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Long hair is always beautiful and feminine. However, not all women have chic lash hair. Therefore, today many girls consider hair extensions as the best tools for making their gorgeous. And if your hair is thin and fragile, it makes no sense to grow back the long hair, as the result is obvious.

Braid hairstyles with extensions allow you to create new looks every day. They are ideal for everyday life and some parties. There are many options for hairstyles with long braid extensions, and they are all diverse and beautiful. Hairstyles with braids with extensions help to feel the confident owner of luxurious and thick hair. Such hairstyles will cause a lot of enthusiastic emotions to your personality.

Braid tutorial: how to use hair extensions properly?

Braid tutorial: use hair extensions properly

Today, you can make braids with extensions in several ways. They can fix it with pins or capsules. However, you need to remember that such curls need special care. You need to know and follow some rules, choose the right styling to make the look chicly. 

Right extensions care includes:

If you are worried that the extended braid will differ from your hair, you are wrong. Because the right color of the braid with extensions will not stand out from your natural. There is a wast variety to choose from. But how to choose the best clip-in hair extensions? The most important rule is to compare the color of the braid with roots color. This will help to correctly determine the shade of the extended braid, which will not differ from the len gth of the whole hair.

Care about your hair extensions:

  • use mild shampoos and conditioners when washing;
  • use the cold mode, when drying with a hairdryer;
  • to make a perm, to paint, to tone better at the beauty salon;
  • the hairstyle should hide places of fastening of a lock;
  • do not wear heavy hair jewelry or styling for a long time;
  • overhead strands should be combed frequently to avoid confusion;
  • when washing, do not rub and pull hard, just soap and wash off the foam gently. It is better to comb with a rare comb;
  • paint with soft dyes without ammonia;
  • do not use styling products that contain alcohol, they dissolve the components that fix the hairs;
  • when styling with a hairdryer, iron, curling iron, do not touch the attachment points of the hairs. You only need to curl the ends.

How to make hairstyles for braid with extensions at home: simple and beautiful options

hairstyles for braid with extensions at home

As a rule, styling such curls is more expensive than natural. Having at hand all the necessary tools and devices you can make a chic styling yourself at home. Here are some original hairstyles you can easily do on your own.

1. Waterfall braid hairstyle

  • Comb through hair and fix with spray.
  • Behind the ear, divide the large part of hair into three smaller ones(as for a regular braid).
  • Start making a regular braid.
  • Do not take the top strand further, but leave the curl free.
  • To keep 3 parts further, grab a section of hair from the bottom.
  • Repeat the previous two points until you reach the other hair side.
  • Secure the braid with a small elastic band.
  • To decorate your hair, you can choose a stylish hair clip. 

2. Twisted tail braid.

The basis is the same as for ponytail:

  • Gather strands at the nape of the neck or just below. 
  • Divide the tail into two equal parts. 
  • Make a strong plait from each half, twisting the hairs around each other. 
  • Secure with a silicone rubber band at the ends.

3. Crown braid with hair extensions

This hairstyle is made quickly and easily. Weaving on the head looks spectacular and chic, makes the image feminine and romantic.

How to make such a braid updo with extensions:

  • Gather the tail on the top. 
  • Pull the rubber band from the roots, dividing the strands under it to form a hole. 
  • Stretch your tail through it, starting from the ends. 
  • Use your fingers to form a round bun shape. 
  • Hide the end under the bundle and secure it with pins. 
  • You can buy a ready-made donut for hair and use it.

Why are hair extensions best for braid updos?

Why are hair extensions best for braid updos?

Hair extensions are an opportunity to create unique hairstyles that you cannot do with short or thin hair. You can easily change your look by creating creative long or short braids with hair extensions.

Are you afraid that someone will notice that your hair is fake? This is not a problem because:

  • It is very easy to choose the right hair color among the many choices of hair extensions.
  • Hair extensions are attached very tightly, while not causing you discomfort.
  • You can fix them using pins if in doubt.

Moreover, they are easy to care for and easy to style. Don't miss the chance to create a unique braid updo with hair clip-in extensions.

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