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Long, luxurious hair never went out of style. But not everyone was able to preserve such wealth from childhood, carried away by modern, stylish haircuts.

Now such experiments with appearance no longer surprise anyone: we all know very well about the hair extension procedure.

After the procedure, any girl looks very transformed; her hair looks luxurious. But this will only be so if the prepared and native hair matches each other. The more accurately the color scale of the material is selected, the better the result will be.

How to Choose the Right Brown Hair Extension

What you need to be guided by when choosing brown hair extensions:

- hair must be correctly matched in color, thickness, and structure;

- the hair used for an extension must correspond to the native one (hair type);

- optimal hair length;

- the number of strands required for building.

And yet, the main thing is to choose the right shade of chestnut.

How to combine brown hair extensions

How to combine brown hair extensions

When choosing a hair color for extensions, it is not easy to choose the right shade, so it is better to contact a good specialist. This is especially true for hair that has unnatural shades. If you can't find the right shade similar to your natural hair, you can tint the already extended hair.

It is very important to dye your hair extensions. The dye may not work for your hair and will dye it the wrong color.

Natural tones are matched tone-on-tone by 100%. 

Therefore, if you are brown-haired, you are very lucky:

  • You can combine strands of different colors. So the owner of a chic head of hair can get the effect of more voluminous hair by choosing strands with mixed shades.
  • For highlighting, we don't recommend building up simply by alternating between dark and light strands because it looks very rough. It is better to choose strands that will combine both light and blond hair. These strands look more natural.

It must be remembered that hair is selected not only by color but also by thickness and structure.

hide hair loss during treatment

In no case should you mix hair "shapes":

  • do not combine straight and wavy;
  • do not extend soft strands on hard and heavy hair.

The difference will certainly be striking. Knowing these simple rules for caring for extended hair, you can safely head to a beauty salon and become the owner of a gorgeous head of hair!

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