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For many women, not having enough length or volume to enjoy the hairstyles they desire is a typical problem. A long, sleek, and bouncy ponytail is a famous appearance. It's a lovely yet straightforward haircut, but it requires more length and volume to achieve the desired impression. Larger buns or fuller braids are also popular styles that may be worn for both formal and casual settings. With the aid of quality ponytail hair extensions, you may get a full and bouncy ponytail, bun, or braid even if you don't have naturally long, thick, and lush locks. Whether you want to wear thicker hair for a particular occasion or simply refresh your day-to-day look, comfortable clip-in extensions can help you produce stunning, head-turning hairstyles. 

Clip-in ponytail hair extensions are great for those who wish to add volume and length to their hair momentarily without having to use permanent hair extensions like tape or micro bead extensions. A clip-in ponytail extension, like longer-term hair extensions, will appear and feel like your natural hair if it is created from real human hair rather than synthetic fibers.

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First You Need To Know How To Use Them for The Best “After” Look! 

When it concerns extensions, there's no denying that their spectacular, unexpected cuts and tints transform you into a whole different person. You've come to the correct place if you prefer ponytail hairstyles but don't have enough length or volume and want to find a new approach to swiftly add thickness and length to a regular haircut. Hair extensions in a ponytail are the most fabulous hair accessory for you. 

Step 1: Make a ponytail with your hair

Put your natural hair in your desired ponytail style, low or high, to begin putting in your ponytail extensions. Make sure the elastic isn't excessively thick or thin and that your hair is secure and won't fall out due to the increased weight. 

Step 2: Brush Your Ponytail Extensions 

Brush any knots out of your Ponytail Extension with our Loop Hair Extensions Brush, a wide-toothed comb, or a paddle brush.

Step 3: Applying for Your Ponytail Extension

Gently brush through your Ponytail Extension using a Loop Hair Extensions Brush or a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush to remove any tangles. Like the rest of the extensions, Hair ponytail extensions will only take a few minutes to apply. You can have a longer, voluminous, thicker ponytail in less than 5-7 minutes with a bit of practice.

How Long Will My Ponytail Last? 

To determine how long the Hair ponytail extension will be on you, measure 15-20 inches down from the top of your head (or where you will be tying your hair up). This will assist you in determining the placement of the ponytail extension on your head. Remember that the shorter the pony is, the longer it will be.

Remember to Make Sure Your Extensions Are Clean Before Wearing Them 

  1. Comb your hair with a soft brush before you wash it. Wash it in cold or warm water; hot water may be more comfortable.
  2. Add a little bit of shampoo and wash gently.
  3. Rinse through in cold water.
  4. Flat it on a clean towel until it becomes dry.
  5. Brush extensions into desired style after it becomes dry entirely.
  6. Do not use heating rods, curling irons, blow dryers or hot styling instruments.

The Art of Mixing Extension Hair with Natural Hair for The Best Results

Some ladies struggle to combine curved curls with their natural hair, but as you can see, it works for my relaxed length and natural growth. Curly hair is really easier to style than straight hair, and it can last up to a week before needing to be recombed. 

  1. Damp hair: a natural hair blend that is simple to weave in wet hair. When natural hair is damp, it is at its most malleable. You can get your hair styled in whatever way you desire at this point. Using a wet or spray bottle, moisten your hair. 
  2. For a wet crimp look, use a Denman brush to define the crimp.

Wet your curving curly knitwear to activate its natural curling pattern, and join your natural hair with extensions to cover any blunt or rough length disparities. If you desire to curl or straighten the extension before you attach it, do so first. Then, to get the most significant outcome, you can take the following steps: Make a ponytail using your natural hair. Place your hair in a high ponytail close to the crown of your head with a brush and a hair knot. The ponytail should be put somewhat more elevated than you want it to be. Secure your ponytail with a hair tie before moving on to the next step. Brush the extension with a brush. Brush your ponytail carefully with a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush before applying the ponytail extender.

The hair must be fully tangle-free in order to be easy to style and manage. Set the ponytail extension in place. Begin by tucking the extension clip beneath your hair tie at the top of your ponytail. Then, using the velcro, slowly wrap the extension around your ponytail until it overlaps and is secure. Keep the band hidden. To hide the band, wrap the tailpiece of the ponytail around the base of the ponytail and secure it with a pin (take a bobby pin) for a natural, smooth, and discrete look. This will blend the extension into your natural hair, resulting in a smooth transition from your natural hair at the roots to the extended hair at the ends. As an added benefit, covering the hairband with a strand of hair creates a stylish and imaginative haircut. Make sure it's in a safe location. Finally, turn your head to check that your ponytail is secure. Your ponytail should feel comfortable and steady when moving if it's done correctly. You can now enjoy your luscious ponytail as is or change it into a beautiful braid or bun.

Claw Clip Curly Hair Extensions Impact Your Look A Great Deal 

Make ponytails that are longer and fuller. A clip-in extension is a quick and easy repair if your ponytail is generally short and thin. It's yours to wear whenever, wherever, and as frequently as you'd want! Enjoy a broader range of hairstyle options. If you've always wanted to try various hairstyles but lacked the length or volume to do it, your luck is about to change! With a ponytail hair extension, you may achieve a variety of elegant and adaptable hairstyles, such as a thick braid or a voluminous and stylish bun. You can now experiment with different hairstyles because your hair is longer and thicker. You don't have to put up with a braided ponytail with layers of hair peeking out anymore.

You don't have to put up with a dead, deflated-looking bun, either! 

You may try on any hairdo you choose with clip-in ponytail extensions. You'll be able to slay any hairstyle you choose, whether it's a braided ponytail, a high ponytail, or a voluminous bun.  Apply for your extension in a simple and quick manner. The application procedure is really simple, and once you've done it a few times, you'll be able to do it even faster! After you've mastered the process, applying the ponytail extension can take as little as three to five minutes.

When you're wearing your extension, you should feel at ease. With the sturdy bobby pins and velcro base, they stay in place comfortably for a night of celebration or just casually look fantastic. With the subtle clip-in component, you may get a natural-looking hairdo. When the color of your ponytail hair extension is the right match for your hair, and the base of your ponytail is covered, the extension looks to be a natural part of your hair. 

Improve the appearance of your hair that hasn't been washed. If you haven't washed your hair in a few days and need to go out for last-minute drinks or dinner plans, simply apply for your ponytail hair extension, and you'll look brand new! 

Washing your hair too much can peel away natural and healthy oils, and frequent heat styling can harm and dry out your hair, so this can even increase the health of your hair. You may now have a stunning look without having to worry about greasy hair by just applying for a ponytail hair extension. Make a temporary modification to your hair without committing to permanent hair extensions. Long-term hair extensions are fantastic and can bring numerous benefits; however, we may not want our hair to be thicker every day and instead want to experiment with growing fuller hair for a special occasion or a day here and there. Clip-in extensions are ideal because they may be added and removed at any time.

With so many variations, you'll be able to find the perfect extension for you. You will be able to locate the correct ponytail hair extension for your needs, regardless of your hair type, length, or texture. Ponytail extensions come in a variety of hues to give you the most natural look possible. Enjoy a more affordable option for permanent hair extensions. Ponytail hair extensions are a cost-effective way to add volume and length to your hair for a limited time. The extension is also low-maintenance, which means you won't have to pay for future salon visits. While you're on a break from permanent hair extensions, wear the extension. You may wish to take a vacation from time to time if you use longer-term hair extensions, such as tape or micro bead extensions, for a variety of reasons. You can use a clip-in ponytail extension to create fuller hairstyles temporarily until you decide to reapply permanent additions.

Maintain your extension with ease. Ponytail hair extensions should only be cleansed when styling or brushing them becomes problematic. In fact, washing the extension too frequently can shorten its lifespan. When not in use, store your extension in our clip-in storage bag, wash it as needed, and you'll have it for over a year! Perhaps you don't have a lot of time to style your hair and are seeking low-maintenance alternatives to a quick fix. Wearing a weave allows you to arrange your hair quickly, which is ideal for busy mornings. Synthetic hair is pre-styled, so all you have to do is fluff it, and you're ready to go. Human hair weaves are more versatile than synthetics, yet they are still relatively simple to maintain. 

Weaves are also ideal for hair on vacation. You can unwind and enjoy your vacation instead of wasting valuable minutes or hours on hairstyling. This is extremely handy if you're going to a tropical destination because even relaxed hair can frizz up when the sun and humidity mix. Wear a weave on your vacation, and you'll be able to focus on the surroundings rather than worrying about your appearance.

Weaves Are Protective 

In the case of sewn-in hair weaves, your hair is braided near to the scalp, and wefts of extension hair are applied. The extension hair can withstand daily wear and tear, protecting your original hair from the weather and heat styling. Hair will not be damaged by blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, or hot rollers. It will not be harmed by inclement weather or cotton pillowcases. A protective style, on the other hand, will safeguard your hair from all of the routines and outside factors that might cause your ends to split and dry out over time.

Weaves Are Low Commitment

Weaves are manufactured to be worn for a limited period of time, ranging from one day to a few months. Hair weaves are a low-commitment alternative to a haircut, which requires you to wait for it to grow out. You're not bound to a weave for the rest of your life, which is ideal for women who prefer to change things up frequently. If you don't like how your weave style appears on you, you can have it changed or removed by your stylist. This is also a good option for somebody who enjoys changing their hair color. You can now have blue streaks one week and pink streaks the next without worrying about damage or maintenance.

Weaves Let You Experiment and Discover 

Do you want to experiment with new hair colors? Or to see how you'd appear without using heat or relaxers on your hair? Why not try an ultra-short cut that doesn't require you to clip your long locks? Weaves allow you to explore without risking damage to your own hair. This is especially useful for women who must be cautious about the substances they use. Wearing a weave correctly is the key to gaining the most benefits from it. Don't ignore your natural hair simply because you're wearing extensions. Keep in your mind that you still need to cleanse and condition your hair. Leave your weave in for no more than eight weeks and take a vacation from extensions every now and again. Weaves, when used in the short term, can provide you with a lot of freedom, regardless of the style you choose.

Wearing a weave is a subtle approach to adding extra hair, whether your existing hair is relaxed or natural. Weft hair extensions are stitched into your natural hair after it has been expertly braided into tracks using the weaving technique.

They Come in All Shapes & Sizes

  • Weaves with curls
  • Weaves with straight hair
  • Weaves will change all colors of hair, even fashion colors
  • Weaves with balayage and ombre colors.

Weaves Can Add Length & Volume 

Weaves can add length and volume where you need it:  Weaves help hide regions where your hair is thinning or doesn't grow. Weaves may change the length of your hair from short to long, allowing you to change your look without having to wait seasons for your hair to grow thicker and longer. Weaves are simple to work with because they are applied without the use of heat or glue. Your weave is skillfully sewn in, ensuring that your natural hair is not harmed. After you've been fitted, you can style your hair as you normally would. Hair should be rinsed and styled as usual.

Weaves Can Enable You to Grow Your Hair

Many people find it difficult to grow their own hair. Others prefer to protect their hair from chemical straightening by wearing it in a protective style. Your hair is fixed in place with a weave, and your natural hair will grow beneath it. They make your ponytails fuller and more bouncy. To put it in simple words, not everyone is blessed with beautiful hair. With clip-in extensions, you may get a longer and livelier ponytail even if you have short hair or have lately dealt with dryness or brittleness. They provide an immediate solution to your situation. You may acquire the thicker ponytails you've always wanted by simply attaching your natural hair extensions.

They Are Easy to Use

Clip-in ponytail extensions, unlike other extensions, are made specifically for the hairdo. They may be more comfortable and easier to wear than other extensions because of this. Even if you wear them for the entire day, you will only experience minor pain. A clip-in ponytail extension allows people to wrap it around your ponytail quickly and simply, rather than adding many rows of additions and then pulling them back into a ponytail. It also guarantees that your real hair and the additions blend together seamlessly.

They are Affordable 

Let's face it: utilizing pricey hair products to get your hair to the length and thickness you want is a pain. Aside from the fact that it can be extremely expensive, it can also be highly time-consuming. You can just invest in ponytail extensions rather than spending all of your money on various products to hasten up the growth of your hair. You can rapidly achieve the length and volume you desire without breaking the bank! Hair extensions that were formerly solely available to a select few are no longer available. Most people nowadays can purchase an excellent pair of hair extensions to make their hair look long and rich. There's no need to use serums, conditioners, or oils to thicken your hair so you can put it up in a lovely ponytail. You may easily improve your style by just clipping in your hair extensions.

Added Comfort 

To achieve enough length for a ponytail back then, you'd have to utilize a set of standard extensions or stitch in a hair weave. Ponytail extensions were explicitly created for the hairdo and are designed to be worn all day.

Versatility and Stylish

With clip-in ponytail extensions, you can choose the ponytail style that best suits you. There are long ponytail additions, medium ponytail extenders, wavy ponytail extensions, messy ponytail extensions, and the classic sleek and long ponytail. You can collect a variety of looks and wear them whenever you choose.

Premium Quality 

Ponytail extensions are usually of higher quality than normal extensions, which will clash with your natural ponytail. These high-quality extensions are also thicker, voluminous, and more attractive in general. 

There is No Risk of Hair Damage 

One of the best things about ponytail extensions is that they don't cause any damage to your hair when you style it. Because you can't really mess about with length if you have short tresses, it may be tempting to bleach and dye your hair to make it stand out. This causes severe hair damage and necessitates a rigorous care regimen to maintain the color's brilliance and nurture your bleached locks. Ponytail extensions allow you to switch up your look without having to use bleach or color. Short hair, which isn't as versatile as longer strands, can benefit from a ponytail to offer some flair and dimension. What's the best thing about the add-ons?  There's absolutely no hair damage taking place. 

Before vs After 

As its name implies, clip-in ponytail hair extensions are hair extensions attached to a big clip. The process to put in a claw clip is quite similar to that of a clip in hair extension type. Therefore, it just takes a few seconds to clip your clip-in hair extension ponytail into your real hair. Thanks to the ease of use as well as various hairstyles, clip-in ponytail hair extensions have become a favorite choice for girls and women who want to make up their look instantly. Going for a trim seems like the most apparent option if you're searching for a major hair makeover (even if it means no more messy buns). Hair extensions, on the other hand, could be even more dramatic in terms of hair alteration. They provide instant length, volume, and color, and while they are costly, they can be life-changing. Plus, most people won't be able to tell it's not real if you go to a professional hairdresser who works with high-quality hair. (Just take a look at any star who sports a set of extensions.) 

Extensions are becoming increasingly popular among ladies who want to obtain their ideal look. Furthermore, the before and after changes of hair extensions are what piques their interest in these items. Before deciding on which extensions to purchase, it's usually a good idea to conduct some research to find out exactly what results you may expect. This is because understanding exactly how your tresses will look once you wear extensions will help you make a more informed selection. 

Maximum Volume 

If you have thinning or fine hair, don't panic; these extensions can "correct" your look immediately after being applied to your head.

Added Length 

It might be difficult to obtain great styles with short hair, especially really short hair. However, anything can be remedied with a few hair bundles. Furthermore, you may effortlessly modify your style from long hair to short hair with specific varieties that are easy to put on or take off, such as clip-in or tape-in. Clip-in extensions are temporary and can be applied at home if you want to lengthen or volumize your strands. The ones with silicone-covered clips are the best because they don't damage the hair. Clip-in wefts, commonly known as clip-in hair extensions, are a strand of shaped pieces held together by fabric or silicone at the base. They're also ready to use; all you have to do is attach the pieces to your natural hair. With ease, each clip opens and closes. Because you may take them off and put them back on whenever you choose, they are the least permanent type of extension. Because they don't use chemicals, heat, or pressure, they're also the least damaging to your natural hair. Bonded extensions or glue-ins are connected to the hair with hot ultrasonic waves that cement the pieces together for people who desire a more permanent lift. Wefts are sewn into the natural hair in the case of weaves or sew-ins.

Tips for a Natural “After” Look

Overall, messy and more relaxed styles are the best for creating the most natural feel and look. Whichever style you do pick, always wrap a piece of hair around the area where the hairpiece meets your hair. This will give the illusion of natural hair and hide any trace of the hairpiece. Remember that when you feel comfortable, that's when you look your best. So, wear your ponytail hairpiece in a style that is best suited to you!

High ponytail hair extension

If you are planning for a night party or just want to rock into a different appearance, a high ponytail hair extension is definitely what you need. This hairstyle is suitable for everyone, especially girls with round faces. Height at the crown of your head will help balance out the roundness in your cheeks. High ponytail hair extension is beloved and widely used in many countries, especially in America, Europe, and South Africa. Customers can wear high ponytail hair on occasions like parties, proms, or events.

Low ponytail hair extension

A charming low ponytail hair extension is a dream of every girl and woman. If you want to look more gentle, a low ponytail hair extension is an ideal choice for you. Besides, girls with oval faces can give it a try because this hairstyle is born for you. A low ponytail hair extension can be used daily or on special occasions. Different hair styling with different outfits can bring you an attractive appearance. A little bit of makeup with matched accessories will make you so fashionable.

Messy ponytail hair extension

Messy ponytail hair extensions are such an elegant hairstyle for all of you. If you have a heart-shaped face, this ponytail hairstyle will help to balance out the largeness of your forehead, bringing you a flawless and blooming appearance. Messy ponytail hair extensions are loved by every girl, especially those from Russia and Europe. This hairstyle will be suitable when hanging out with friends, going to a wedding, or you can wear a messy ponytail hair extension to take photos. 

If you are using the claw clip hair extensions, you would only have to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare. The ponytail is like a protector attached to your hair. To make sure the steps go smoothly, you should prepare some hairspray or hair powder to add grip and texture to your hair, ensuring your ponytail hair extension is securely attached to your hair.

Step 2: Divide hair. Depending on your preference, you need to define your ponytails, such as if it is a central ponytail or a side ponytail. Then use an elastic band to fix your natural hair into a ponytail hair extension in the desired position. Maybe you are interested in: These cute hairstyles are back in school.

Step 3: Add a ponytail to your hair. Known as one of the simple, easy-to-use wigs, the ponytail clamping process is also incredibly quick. All you should be doing now is clipping your ponytail hair extension to the metal comb on the base. Be sure to pinch the ponytail just above the ends of your hair.

Step 4: Complete. To conceal the wig tip that attaches to your hair either use a small portion of hair around it or use a lock of the same color as your hair to cover it. Staple the strands underneath the ponytail hair extension with a stapler.

These four simple steps would only take you approximately 15-20 minutes, with the added benefit of not having to apply any kind of heat to your hair to style them and add volume. However, if you choose to style your natural hair, you would need to apply heat and hair spray, which would not only lead to hair damage but also would be time-consuming. 

How to Care for Human Hair Extensions The Right Way! 

Hair extensions are a great method to add highlights, thickness, and length to your hair. While they can drastically improve your appearance, they won't help you much if you don't take adequate care of them. These basic guidelines will assist you in taking the best possible care of your hair extensions so that they last a long time or an event and provide you with a good return on your investment.

  1. Be kind with your hair. One of the essential facets of hair extensions is that they must be treated as if they were children. Brushing your hair should be done gently. Hair extensions will easily become damaged if not properly cared for. 
  2. Use a moisturizing hair care product to wash your hair. If you're using hair extensions, this step is extremely vital because the hair won't get any moisture from the natural essential oils your scalp produces. Hair Care products that are moisturizing will maintain your hair healthy. Use a serum if you want your skin to glow. Many hair care treatments that create shine cause hair to dry out.
  3. Remember to deep condition your hair. You should thoroughly condition your hair extensions once a week. Allow it to nourish and sit on the hair for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing. This extra moisture and nutrition will give your hair a boost in moisture. 
  4. Keep the ends of your hair clipped. Split ends are unavoidable with hair extensions, no matter what you do. Trimming split ends on a regular basis is the greatest approach to keep them under control. Every 6 to 10 weeks, trim the ends of your hair. Keep in mind that if you cut your hair too short, you'll lose a lot of lengths rapidly. You have the option of doing it by yourself or hiring someone to do it for you. 
  5. Apply a heat barrier. In today's world, almost everyone uses heated hair appliances. Gadgets like blow dryers, irons, and curling irons all have one thing in common: they all harm your hair. Use a heat protectant to protect your hair when you are using a heated gadget on your hair if you want your extensions to stay longer. This easy procedure will keep your locks looking wonderful for much longer by preventing breakage.

Are Claw Clips Better than Hair Ties For Extensions?

The straight answer to whether claw clips are better than hair ties is 100% yes. The right type of claw clip will cocoon the hair while still gripping it into place instead of suffocating and stretching out hair strands as a hair tie does. Claw clips essentially gather the hair together while hair ties pull the hair taught, putting excess pressure on the hairline in front, further aggravating hair loss. In addition, hair ties can be extremely painful to take out, and hours of activity cause the style to move about and tangle. In fact, certain hair ties are worse than others, such as elastic rubber hair ties or ties with small pieces of metal. Instead, using hair ties made from soft fabrics is safer, but just like hairpins, hair ties are still not great for everyday use, which is why claw clips are ultimately better, as they're perfect for everyday wear.

Wear Your Hair in a Stylish Way Every Day! 

Hair extensions can receive a bad name when they're done incorrectly, but when fashioned correctly, they're very lovely. Hair extensions are the secret behind some of our favorite hairstyles, and they're commonly employed by celebs, beauty influencers, and Youtube stars to create breathtaking looks. Not only are these looks appropriate for important occasions such as weddings and events, but they also work for the daily women. Hair is a fantastic source of creativity since it is so simple to manipulate and style it just the way you want. There's always a way to boost your appearance with a new haircut, whether you cut it off, cut bangs, dye it, grow it, or curl it. However, going through the hassle of hair transformations at the salon isn't always worth the time or money. Hair extensions make it easy to obtain a natural and elegant ponytail by just clipping them in and going!