fall out of the bun, and it's long enough to achieve a range of cute looks. Learn three different methods to style medium hair: a high ballerina bun, a messy bohemian bun, and a braided bun. Here's a list of how to make a messy bun with medium hair

The Dutch Braids Low Messy Bun

The classy messy bun is the lovechild of a typical low messy bun with a sumptuous chignon. It's the ultimate of effortless beauty. Use your brush and texturizing spray to add volume to the top of your head to achieve this style.

Pull your hair back into a low, sloppy bun, then tuck it in beneath itself and secure it with a hair tie. If you have thick hair, a few bobby pins or hairspray strategically placed will help keep this bun in place. The outcome is a timeless aesthetic that is elegant, smart, and ultimately magnificent.

Dutch braids have recently become more popular and appealing to the hair than regular braids. It gives the braid a complete effect, making it appear 2D in some ways.

The Basic Messy Bun

Even the clumsiest of hairstyling girls can manage the simplest variant of the messy bun, the aptly termed 'basic messy bun.' To begin, gather all of your hair into your hands and construct a simple, high ponytail. Then, randomly wrap the length of this ponytail around its base.

basic bun

Finally, fix the style with a loose elastic before tousling it with your hands. The basic or easy messy bun is the perfect go-to for any casual hangout. It is also the most fitting hairdo for university or college-going students. This is the most perfect and raw version of a messy hair bun. 

Messy Bun with Curls

Pull bouncing, lovely curls back into a loose, untidy bun to draw further emphasis to them. Allow any stray tendrils or curls to flow freely to highlight your hair's natural wave when producing this style. Fortunately for you, this style of bun looks great, whether it's worn high, low, or somewhere in between.

A flat iron will be your best asset for obtaining this adaptable style if you don't have naturally curly hair. Whether you're strolling down a street or down the aisle at a wedding, this lovely style is sure to turn heads. For those who have lustrous, natural waves, this is the absolute hairdo for them. 

Braided Messy Bun

The messy braided bun is a delicate hairdo. Unlike other messy buns, this one requires some skills and know-how to put together. A sloppy side bun with braids is an exquisite, fairytale-worthy hairstyle perfect for a princess or a bridesmaid. The addition of thick, interlaced braids to this romantic, stunning design adds an extra attractive aspect.

As a result, it's a popular messy bun choice for ladies with medium-length hair who want to add an element of glamor to their look for special occasions. Adding flowers to this piece of art puts the whole thing together in an impeccable manner. 

Updo with a Bouffant

Don't bother with your sock bun. Because your hair will be doing all of the work, this hairstyle does not require much support or filling. When it comes to tangling locks and branches, having thick hair gives you an advantage. There are products on the market that can aid those with thinner hair.

An updo with a bouffant reek of elegance and sophistication. It is the perfect hairstyle for middle-aged women and above. Kate Middleton has mostly been spotted in such similar hairdos, and therefore it can be established that this particular hairstyle depicts royalty as well. 

Twisted Messy Bun

Let's do the twist, shall we? With this bun updo full of twists, you can be the highlight of any room you walk into. Your hair will seem not only rhythmic but also delectable if you have contrasting highlights. Split your hair into two sections.

Twist and curl the hair on the left side into a bun. Pins are used to keep everything together. All the way down, twist and curl the right side. Wrap the first bun in that portion. Spray your hair with hairspray and repeat on the other side. 

Voluminous Messy-High Bun

When it comes to high flair and low effort, the voluminous messy high bun takes the win. This hairstyle works best with medium to long hair due to the added flair it requires. It is the perfect go-to for a casual night with friends and can easily transform into an effortlessly smoking look for a date night with the right dress and makeup. 

The Blossom Up

The blossom up is another perfect hairdo for prom, weddings, or any special event like a quinceanera. It depicts the blossoming of hair into a beautiful flower. This hairdo is perfect for any and every age and, unlike other messy buns, is mostly done for formal occasions.

messy bun for weddings

Sleek combed back hair at the front and at the back, a beautiful blossom. It all begins with a low ponytail, looped little hair strands, and a few bobby pins. Hair fixators then join the party, allowing your hair to shine from day to night. 

Space Buns with Braids

Combining space buns with braids is one of the most stylish ways to style them. The braids provide a lovely woven design while also preventing flyaway hairs, making them ideal for special occasions such as a family dinner or attending a wedding.

Braided space buns are not too difficult if you know how to plait your hair upside down using the French or Dutch technique, even though they appear more complicated than the classic version of the hairstyle.

Space buns with braids are an interesting way to play around with your hair, but it does take time to get a grasp of its technique. They are an intricate hairdo and are perfect for school-going girls and teenagers. 

Here Are Some Tips & Tricks To Make Your Messy Bun Last All Day Long! 

There are many ways to make a messy bun. Some are simpler than others, and therefore, re-doing them is not as much of a hassle, but as far as the intricate and braided messy buns are concerned, you can not simply just re-do them.

They require time, effort, and skill, which one does not have at all times, and therefore, it is imperative to follow through with some tips and tricks to secure your messy buns in place so that they last you all day. 

TIP #1

For one, hair spray and pins are your best friends when it comes to messy buns. There are times when even after putting your hair in a bun, you will have those stubborn hair stands that will refuse to sit in place, and hairspray will come into play there and also in securing the end result of the hard work you put into getting the perfect hairstyle.

Similarly, ensure you choose the right messy bun for your hair type. If your hair is too thin and cannot stand the weight of a voluminous messy bun then opt for another. Ensure your hair is clean before styling them in order to avoid them getting greasy later. 

pin bundles

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TIP #2

Another very important step is to make sure you secure your bobby pins right and don't leave them out of place. For one, not only does it ruin the aesthetic of your hairdo, but it also makes your strands lose and does not hold them in place. For people with thin, smooth, and silky hair that tend to get flat really quickly, they should add some product to add volume and support the hair bun.

On the other hand, people with thick and frizzy hair should incorporate a hair serum before styling. Another very important trick is to try to take your front baby hair out beforehand and style those strands because, at times, not even a hairspray can keep those baby hairs in place. Hence, it is best to deal with them beforehand in order to avoid them spiking in the middle of the day. 

TIP #3

Last but not least. Messy hair buns are mostly for the second day of washed hair, and therefore, washing your hair prior to the day you have to make your messy bun can really help impact the overall outcome of your hairdo.

However, that does not mean you make a messy bun with greasy hair. Everyone has different hair, and it is important to know your hair type and whether it is dry on the day of hair wash and has better moisture on the second day or not. 

Which Messy Bun Will You Opt for First? 

In conclusion, messy buns are extremely versatile and can be perfect for every occasion. You just need to select the appropriate messy hair bun for the occasion. It is also imperative to know your hair type before you decide upon a messy hair bun, as not all hair types can support that many folds in the hair. Hence, choosing the right hairdo for your hair type is crucial to obtain the desired outcome. 

Moreover, different occasions call for different messy hair buns. Hence, make sure to choose your messy bun in accordance with the event. If it is a wedding, a more suitable option would be a messy braided bun or a blossom up. If you are going on a girl's night out or on a date, the voluminous messy hair bun would be a more suitable option and so on.

Lastly, flowers and hair accessories play a vital role in uplifting and bringing the whole look together. The right hairstyle paired with the right clothes, makeup, and jewelry, can make anyone look like royalty.