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Nowadays, choosing the perfect haircut is complicated only by the huge variety. Almost any hair you can cut beautifully. It can be long or medium, as well as short or even ultra-short haircuts. Moreover, to make a beautiful and neat haircut is possible not only in the salon but also at home. The main thing is to follow the instructions and not to rush. Often, women are afraid to do it because you can seriously damage the whole image in case of a mistake. Of course, too tricky and intricate haircuts are better to entrust to professionals with the appropriate experience. If we are talking about easy haircuts, it is quite possible to get by with your skills. 

Choosing appropriate bangs

Let's find out what are the advantages of the home DIY cutting procedure: 

  • The main advantage is a sensible saving of free time, which many girls today critically lack. It is not necessary to choose the day and hour to go to the hairdresser.  You can have a haircut at home at any time convenient for you. 
  • It allows you to save money. This procedure does not require many expenses, that we can not say about going to a well-maintained salon with an experienced hairdresser. 
  • When cutting your hair at home, you will not worry about the length of the strands. Often masters cut a little more hair than the client demands. At home, you can stop at a length that seems more suitable for you. 
  • You can give a hairstyle in absolutely any form. It depends only on your wishes and taste preferences. 
  • If you cut your hair at home quite often, your measuring by eye gradually improves. After some time, it will be much easier to determine the optimal length. 
  • DIY haircuts are a great way to learn to cut your hair and  your friends' and relatives'. Many girls are very fascinated by this activity;  often, it leads to attending a professional hairdressing course. 

What do you need to do a haircut yourself

So, you have decided to go ahead with a DIY haircut, but you do not know where to start? First, you should make sure you have all the necessary tools.

You need:

  • a large and small mirror; 
  • sharp scissors; 
  • blending scissors; 
  • practical comb with a long handle; 
  • several long sectioning clips; 
  • several thin hair ties;
  • water sprayer; 
  • gown or any other protective covering. 

Mirrors are necessary for a wider view. It is better to use a large one, as you can use it to cut the hair on the back of the head most accurately. Apart from the mirror, it is essential to pay attention to the lighting - having bright light is much easier to make a successful haircut.  

Before proceeding to your DIY procedure, it is not enough to prepare only all the necessary tools. You should also properly prepare your hair, regardless of its length, structure, and lushness.  Wash it, and then treat with a conditioner and dry it with a hairdryer. However, for more comfortable work, it is recommended to leave the hair slightly wet. In case the hair dries very quickly, you can use a sprayer. 

TOP-4 easy women haircuts you can do yourself

easy women haircuts you can do yourself



Cutting bangs yourself is the easiest hairdressing experiment: all you need is a mirror, a comb, and ordinary scissors. First, you need to decide whether the bangs will be thin or thick and separate the appropriate amount of hair. To get straight bangs, you should cut the hair from one ear to the other. It is better to cut lower to be able to trim the bangs. If you wish, you can also taper your bangs. But do not go overboard!

To get side bangs, it is necessary to separate a strand in the form of the triangle, the top of which will be on a parting. On which side it will be placed, it depends on your wish. When cutting the bangs, it is necessary to hold the scissors with the ends down at an angle of 45 degrees. You can also watch Youtube tutorials for maximum clarity.


Hair tips cutting

Split ends are a very common problem. The skill of trimming the ends yourself comes in useful for anyone who wants to find a way to save time and money. The most convenient way to get rid of split ends is low ponytail cutting.

To do this: 

  1. Comb your hair and moisten the ends. 
  2. Then lay the strands on your usual parting and grab them in a low ponytail. 
  3. Take a thin hair tie and fix the tip of the ponytail over the place where you want to cut your hair. 

It is worth making sure that the scissors are well sharpened, and only then cut the tip. By the way, it may be more convenient to make even two ponytails to cut a straight part.

A basic bob

Do you want to make your hair short at home? It is not a problem as a DIY basic bob haircut is not too difficult. It is necessary as neatly as possible to grab the hair in a low ponytail behind the back without twisting the strands. Grab them first with a hair tie and below - with another one. Cut the gap between the hair ties. It should be as equal as possible.

Letting your strands down, you will see the resulting basic bob with an extension in front. If you want to do a classic straight bob, you should trim the side strands to the length of the occipital ones. By the way, such a cut can be performed on dry hair if it is straight.

Long hair cutting 

You can use the following method to ensure that all the strands are of the same length. Thoroughly comb your hair. Then divide the strands into three zones - the parietal, temporal and occipital. Then fix the hair with sectioning clips.

Divide each zone into several layers in turn. Depending on the thickness of the hair, there can be two, three, or more. It is better to start cutting from the bottom layer. The optimal width of the strand is about 1-1,5 centimeters.

Hold the scissors perpendicular to the fingers holding the strand. It is convenient to hold the strand between your index and middle fingers. Now you can use the cut strand as a reference, one against which you can compare the other strands. You have to clamp the new strand next to the first strand and trim it. 

Hairdressing facts

Tips for getting the best DIY haircut result

  • If you want to give your head a nice and neat look, make sure that the tools you use are of high quality. Using poor-quality tools can lead to disappointing results. 
  • Consider that if the scissors you use in the process have become blunt, your hair can be severely cut.
  • Do not rush to start practicing DIY haircuts with complicated and intricate options. It is better at first to choose the easy options for women listed above.
  • If you cut your hair this way for the first time, it is not recommended to cut too many strands at once. If you don't follow this rule, the cuts will be less neat and uneven.
  • Short hair is very uncomfortable to cut without exterior help, and a good result is much harder to achieve. If you have too short hair, it is better to contact an experienced professional.
  • Be sure to check the final result after completely drying your hair. If you suddenly notice any flaws and shortcomings, they need to be immediately corrected, but not dry strands.
  • The responsibility for the result, in this case, is exclusively on you. Unfortunately, not all girls can get a beautiful and correct haircut the first time, so here you should be prepared for anything.
  • This procedure is not the cleanest, because there will be a lot of clipped hairs on the floor in its competition. You should remove it immediately after the end of the haircut.

Basic skills, quality tools, a little of your time - that's it, your image is updated! Do not hesitate to show your creative abilities and do easy hairсuts yourself. Just practice will help you learn how to do it quality and quickly.


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