How Long Do Hair Extensions Last

Hair Extensions - Know Your Product

Technology did not only benefit scientists, doctors and engineers. It also revolutionized the way people dress and interact with others. Women rejoiced when they found out about this latest innovation that allowed them to style their hair in a variety of ways. Hair extensions have always been popular, but with the rise in media influence, more and more women started choosing this new style.

Commonly worn for fashion and personal reasons, hair extensions are available in a great many styles, colors and materials. The kind of extension you buy and the procedure you choose help determine its shelf-life, but more on that later.

In this article, you will understand the mystery behind these hair extensions and will get to know all about the ways in which you can prolong the life of your extensions, excited yet?. If you want to delve into the world of hair fashion, this is the perfect article for you. So let's get started.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

How does it work and for how long does it last

Clip-in Hair extensions

Arguably the most popular type of hair extensions in the world, clip-in hair extensions are one of its kind. They are a quick and your one-stop solution to all your hair problem. But perhaps, the thing that sets them apart from all other types is their ease of usage. Clip-in hair extensions can be worn within seconds and the key for styling hair buns. You simply have to clip them on your head and remove them when you please. No hassle at all.

Moreover, people also prefer them because of their cheaper costs. They are available in a minimal price almost anywhere in the world. Since clip ins don't make for a permanent solution, they need to be removed every day.

However, the extensions can last for a whole year provided they are adequately cared for. You will have to wash them once a month and put them in a secure place. 

Halo extensions

You may not have heard of the Halo extensions, but they make for a popular choice for people who are always in a hurry. They replace multi-piece hair extensions with one that comes in a single piece. This reduces the time you need to put them on in the morning.

Moreover, you will be pleased to know that halo extensions are the least damaging to your hair, sounds strange right? But there is a simple explanation to this.

Halo extensions, unlike other extension types, aren't attached directly to your hair. This reduces the chance of you or someone else accidentally tugging on or pulling the straps.

Like clip-in extensions, these also come with a long shelf-life. They will be good as long as they are taken care of. So before you expect them to magically survive an Apocalypse, make sure you are caring for them as you would for your natural hair.

Bun Hair Extension

Ponytail hair extensions

The ponytail hairstyle has survived the test of time, with more people admiring the style than before. It not only makes you look organized and professional, but ponytails are very much in fashion. They help emphasize the importance part of your attire like your earrings, your neckline and even your makeup. So ponytail extensions are bound to stand out. 

These extensions were primarily made to clip or wrap around your actual ponytail, thus helping you achieve greater volume and length. Moreover, like halo extensions, ponytail ones also pose no threat to your hair. They neither take time to put on nor do they require a professional. So the next time you want to adorn your head with a cute little hairstyle, think no more and just go with a glamorous ponytail extension. You are sure to turn heads your way.

With ponytail hair extensions, the longevity depends on how frequent you wear the ponytail. More tips on ponytail extensions here.

Tape-in hair extensions

If you have thin or fine hair, and you want to try out a different and unique style that add volume and length to your head, this is a great option for you. As the name suggests, tape in extensions require you to use small-sized tapes to attach wefts or strands of extensions to your natural hair. These tapes are very small and are hence unnoticeable. 

However, the best thing about tape-in extensions is that it makes for a wonderful option for people with thin hair. They also add depth and layers to your hair. You can also add your favorite dye or style your hair anyway you want after adding tape in extensions.

These type of extensions usually last for 4- 6 months. However, you may have to visit the salon every 6-8 weeks for maintenance. Depending on the quality of your extensions and the speed of your hair growth, your hairdresser will determine the time of your visits.

Simple Hair Extension

Fusion hair extensions

Commonly known as the pre-bonded hair, fusion extensions are one of the best semi-permanent solution to your problem. For this, your hair need to be treated with keratin glue and heat. The process is time-consuming and strenuous at times, but the end result is worth all the struggle. You may have to sit for up to 5 hours in the salon, depending on the length of your hair. 

Moreover, the adhesives need to be thoroughly dried before you move on to the next steps. These extensions last from 3 to 6 months, depending on the speed of your hair growth. However, it is worth mentioning that once removed, these extensions are not usable.

So every time you want to have fusion hair extensions, you’d have to buy a new product. 

Weft hair extensions

Beaded weft hair extensions, or simple weft hair extensions, have garnered massive popularity in the recent years. These extensions are attached to your hair with small beads made of durable and high-quality silicone. 

The product is most suited for women with relatively thick hair. Since there is no adhesive used, people with thin hair might not be able to bear the excessive strain on their head.

As for longevity, these extensions don't last very long. As great as the product and installation is, women don't like the fact that weft extensions last only a month or 2. Moreover, the maintenance costs are also high since you may have to visit the salon every 2 weeks to get them fixed. 

So if you are looking for a quick and short-term solution to your hair problem, weft extensions would do amazingly well for you.

Weave hair extensions

For someone who doesn't understand fashion jargon, this may seem quite unusual for hair extensions. But the logic behind the name is pretty simple. Weave hair extensions require the wefts to be sewn into your natural hair. Yes, you heard right. The procedure seems scary and risky, but it's actually one of the safest options out there.

Moreover, weft extensions also make for an affordable option, one that doesn't come with very high maintenance cost. Besides, when done right, these extensions are practically seamless. 

Having said that, we don't recommend this technique for people who have either fragile or weak hair. The end result can put a lot of strain on thin hair and is hence not recommended. So if you have naturally thick hair that can withstand some pulling, weave extensions will do wonders for you.

As for longevity, these extensions can last anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks, depending upon the quality of your hair.

Micro Link extensions

Micro link extensions are also known as micro bead or micro loop extensions and make for one of the most reliable and popular options for women. The process makes use of silicone line beads to insert small wefts to your natural hair. The bead is furthered tightened and secured to prevent it from falling. This not only gives stability to your new hair, but also reduce frequent visits to the salon.

One of the best things about the procedure is that it doesn't use any adhesives to attach wefts to your natural hair. However, there is still some cause for concern among customers.

People who have had these extensions often complain about the beadings putting strain on their head. This is more the fault of the hairdresser than the process itself. If the bead is too tight, it will pull the roots and will make you uncomfortable. 

More importantly, the tight beads will weaken the roots of your hair, thus leading to long-term problems. So before you rush to your nearest salon, make sure you read some reviews and assess all your options.

These extensions, when done right, can last up to 4 months. However, they may need some repositioning every month or so. 

What are the two most popular materials, and why does this matter?

The shelf-life of the extensions also depend on the type of material you use. There are two kinds available in the market. The synthetic hair extensions are made from high-quality fiber. These are made to resemble natural hair as much as possible. When it comes to quality, synthetic hair extensions lack finesse and may not last as long as natural hair. Moreover, they also demand more care and maintenance. 

As for natural hair extensions, these may be relatively expensive, but they definitely offer a great many benefits. These not only look more natural, but are also more suited for people with thin and short hair. Moreover, these are easier to style.

Tape Hair Extension

Features to consider - what determines longevity of hair extensions?

One shoe doesn't fit all, and that is true for hair extensions as well. There is no hard and fast rule to their longevity. For some people, tape in extensions can last for up to 6 months whereas for others, they may not last past 3 months. This is because everyone’s hair conditions are different. Your hairdresser will access your hair quality before making an estimate, so always get a good consultation before you choose the extensions type.

But for your ease, we will be highlighting some important factors to consider. Here is how the longevity of your hair extensions is determined.

Quality of extension - durability matters

You can have the best hair and the best hairdresser in the world, but without good quality hair extensions, you can't anticipate success. The longevity and shelf-life of your extensions will depend on the brand you invest in and the warranty that it offers. This is why it is recommended that you spend a couple of extra bucks rather than investing in a cheap and low-quality product.

The extra money will prove worth your while in the end.

Speed of hair growth-look out for this inverse relationship

Some people like to have short hair but like to wear hair extenders for events. The problem lies when your short hair grows and becomes cumbersome to pair with a hair extension.

Most hair extensions work on a simple principle: heating. Your hair is either treated with heat or with glue or adhesives. This becomes redundant when your hair is growing at a rapid pace. The new hair, the ones closer to the root, aren't treated and hence create an overall inconsistent look. Moreover, due to rapid growth, the extensions move downwards, pushing your hair and causing distress. This is why people are required to go to their salons every 4 or 6 weeks to pull their extensions up.

Hair maintenance - there is nothing more important

This is another factor affecting the longevity of hair extensions. If you believe in taking care of your hair, you will make life easy for both yourself and your hairdresser. Many people are in the habit of using hair products excessively. Despite having good intentions, what these people fail to realize is that too much of these products can hamper the results. Low or excessive maintenance and care can make your extensions appear dull and faded. This will create an overall rough look on your head.

So make sure to follow a specified routine and only use products that your hairdresser recommends. 

Tape in extensions - the first pre-requisite

People who invest in tape in extensions get to enjoy a somewhat permanent solution for 4 to 6 months. However, the ones who go for fusion hair extensions may have to get a replacement soon. Similarly, with clip ins or halo extension, you get the added benefit of using the extensions for a long time. 

This is why, before you rush into any decision, make sure you have all your facts checked. You don't want to invest a great deal of money in something that is short-term and not worth your while.

Final say

Before you make any final judgments, know that there is no hard and fast rule to extensions. Some may be known to last very long but they may not be suited to your hair. So rather than jumping on the bandwagon and choosing a style that doesn't suit you, go for one that does. If you need help then JuvaBan is here to help.