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In today’s world, men and women both go through many hair disorders such as hair loss, hair breakage, and hair thickening. Hair defines half of the beauty of a person; therefore, their health should never be ignored.

Generally, men and women are so concerned about their hair that they go through medical treatment to get their hair back or to implant new hair. While some people use human wig hair to hide their weak hair or baldness, some people implant new hair to give their hair a natural and refreshing look.

woman wearing a red synthetic hair

What is Synthetic Hair?

Many individuals wonder what exactly is synthetic hair. Well, not to worry because JuvaBun is here to tell you! Synthetic hair is composed of synthetic fibers. Synthetic hair is made of nylon or acrylic fibers. The fibers used have a brighter appearance and but in texture and movement, these fibers look less realistic.

Another common question which many individuals have is that are wig hair and synthetic hair the same thing? Well, the answer to that is no. Wig hair can either be synthetic or natural. Natural wig hair is made from actual hair strands. Do you know how sometimes at barbers’ stores, they are collecting hair which they cut, for donations?

Yes, that hair is used to make natural wigs. In many cases, individuals suffering from cancer make use of natural hair wigs after undergoing chemotherapy and losing all their hair. The hair used in natural wigs is natural hair, it is not made up from any man-made materials, it is actual hair from our head.

On the split side, as we have mentioned earlier, synthetic hair is made from nylon and acrylic fibers - meaning the hair-like material is man-made, it is not natural. However, it gives off the texture of natural hair. These fibers have to go through a number of chemical procedures which give them a similar look, color, and feel like human hair.

woman using a brush to care for synthetic hair

Do’s and Don’ts For Synthetic Hair

It is important to maintain synthetic hair because it has some Do’s and Don’ts which if not properly followed can lead to causing damage in it.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind while maintaining synthetic hair:

  1. Synthetic hair can survive in hot, humid, or bad weather and can be worn with little or no styling
  2. Make sure that you don’t brush or comb synthetic hair when it is wet
  3. Use those hair products which suit synthetic hair and are specifically made for it
  4. Synthetic hair has a specifically designed comb for it, use it
  5. Be gentle with synthetic hair
  6. Use a dry towel if synthetic hair gets wet
  7. Protect it from heat or excessive sunlight
  8. Don't use iron curlers, blow dryers, or straighteners on your synthetic hair wig
  9. To keep synthetic hair in its proper shape, place it on a hair strand when you are not using it
  10. While you keep these tips in your mind, remember there are a few things to make sure of as well.

The lifespan of Synthetic hair depends on the material and type of extension being used. Read more on this.

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Tips To Keep in Mind While Washing Synthetic Hair

Below are a few tried and tested tips and tricks which JuvaBun believes can help maintain synthetic hair for the long haul!

  • Avoid using heat styling tools

Because synthetic hair is made up of fibers that can get damaged if they are exposed to heat for a long time; therefore, you should try avoiding heat styling tools such as blow dryers or iron straighteners, or curlers.

If you want to blow dry your hair, then you use cold hair from the dryer to dry your hair. When blow-drying hair, make sure that you don’t keep hot air in a section for more than a few seconds.

  • Protect your hair from sunlight or Ultraviolet rays

Your synthetic hair needs protection from ultraviolet rays and excessive sunlight. Protect your hair from these two by wearing a cap or a hat when going out in the sun.

hair blower and other hair care tools

14 Steps to Wash Synthetic Hair

Make sure that you don’t use harsh shampoos and conditioners for your synthetic hair because it can damage them badly. You can make your own shampoo but if you'll purchase one then get Revive non-static shampoo or revive revitalizing conditioner. They are both considered to be the best synthetic hair shampoo and conditioners that can clean the fibers gently.

Also, Don’t wash your synthetic hair regularly because excessive washing can lead to lowering the quality of your hair.

To wash synthetic hair, you need to follow a few steps:

Step 1: Take a container or a bowl

Step 2: Add cold water to it

Step 3: Add one drop of synthetic hair shampoo to the container

Step 4: If your synthetic hair caught strong scents, add a teaspoon of baking soda that is sodium bicarbonate in the water and blend it

Step 5: Take your synthetic wig and gently put it in in this mixture

Step 6: For around ten minutes, let synthetic hair remain in the water. Then gently take your wig out. Make sure that you don’t rub it or apply friction to it

Step 7: Wash your synthetic wig and make sure that no mixture remains in it

Step 8: Remove all the excess water from the wig but don’t use force for this purpose

Step 9: Make sure that you don’t twist your synthetic wig

Step 10: Dry the wig with a dry towel but don’t apply force because the wig will lose its shape otherwise.

Step 11: You can also condition your synthetic hair t to have some smoothing effect

Step 12: Next, you need to place your wig straight on a hair strand so that it maintains its shape

Step 13: After your synthetic hair is completely dry, use a wide comb on your hair.

Step 14: If all of these steps are followed, your synthetic hair will get a prolonged life span and its quality will be maintained throughout.

Start Taking Care of Synthetic Hair Today!

Synthetic hair has a lot of advantages such as it is not very expensive, and its maintenance is not very difficult. Just a few steps and things should be kept in mind if you want to care for your synthetic wig properly. Try keeping your wig away from sunlight or heat exposure as much as you can.

Use shampoos and conditioners designed for wig hair. Wear a cap while going out, place your position on the wig stand so that it doesn’t lose its shape, and don’t use a brush on synthetic hair, use a wide comb instead. Most important of all, get your hands on the best hair accessories and products, head on over to our JuvaBun collection.