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More and more women are choosing to break stereotypes and wear their hair short. But regardless of the reasons, having the same hair length can get monotonous and boring at times. Everyone wants to jazz up a little. But It's hard, no? Don't worry, we have something great in store for you.

One way to add glam and style to your look is to wear extensions that add volume, and length to your hair. You can go for short-term and temporary fixes at home, such as clip-in extensions. These are easy to wear and don't require much care. However, if you are in need of more permanent solutions, you can also go for long-term solutions like tape-in extensions and sew-in extensions.

The reason many people go with temporary solutions as opposed to long-term ones is that they want to save both their time and their energies. The clip-in extensions are relatively more budget-friendly and can be attached to hair at home. On the other hand, the other solutions require you to go to the salon and spend a considerable amount of money on your hair. The latter is often unacceptable for many women. But regardless of the option you choose, rest assured that extensions will make you stand out in the crowd.

Now, if you have short hair and are unable to decide whether to wear extensions at home or not, we have something that will clear your mind. By following the few easy steps below, you can not only wear the extensions perfectly, but you can also save tons of money. So, without further ado, let's get started. 

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Putting Hair Extensions in Short Hair- Steps to Follow

1) Choosing the right extensions

The first step to getting the entire process right is to choose an extension that suits your hair type. You can get the best products and have the best expertise, but without a good and high-end extension to help you out, your effort will be useless.

Get a shorter length

There are a couple of things you should remember before choosing the extensions. For starters, short hair requires shorter extensions (unless you want to add a lot of length to your hair). However, if you want to add volume, or hide your split ends, we recommend relatively shorter extensions.

For instance, if your hair is very short, you can go for extensions that are somewhat between 16 and 18 cm. If your hair is shorter than even your chin-length, you can go for even smaller extensions. 

However, finding such small extensions may be difficult for you, but don't worry. You can simply buy a longer one and cut it accordingly. 

Determine the right thickness

For people with a blunt haircut, there is nothing more important than finding the right thickness of extensions. This is imperative because your extensions may not blend in well if the ends of your hair don't thin out. And any person who has had experience in the department will know just how important blending in is.

So, before you jump on the bandwagon and buy what all of your friends are buying, consider the end result. For the best results, compare the extensions in the market with the original thickness of your hair and make sure you get the former consistent with the latter.

Number of wefts

While choosing the extensions, another factor that needs to be catered to is the number of wefts you buy. Wefts are basically individual clips in sections that will be attached to strands of your hair or underneath them. The number of wefts you use will be dependent on the thickness you want. 

If you want to achieve extra volume and a good length, you can go for two wefts. But before you make any rash decisions, it is important to understand how this works. One 100 grams or 3.5 ounces weft is ideal for short hair. This not only adds volume to your hair but also allows for easy styling and efficient Maintenance.

Finding the right color

Even if you have chosen to ignore all the advice above, you absolutely can not ignore this next one. Choosing the right tone for your hair extensions is one of the first things you do. This is because choosing an extension that is different from your natural hair will make for a haphazard look- one that won't make you stand out.

The best way is to head over to the store rather than having someone else or the salon buy them for you. It is even better to go to the store yourself, place the extensions next to your hair and make an accurate comparison. Looking at the extensions in the mirror will also help you make an informed decision. There are some other things that you need to remember

If you have had the pleasure of wearing extensions before, you’d know the right color, and you can order it online. If you are using natural hair extensions, you can dye them and your hair to match them. If you have treated hair and your ends are a different color than the rest of your hair, you can even go for ombre extensions. These not only add the illusion of more volume but also make your hair look breathtakingly beautiful.

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2) Wash your hair- clean hair is a big prerequisite

People who decide to put in hair extensions after they haven't had a wash in 2 to 3 days instantly regret their decision. Not only do they have a lot of oil in their hair, but the end result also makes for a less than ideal appearance. 

So before moving to the next steps, make sure to wash and condition your hair properly. This will help your extensions to stick with your natural hair better. However, if you have naturally dry hair, you can ignore this step and simply move on to the next.

But an extra wash never hurts-so might as well do it.

3) Securing the top half

Next, pull up the top half of your hair. Now, there are two ways to go about it. You can either tie your hair with the help of a clip, or you can use bobby pins. With very short hair, the former option doesn't work as well as the latter.

Once you have divided the top and bottom half into equal portions, it is time to add in the extensions. Put the extensions in this divide between the two halves.

4) Teasing the hair at the place where you want to add the extensions

This may seem like a tricky step, but stick with us; we will make it easy for you in just a bit. To do this step accurately, you will need either a comb or a backcombing brush. Using either of these, tease the hair where you plan to apply for the extensions. This will not only create a smooth shelf but will also make it easier for you to securely clip in the extensions later. But before we move on to the next steps, you should remember the following.

  • There is no hard and fast rule to apply the extensions to a specific area. You can apply them to any area as long as your natural hair covers them. This is important because, without this coverage, your extensions won't blend in well.
  • Secondly, remember that with one extension, sticking them at the back helps. However, if you are using multiple extensions, you may need to make use of your sides as well. This will help ensure an equal and consistent look throughout the hair. 
  • Moreover, you can also spray hairspray on the ‘shelf’ that you have created for additional grip.

5) Clipping in the extensions- here comes the fun part

As scary as it sounds, clipping in hair extensions actually makes for a fun and interesting part. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps. Here is a quick look at what you have to do.,

  1. Grab your extensions and undo any clips or pins that you have used above to secure your hair.
  2. Next, hold the clips up to the shelf that you have created. 
  3. Before you shut the clips again, make sure you have given serious thought to the placement. It is quite tiresome to repeat the entire process again should you not like the area where you have added the extensions. 
  4. Moreover, before you clip them in, take a quick look in a mirror to see if the extensions are smoothly fit in your hair. Although the entire process is time-consuming, you can do it as many times as you want. The key is to reach a place where you are happy with your placement.
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Home Vs Salon - Where Should You Go? 

You can get a good end-result if you follow the above procedure, however, not all processes can be done at home. If you are looking for a long-term solution and don't want to clip in your hair extensions every single day, you can head over to the salon. Some hair extension methods like fusion hair extensions, tape-in extensions, and microbead extensions that may prove more fruitful for you.

To get an accurate picture of things here is some basic information regarding the alternatives.

Tape-in extensions require tape to be placed on your roots along with the extensions. The entire process takes less than 40 minutes. Once completed, you can have beautiful extensions in your hair for up to 8 weeks.

For sewing in extensions, you may have to sit on the salon chair for a longer time, but the end result is very fruitful. Once completed, this type lasts for up to 8 weeks as well.

Fusion or micro link hair extensions use heat and hence damage your hair significantly, however, they allow for extensions that don't need replacements for up to 6 months. But before you jump in only conclusions, make sure to get all your facts right. There may not be a quick way back to your decision.

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Styling Short Hair Extensions

Once you are done with extensions, it is time to stun the crowd. But don't just go out yet. There is still something left. If not naturally blended, extensions may appear haphazard and may not do much for your hair. This is why we recommend adequate and innovative styling techniques. There are a couple more suited to short hair. You can try them out and achieve the glam you have always wanted. 

To completely revamp and revolutionize your hair, we suggest you follow a few simple steps. Here is what you need to do.

Trim the extensions afterward: if you are not satisfied with the end result, you can always trim the extensions to enhance consistency.

Curl and straighten: the texture of your natural hair and the extensions will differ slightly. But to ensure nobody notices the difference, you can simply curl and straighten the hair. This will not only help you hide any inconsistencies but will also help you look glam.

Using a shine serum: this is yet another tool to enhance your look. We offer the best treatment kit for regular hair extension maintenance.

Try out a thickening spray: regardless of whether you have synthetic or natural hair, a thickening spray will help enhance your look.

Be wary of low-quality hair products: you can have the best extensions installed, but if you don't take care of your hair, all your efforts will go to waste. This is why we recommend you buy your products from reputable sources only. There is one mentioned in the paragraph below, so stay tuned. 

Key Takeaways!

While reading the entire article, you must have had this question pop into your head again and again. If you thought we wouldn't address this, you made a gross misjudgment, because we are here to help you out throughout.

For the best extensions and spectacular hair products, head over to JuvaBun Welcome Page and get everything you need in a single store. But be careful, or you’ll end up buying everything on the shelves.