How Is Halo Hair Extension Different From The Extension With Barrettes?

Not every girl can boast of long bushy chevelure that her friends would admire. Every girl wishes to be anytime on top and look fantastic. There are situations when a short haircut is already tired. If you want to turn something, transform, and there is simply no strength or wish to wait for the chevelure to grow back. What should be made in this situation?

There are two methods to lengthen and add size to your chevelure by extension and by applying for false chevelure extension. These techniques are the better way out of this situation and a process to experiment with creating an image to select exactly what is perfect for each particular case.

What are the kinds of hair extensions?

Overhead chevelures are fast, effective, beautiful, and convenient. It only takes some time to create extra volume or length. You can get the highlighting effect in a point of minutes if you select the color of the false curls several shades lighter than your chevelure. You do not have to dye, spend money and spoil your chevelure. You just need to attach artificial chevelure, and the whole image is ready. They do not need to be glued; they are securely affixed to the chevelure with tight hairpins or a fishing line. Besides, this will relieve you of anxiety about your hairstyle’s integrity and safety over the day.

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Halo hair extension

The halo extension attachment technology is ordinary and quick. This chevelure has been designed to conform to the head’s shape, so it fits quite tightly and is comfortable to wear. Besides, they have a special regulation, thanks to which each client can adjust the length of the attachment specifically for her head volume.

The halo hair extension system is all about simplicity. The rim-fishing line is set on the highest place of the head; then, with the help of a comb, your chevelure is laid out on top. Halo is a popular hair extension technique, and its key merit is its ease of use and the ability to transform your look in seconds.

Every woman who creates halo extensions confirms that this hair is right for every day. Moreover, if you look after them, they will last long enough.

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Hair extensions with barrettes

Small barrettes are used as chevelure attachments. The principle of securing the strands in the correct place is quite simple. 

You can quickly increase the chevelure longitude or add the missing volume to them with these chevelure extensions barrettes’ assistance. Hairpins are fixed on your hair in the root area, after which they are covered with your chevelure so that they are then completely invisible. The set includes several strands that differ in width to hang them in the back of the head and on the temporal zone and the sides. Hair extension barrettes are perfect for daily use, as the attachment procedure does not take more than 5 minutes.

What is the difference between halo hair extensions and barrettes?

The main diversity of these extensions is only the mount. Halo extensions are more convenient since they can be quickly put on and off. Besides, you can do it without a mirror. If you love loose chevelure or wear classic hairstyles by type, bun, braid, and tail, these halo extensions will best suit you.

Chevelure with barrettes consisting of 8-9 strands is perfect for women who like to experiment with hairstyles. You can fasten strands out of restrictions. Moreover, you can regulate hair volume with this technique of extension. For example, use only part of the strands for a casual hairstyle or a special occasion. Using chevelure with barrettes, you can experience the shade. Some of the strands can be colored in one color, some in another.

Each technique of extension has its advantages, and in fact, it is hard to make a clear choice between one and the other kind.

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How long can you use halo hair extension?

Halo extensions have an average shelf life of 4-5 months with daily use. A lot relies on how you handle your chevelure. The main rule in chevelure care is to moisten it the same way you feed your original chevelure; it needs exactly the same care. Halo extensions can last for more than five months, while orderly hair extensions need correction in 3-4 months.

How long should the halo extension be used?

It all relies on your desires and preferences. You only need to follow one rule: halo chevelure should not be more than twice as long as your own.

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How to care for hair extensions?

False hair made from artificial materials is not as demanding to care for as natural hair. They need to be gently combed, washed with a mild shampoo in warm water. After which, they must be rinsed with conditioner and dried on a towel, only slightly getting wet. Washing should be carried out for each strand separately and preferably not in a container with water but under running water. This will prevent hair from tangling. Remember that it is not recommended to use various electrical styling appliances with artificial hair frequently, but it is not prohibited. The main thing is not to damage your hair, use various sprays, and protect from external factors’ harmful effects.

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