TikTok Hair Trends

Instead of perfect styling like from the salon, a torn contour. Instead of an expensive pearl blonde, colored hair, instead of an open forehead, sloppy bangs. TikTok dictates hair trends today.

TikTok is a more informal platform than Instagram, where girls have gotten their hairstyle ideas from in recent years. It is very easy to shoot videos there, and the audience is younger, bolder, and more creative. TikTok originated in the United States, where hairdressing is expensive and has a culture of home renewal.

While the girls are wondering how to cut their hair at home themselves, the Americans cut their hair, dye it from dark to light, and vice versa, if they cannot cut it all. Courage and originality are the main features of all TikTok hair trends.

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Tiktok Hair Color Challenge

  • Blocks dyeing - Until recently, only teenagers wore it, and now older girls are asking for it. TikTok's hair color challenge is an excellent solution for those who are tired of one color and want to attract attention to themselves. What options? Separately lightened strand at the temples, on the back, or bangs of a different color. Color solutions can be completely different, both very contrasting and with a discrepancy in several tones.
  • Colored dyeing - It became popular during the quarantine when people get rid of the office dress code and finally make a color dye. Moreover, you can use several shades and get a rainbow effect; there are no rules and restrictions. Do you want to dye your color pink at home? Just buy a tinted balm and do it easily. Most bloggers have unusual hair colors.

Curly Hair TikTok

Nowadays, it takes very little to become a popular blogger. You don't have to make long and interesting vlogs, edit photos, or show off your luxurious life. It is enough to record short videos without leaving your home.

This is what bloggers from TikTok do, a popular platform for creating and publishing videos. And sometimes, you don't need to come up with your ideas for content; it is enough to study TikTok trends. For example, recently, a lot of bloggers have been sharing their hair care life hacks there.

Styling without styling tools - Why use styling tools if you don't have to? A hairdresser-stylist on her account showed how to do cool styling with socks or tights. She curled her hair into wet tights and left it overnight. Although, of course, this method was invented a long time ago, it made a splash.

Since many girls did not know that you can make soft waves at home without an iron or curling iron, this is a fantastic way to style your hair without heating and with minimal effort. In just overnight, you can create the shape of the curls you want using household supplies.

Curly hairstyles from TikTok are suitable for all hair types. You just need to decide what curls you want to get. If you want a tighter curl, use thinner socks or part your hair into multiple sections.

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Tips to Make Your Curly Hair Standout for A Tiktok Video

  • First, it's optional to get trim to remove excess hair length and even split ends. You can even trim your hair yourself.
  • It is better to wet your hair a little before curling it to make curly hair from TikTok. You can do this with a simple spray bottle. Then, when the hair is dry, the waves will be evenly distributed over it.
  • Try curling your hair into tights. You can style your hair after washing your hair by drying it a little. Also, it is better for girls with wavy and curly hair to first apply an indelible conditioner or curling cream to the strands.
  • After you loosen the strands, you can use a light fixer.
  • Girls with short hair should curl only the upper strands if it is not possible to wind the lower ones. The top layer will fall to the bottom and cover all strands.

How to prepare your hair for curling?

How to Prepare Your Hair for Curling?

Airy small curls give more volume than large ones, so styling should be done on clean hair. When washing your hair, be sure to use a conditioner to protect the curls from the upcoming destruction. But it is better not to mask, as it can significantly weigh down the hair, and curly hair from TikTok will not work.

If you do not use thermal devices, then the hair can be left slightly damp, and if you are going to make curls with a curling iron, then the strands must be pre-dried and applied with a thermal protective spray.

If you used the products before creating curls and sprayed varnish on them, such a hairstyle can last long, even on fine hair.

You should not comb the finished curls because instead of the desired afro curls (which look like you just unraveled the afro braids), you will get a fluffy mane. You can only separate the curls with your hands so that they are structured. Or take a rare teeth comb; it will not spoil the curl and will not turn the hair into a dandelion.

Ways to make curly hair from TikTok

Different Ways to Make Curly Hair from Tiktok

1. Curling iron - The easiest way is to use a thin curling iron that can create curls from root to tip. If this is wrapping, then well combed, you will get airy small curls. Brushing with wax with your hands will create contoured curls of medium volume.

The most difficult thing here is to be patient so that tier by tier to move along the entire head of hair. Even girls with thin and not particularly thick hair at such moments may think that the strands will never end.

2. Iron - It is the second most popular method is to make curly hair from TikTok. Take a straightening iron and start running the iron down through your hair, trying to turn it right and left. Thus, small curls will be obtained.

3. Iron and pencil - Making afro curly hair TikTok with a pencil and iron is very easy. Take a thin section of hair, twist it around the pencil. Take out your pencil, and your hair is done.

Instead of a pencil, any other small-diameter object is suitable (the main thing is that it is resistant to temperature effects). It is necessary to warm up the curled hair with an iron, and it is advisable not to stop in one place so as not to overheat the strand.

4. Hairpins - Sometimes, to correct a triangular face shape, the curls mustn’t start from the root. To achieve symmetry, you need to pin the hair with hairpins horizontally above the planned start of the volume, then start wrapping. After finishing, remove the hairpins.

You can also try to wind the strands on a hairpin with a number eight and then warm them up with an iron. This option will give an airy effect. You can easily obtain a zigzag texture if you wrap a strand in foil and collect it with an accordion and warm it up with an iron.

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