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It is advisable to go to the hairdresser and freshen up your haircut before going on a romantic date.

And if you don't like to cut your hair, you just need to undergo a salon’s wellness procedure and at least cut the split ends. Hair will shine, and the ends will not spoil the look. You need to take care of healthy and tidy hair to make gorgeous valentine's day hairstyles. Remember that beauty requires constant care.

Perfect smoothness in your hairstyle

The main trend of modern fashion is the pursuit of simplicity and brevity. And it concerns not only clothes and accessories, but also makeup, manicure, and, of course, the creation of cute valentines day hairstyles. The easiest styling you can do yourself at home is perfectly smooth straight hair. You will look great in any outfit with this styling.

In this case, it does not matter how long the curls are to the shoulders or the waist. It also doesn't matter if they are straight to the ends or slightly curled at the bottom. The most important thing is to create the perfect smoothness and mirror shine. You need to dry the curls with a hairdryer with an air guide nozzle and use a special brush to achieve this effect. Do not forget to keep the hairdryer away from your hair to avoid drying it out. And do not neglect thermal protection.

You can stretch your hair with a wide iron if you want or need to. In this case, you will also have to use a spray with protection against high temperatures. You can apply a conditioning oil to the ends of your hair after styling is complete. A high-gloss finish spray or a light hairspray without a stronghold is an excellent option.

Hollywood curls

Hollywood curls for valentine's day

Even those who continuously wear straight hair or pull it in a ponytail or bun should strive to do cute Valentine’s Day hairstyles from time to time. Especially when it comes to a holiday, you want to look not just romantic but also stunning, like a Hollywood star. Hollywood hair styling is perfect for Valentine's Day. Seductive and straightforward at the same time!

Options for curls that start not from the root but the middle of the hair length look especially impressive. You need to try to create sufficient volume at the roots at the same time. In some cases, you can make a light bouffant and fix the roots with varnish if the hair is thin and lacking in volume. Smaller and lighter waves can be used on shoulder-length or shorter hair. They do not remove length as much as voluminous and large curls and curls. You can use not around curling iron or curlers but a triple curling iron for light waves to create them. With these Valentine's Day hairstyles, you will look absolutely stunning.

But Hollywood styling does not imply small curls, but large voluminous curls. The strands should fall one to one. It is a variation of perfectly smooth and neat waves in a retro style. These can be done using a narrow iron or a special curling iron. You can also wash your hair, towel dry, apply styling lather or mousse, and roll individual strands in curlers. It is convenient to use velcro curlers or heat rollers to direct warm air from a hairdryer.

Ponytail and bun

Ponytail and bun for valentine's day

Do you like it when your hair is pulled back and gets in your way? Then your option for Valentine's Day hairstyles is a high ponytail or bun. On our website you can buy false buns to add volume to your hair. The ponytail hairstyle is trendy no matter the situation, the season, or the clothes you wear. It is appropriate in the office, and training, and on a date. And yes, you can also make a high ponytail for Valentine's Day and look very stylish and elegant at the same time.

You can opt for perfectly smooth slicked-back hair. They should be laid with styling foam (use it on wet curls) or a gel that gives smoothness and shine. Conversely, you can comb the bangs slightly and lift them to create disco-style volume. Or you can even leave the bangs and front strands around the face, not gathered in a tail. This will add playfulness and deliberate casualness to your Valentine's Day hairstyle.

Another option for this hairstyle is to collect a ponytail in a bun, like a ballerina. You can use unique artificial hair that is easy to put on to add volume. Besides, with a fake hair tie, you'll get a perfect and symmetrical bun. Or you can leave deliberate negligence and a few strands released from the bundle. Do not forget to use decorative elements: satin and velvet ribbons, hairpins with rhinestones or pearls, beautiful hairpins for your Valentine's Day hairstyles.

Braids and weaving

Braids, pigtails, and a wide variety of weaving have not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. You can make a cute Valentine's Day hairstyle by pulling your hair all the way up and braiding it into curly braids. And you can use braiding on loose hair, taking only the bangs, upper or side strands into the braid.

One of these options with loose curls is a braid waterfall. It is woven starting from the bangs and encircling the head in a circle. And loose strands seem to flow down from it. Loose hair under a pigtail looks spectacular if curled into light, weightless curls. The braid itself around the head can be single, asymmetrical, or you can braid two identical pigtails on both sides so that they meet in the middle of the back of the head.

The French braid also looks beautiful. The strands are braided not under each other but over. After you fix the braid with an elastic band, it is worth pulling out the braided strands a little more, fluff them up, and make them more voluminous. Braiding two French braids can create an innocent and playful country look. Plaid shirts and dresses, as well as jeans and denim sundresses, are perfect for this look. Moreover, do not forget that you can use overhead strands if you do not have enough volume.

Romantic mess

Romantic messy hairstyle

A more playful hairstyle option is possible for girls who are not ready to change their naughty nature in favor of absolute romance. Combine different curls fluffy, a little untidy. Just chaotically twist the strands on other curling irons, then beat the hair with your hands.

If you want to pin your hair, then do not forget to leave a curl that seems to be accidentally knocked out; it always looks charming and flirty.

Use hair accessories

hair accessories for valentine's day

Don't forget about hair accessories. Accessories can turn ordinary everyday styling into a bright and festive one in an instant. Beautiful twigs for styling are considered the most fashionable; they are suitable even for wedding hairstyles, and for Valentine's day hairstyles, they will look incredibly romantic. They can be made of pearls, beads and beads, rhinestones and stones, and artificial flowers.

If your look for Valentine's Day is delicate and feminine, insert a flower or even several into your hair. Whether it is a bright red passionate rose or delicate snow-white daisies, you decide. It also depends on the outfit you choose and the place where your date will take place.

From hairpins, volumetric snap-on options with spectacular decor with rhinestones, pearls, beads are suitable. They are very comfortable to securely fix unruly strands or create a beautiful decorative accent in your hair.

Use invisible thin elastic bands, and tie them with ribbons on top for the tail. Favorites are strips of lace and guipure, stripes of shiny satin or iridescent velvet, fabric cuts in sequins, beautiful silk multi-colored shawls, and scarves. The longer the piece of fabric, the more effective, and the ribbon can also be woven into a braid. Besides, you can use false hair to add volume or an unusual accent to your hair.

And another mega-trendy accessory is the bezel. If earlier the bezel was worn to keep the naughty bangs, now it is a bright accent in any image. Headbands can be inlaid with rhinestones, stones, pearls, beads, sequins, or they can be covered with beautiful fabric in your outfit’s color.

It is best to complete any styling with a drop of your favorite perfume. Moreover, a unique aromatic mist is suitable for the hair, which gives the hair a pleasant aroma, makes it shiny and fights against static electricity.

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