How to Make Big Hair Curls Quickly and Beautifully?

Every woman is eager to conquer everyone around with her beauty. She puts a lot of effort into making her appearance, including her hairstyle, mesmerizing, thrilling, and inviting. And often, you have to make just titanic efforts to make the reflection in the mirror resemble a star from glossy magazines.

Much of this effort goes into the hair. Naughty curls, luxurious waves, romantic curls help you change your style every day, and you don't have to run to the salon for this. Making big hair curls is easy, and any woman can handle it.

How to make big hair curls yourself using professional tools

Big hair curls have many benefits. Firstly, curls give femininity and sexuality, while perfectly straight strands look a little strict and chilly. Secondly, a woman with hair of any length and structure can complement the image with curls. And, thirdly, big hair curls are always fashionable, effective, and comfortable.

If you decide to curl your hair at home, you probably have a question, how to curl short hair? The easiest option is to go to a hairdresser. But if the easy ways are not for you, use the following curling methods.

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Curlers for big curls hair

A woman has a decent choice of curlers. What exactly to use depends on the number of big curls of hair you want, personal preference, and hair length. The most convenient for home use will be the following curler options:

  • Heat rollers are the perfect choice for express curling. Your curls will be ready in an hour, and you will not have to suffer at night with uncomfortable plastic hair curlers on your head. Using them is as easy as shelling pears, wrapping strands on them, secure with special clips. When the time is up, gently release the waves, fix the result with varnish spray.
  • Papillotes are another way to curl your hair beautifully. Their design is much more comfortable compared to classic curlers. Outwardly, they resemble a foam tube, which bends easily and holds its shape thanks to its springy base. Such curlers will allow you to vary the winding method along the entire length, at the ends, to the middle of the chevelure. You don’t need special skills to use them. Straighten the curlers, wind the wet strand tightly, starting from the ends, then bend the curlers in the form of boomerangs. You do not need to fix anything. When the hair is completely dry, which can take more than 4 hours, loosen the strands and spray with the fixing spray. You can also apply mousse before winding; then, the varnish is not required. This kind of curler will be suitable to make big curls for short hair.
  • Velcro curlers are suitable for any hair length and are available in any diameter so that you can wind up any curls from small curls to Hollywood waves. The upper ball structure of the curler is ribbed and dotted with small soft spines, which ensures reliable fastening of the strand to the last unruly hair. Medium velcro curlers are often used to add volume at the roots or bangs, while large ones are simply irreplaceable for big curls for long hair. The winding technology is quite simple; wet hair is rolled on a suitable size curler and kept on the head all night.
  • Hair curlers are wooden, or plastic sticks with spirals cut along the entire length. Suitable for creating strictly vertical curls. It is easy to use them; very thin, moist strands are wound in a spiral, going deeper into the grooves, then fixed either with an elastic band or with a clip. The curlers are removed after the curls have dried.

If you need to wind your hair in the form of a soft wave, you need to wind thick strands on curlers and get cute medium-sized curls. You will have to wind many thin strands separately.

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A variety of curls with a proven curling iron

It is impossible to make big hair curls with curlers, mostly if the celebration was unplanned. In this situation, electric stylers save the day, although they are not safe for hair.

The curling iron is a well-known tool that can quickly wind hair. Depending on the base rod’s volume, you can get both small elastic curls and rich falling waves, or simply curl the ends of short hair for a playful look. Only use this express method as little as possible so as not to damage the hair structure. Moreover, this method is excellent for making big curls for long and short hair.

How to curl short hair?

  • Apply heat protectant spray and modeling mousse to clean hair.
  • Starting at the back of the head, begin separating one strand of hair.
  • Fix the tip of the strand with a clip-on a curling iron and wind it around the device’s body to the desired height.
  • Hold the strand for 10-12 seconds and pull without breaking the curl structure.
  • Do not comb the resulting curls and lightly varnish.

How will a modern iron help to create curls?

The primary function of the iron is to smooth out unruly curls. But this styler is quite versatile, and if your hair is below the shoulder line, you can easily wind charming curls with smooth lines.

Hair curls with an iron according to the following scheme:

  • Spray dry strands with a heat protectant, then use fixing gel and start styling.
  • Fix a strand near the roots between the styler plates and rotate the device around the axis.
  • Now gradually pull the iron down, without jerking or twisting, so as not to create creases.
  • Let the curls cool for a minute and spray them with varnish.

Only a certain type of iron is suitable for curling hair. Its body should not be too large and must be rounded.

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Which method to select for different hair lengths?

The easiest way to make big curls is for women with long hair. They can experiment with any curl technique. It is especially easy to iron up attractive curls or naughty curls using boomerang curlers.

Medium hair can be turned into afro-curls if you smoke them on spirals, and for Hollywood waves, you need large-diameter hot rollers. Long cascading haircuts can be styled with a compact styler.

You can make big curls for short hair using a hairdryer with a nozzle. It will create visible volume, slight waviness, and a disheveled appearance. Hot rollers or Velcro curlers are useful for small curls. And an iron, hairpins, or boomerang curlers will be powerless.

Can false hair be curled?

You can only curl that artificial hair that has a thermo mark. This means that these strands can withstand temperature. If you try to curl synthetic hair without a thermal mark, it will burn and stick to the curling iron. Thermal curling is based on the ability to take a given shape when it cools.

How to make curls for artificial hair?

It is better to purchase curly strands, especially since you cannot wind artificial hair on your own, not to torment yourself with the styling of artificial chevelure. You can use a curling iron or iron only for protein strands.

You can curl artificial hair like this: wind the false locks on iron curlers and put them in a slightly heated oven. Hold them there for about 40 minutes. Once the strands are completely cool, they should be untwisted.

Another way to style your artificial hair with curlers is to use boiling water and ice-cold water. Pour the strands, wound on metal curlers, with boiling water, then ice water. Dry, after this treatment, you will get very natural curls and with a natural shine.

You will have many ways to curl your hair in your arsenal. Feel free to experiment and choose the most gentle ways to make your hair look lively, flirty, and effective.

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