Small Hair Pieces for Women To Elevate Their Hairstyles!

Wearing a wig or hair extensions has become more popular over time. Instead of only having celebrities wearing these styled hair accessories, anyone can purchase a hairpiece and wear it no matter their reasons. This article discusses what small hair pieces are, what their benefits are, how to help you choose the right hairpiece as well as give some tips on hairpieces. Keep on reading because we will tell you all you need to know! 

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What Are Small Hairpieces?

A hairpiece is a piece of human hair or artificial hair that is used to cover balding spots or help people hide scars or damages to their own natural hair. Hairpieces can be worn by both men and women. People who suffer from hair loss can find it embarrassing. 

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Small Hairpieces?

Wearing a wig or a hair extension piece can help upgrade any hairstyle. Wigs just as wearing acrylic nails or make-up have been associated with enhancing beauty. It also promotes confidence and shows an elegant side to it. 

People can wear wigs and change their hairstyles in style, shape, and color without having to change their natural hair. If you wear wigs, you will always have good hair. 

The benefits of why women why hairpieces or wigs include the following, 

  • Hide Thin Hair 

People can suffer and experience hair loss for any reason such as it being genetic, side effects of medication, having their hormones change, or because of disease or medical condition. As many people see their hair as a significant part of themselves and their appearance and wigs and hairpieces allow for thin or balding hair to be covered and hidden to enhance their physical features. 

  • Convenience 

It is very convenient to use hairpieces as you do not need to take a long time to style it. Natural hair takes a long time to maintain properly, with wigs you can save a lot of money and time when you are getting ready and if you are in a hurry, you can simply put it on in minutes without having to worry about having a bad hair day. 

  • Provides a Natural Look

You can choose from a variety of wigs to achieve a natural look, make sure to always choose a human wig if this is the style you are going for. As they are available in different colors and shades of those colors, take one that suits your original hair. 

  • Protect You from Heat Styling Appliances 

Using heat on your hair can damage it, wearing a wig and styling it using heat will protect your hair. The wig will absorb the heat and not your natural hair. 

  • Unlimited Styles 

This will save you money on changing your hairstyles and making big hair changes. If you purchase a wide variety of wigs you can choose to change your style and hair color at any time. 

If you have a broad forehead, you can opt for Lace Front Wigs to help you hide it. 

  • Save Money 

Original hair wigs are tough and made to last for a long time. This will save you money and time as you do not need to keep purchasing the same type of wig. 

  • Restore Confidence 

Since both original and human hair wigs go untouched it increases the wearer’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Human wigs have a natural look and feel to it, so no one can tell the difference unless they know that it is a hairpiece. 

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How to Choose the Right Hairpiece?

If you aren’t sure on how to choose the right hairpiece or what you should do to ensure that you get the best quality of hair wigs. Here is a guide to help those first-time wig buyers. There are 5 factors to consider when looking to buy a wig. These factors are the following,

1. Hairstyle 

    Finding the right hairstyle can be a tough choice to make, especially if you want to try something new that doesn’t look like your everyday style. However, if it is your first time wearing a wig. It is better to consider wearing something that is more closely linked to your current hairstyle or a hairstyle that you have previously worn. This makes it easier for you to maintain the style and gives you a sense of familiarity before you try being bold. 

    2. Length 

      There are three main lengths that you can choose from short wigs, medium-length wigs, and long wigs. 

      If you are a busy person and work or stay in places that are humid then using a short wig is the ideal option. Shorter wigs are also easier to maintain, they dry faster and are quicker to style. If you take a longer wig, it can leave you feeling extra hot and trapped underneath on days that are extra warm. It is cheaper to buy shorter wigs as the price is often determined by the length of hair. 

      3. Texture 

        After you have determined the length of your wig, focus on the texture. There are different hair textures to choose from. You can choose to have straight and flat, wavy which means the wig will be flowing and bouncy, but it won’t be curled, curly which can have heat used on it and will have a slinky texture. 

        4. Your Face Shape 

          The main consideration when looking for a wig should be the shape of your face. 

          • If you have an oval-shaped face – it means that your face is balanced and evenly proportioned. You can wear any style of wig, but you should avoid wigs that have bangs or flow forward as this can add more weight to your face. If you have a round-shaped face, you should choose wigs that add fullness and height at the crown of your head. Use wigs that have off-center parts included. Wearing shorter wigs and wigs that are pushed back and hang below your chin can be another option. 
          • Do not wear wigs that are chin-length or have a rounded line. It will make your face look rounder and wider. A square-shaped face will include wigs that are short to medium length. Choose wigs that are wavy or are round to fit around your face. 
          • Consider wigs that have bangs that are wispy, have off-center parts, and provide height at the crown of your head. Wearing a layered wig will add softness to your face. If you choose a wig that adds height to your head, it will elongate your symmetrical face. Use curls and waves to balance out your face shape. 
          • Do not choose to make wigs that are straight or have symmetrical features such as linear lines and bangs, center parts, or simply long and straight wigs. Be sure to not wear bobs and do not wear a wig that rests below your jawline. If you have an Oblong or Rectangular- Shaped Face, it is better to have wigs that are short to medium length as these will shorten the length of your face. Soften the lines of your face by wearing wigs that have layers as this will minimize the geometric appearance of your face. 
          • Ensure that your wigs have a middle part that will help to shorten the length of your face. Also, wear wispy bangs to help achieve this. Take wigs that offer fullness to give more width to your face. Heart-shaped faces work best with chin-length or longer wig styles that have hair parted to the side or have layers that are swept around the upper part of your face. 
          • A bob that’s chin-length is perfect as it will create a balanced look by adding fullness. If your heart- shape is very intense then consider wearing a wig that adds weight to the back area of your neck. Avoid full styles that have tapered necklines as these will draw attention to the upper part of your face. If the wig adds too much to the crown, your face will look longer and narrow your chin. 
          • A diamond-shaped face means that you can wear any style of wig since the balanced shape of your face will be flattered by almost any wig. However, if you have more of a dramatic shape, consider a shorter wig style so that it can provide more weight in the nape area. Avoid wearing wigs that have too much hair as they will hide your facial features. If you have a pear-shaped face, choose wigs that promote the appearance of the width of your forehead and your temples. This will help draw people’s attention to the upper part of your face. 
          • Wear wigs that are styled closer to your head on the sites and at the nape of your neck, this will help minimize the width of your jawline around the area of your face. 

          5. Color 

            Wig colors offer a wide variety, but it can be tricky to find a color that matches your original hair color. Look for colors that will compliment your natural skin tone. Each wig brand can have a slightly different color labeling system. Make sure to make a note of the brand and color that you are using so that you can replace it the same if it needs to be. 

            6. Cap Size 

              Your wig size can make a difference in whether you are able to wear your wig. If your wig is too small, it won’t fit on your head. If it is too big, it will show that you are wearing a wig. Many wig wearers are classed as wearing an average size. However, wigs are available in both petite and large sizes. 

              Tips on Small Hairpieces

              Take into consideration how your lifestyle will affect your wig choice. If you are a working person that sits in an office, you might rather want to use a synthetic wig or one that is heat-friendly. On the other hand, if you are a more active person, choose human hair or a premium wig such as Remy hair wigs. 

              Also, be sure to have a wig care routine to maintain your wigs. Use wig shampoo and conditioner as it is customized to treat highly processed human or artificial wigs. You will also be protecting your wig from parabens as the wig conditioner is non-toxic. Get wig brushes and wig combs as well. Always use a wide-tooth comb that has been specifically designed to be used on wigs. Remember to be gentle when brushing or combing your wigs as it can be easy to pull out the wig fibers if you handle the wig roughly or use the wrong tools. 

              The shorter your wig, the easier it is maintained, use your fingers to run through the hair to the back. If you have medium-length wigs, start at the bottom and work your way up when detangling. If you have long wigs, try not to use force when detangling them as they tend to tangle more. Invest in a wig stand to use when you are brushing it. 

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              Are You Ready to Start Wearing Hairpieces?

              Women do not need to be shy when choosing to use hairpieces or wear wigs. JuvaBun offers women the opportunity to embrace these changes within hairstyles and new trends. Treat your wigs as you would look after your natural hair to ensure that you get the most out of it and have it look and feel as natural as possible whether they are made from human hair, a combination of premium Remy hair, or even synthetic.

              You can still have healthy hair and rock a wig to boost your confidence or self-esteem. Browse through JuvaBun’s online store to check the ranges of hairpieces on offer as well as tips and tricks on how to use them. They have numerous options available for all hair types, styles, and so much more!

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