Dazzling Hair Color Trends: Getting Pink or Rose Gold Hair

Every year it is becoming increasingly difficult to surprise girls it seems that all original hairstyle ideas have already remained in the past, and there will be nothing to offer. But professional stylists successfully deal with it. So, in recent years, they offer to forget about too bright colors and pay attention to more noble shades. For example, rose gold hair color. Stylists endowed such a beautiful name, a trendy pinkish shade of blond. But you can also try it on your dark strands! A lot of the show business stars and famous bloggers have already checked out this hair trend. Most of them were satisfied with the result. Rose Gold can be bright or calm, but in any case,


it is important to understand that such a color is not just toning. It is a complex dyeing that requires more particular hair care.

Rose gold dyeing is a whole palette of predominantly smooth warm shades. Unlike simply pink, here is more conveyed the gold component, which makes these shades more multifaceted and applicable with different types of appearance. Just as the rose gold itself consists of gold and copper, the color of rose gold consists of a variety of tints and shades, in addition to the pink. Blonde, coral, copper, apricot, strawberry, gold, and purple shades are combined into one unique color creating an unforgettable stylish image.

Different styles of ponytails

Define which hair color is the best for you 

Rose gold looks luxurious on hair. However, it is worth recognizing that dyeing is not suitable for every girl. So, it will be inappropriate in the walls of the office or any public institution with a strict dress code. But girls who are not limited to such rules, as well as brave imaginative natures, can easily try to experiment with a fashion color.

Do not be afraid that you will become like a mythical alien from another planet or a strange informal person. Pink hair color has long ceased to be associated with something strange and alienated. In addition, modern hair dyeing trends and fashionable shades allow creating the most attractive images. Stylists affirm that the pink color is universal. Moreover, it is suitable not only for women but even men. You just need to find your shade and enter it harmoniously into your image. To do this, you should refer to the seasonal color analysis, your lifestyle, and, of course, your inner wish.

As for the seasonal color analysis, pink hair is suitable for the appearance of the type of summer or spring. In the second case, the hair will seem covered with the pink glaze - gentle, well-groomed, and silken. Hairstylists recommend adding more gold shades to the dyeing. But the girls with the summer color should dilute the basis of purple or beige shades. In addition, rose gold will look beautiful on light hair. And it should also be noted that the rose gold color is suitable for almost all girls with the natural brown color of hair.

Pinkish dyeing for blond hair

Stylists believe that pastel shades of pink are more suitable for a blond. In tandem with natural strands, they create a stunning volume and interesting overflows. We propose to pay attention to the following hair color trends.

Sweet Strawberry

One of the best hair colors for blondes strawberry blond. It is not pink and not red, as it would be possible to image. Although, there is definitely a little pink pigment in it. Strawberry hair color the shade with a very soft pink haze on light strands. To imagine the shade, just imagine this: part is beige, part is golden, but there is also a little pink or even red tint. 

Tender Peach

Gentle peach looks really incredible on blonde hair. Such a shade will be washed away gradually, naturally paling without unwanted shades.

Gentle peach hair color

Pink with purple

Pink with a drop of purple looks just cosmic! This complex dyeing with proper care will delight you for several months. It is possible to maintain color by using toning hair masks and shampoo. The shade is also called "hair of mermaids" and this is a good comparison, especially if you are the owner of long hair.

Lavender and ash-blonde:

Cool shades of rose gold are perfect for girls, with a cold skin and hair shade. If your hair from nature has shades of ash-brown, then purple-ash-pink will look much better and fairer with your natural color.

Pinkish dyeing for dark hair

Stylists recommend dark-haired girls to dye their hair in bright shades of rose gold. The best colors for brown or black hair amaranth, fuchsia, purple, coral, purple, or wild orchid.

Rose Gold Balayage

For those who prefer a more natural hair color, stylists recommend the Balayage dyeing technique. The basic part of the hair is your native color and just some strands are dyed in a pale pink color so that in the total mass it turned out a chic result.

Rose Gold Ombre 

Dark-haired girls also should pay attention to the best variations of ombre hair color. Try experimenting with crimson-pink, lilac-pink, or even purple-pink color. Such shades can emphasize the beauty of the girl and give more confidence. By the way, you can choose not only bright shades but even slightly muted ones. In this case, your whole appearance will remain bright. Moreover, a slight powder effect will be created.

dyeing hair

Pinkish dyeing for short hair

Do you think that the shades of rose gold are suitable only for long-haired girls? You are sorely mistaken! There are many trends for short hair, in combination with which pink shades look just amazing. Pay attention to the most popular.

Pinkish Pixie

Why not! If you are a bright and extravagant personality, you will enjoy this variant. Pixie is not just a fashionable hair trend. This is a way to bring to the image of a notch of boyish hooliganism and romantic coquetry. A win-win idea for short straight hair. Rose gold shade in Pixie Haircut provides even more originality and uniqueness. 

Pinkish Shag

The distinguishing feature of the Shag haircut is the intentional mess of curls on the head. The effect is achieved by styling a large volumetric crown and tapered strands of hair, fixed on the head in a chaotic and disordered form. And the slightly pinkish shade will give a special zest and extraordinary charm.

Take care of your luxurious rose gold strands 

Everyone who wants to keep the outstanding rose gold shade as long as possible should care for it. The best way to keep your rose gold hair healthy and shiny is systemic care. You should give your hair at least a little time every day.

  • It will be a good idea to use shampoos without sulfates. In this way, you can save a color a little longer. It is not recommended to wash the hair too often, since the dye will become pale after a few days. In addition, the strands themselves will become more brittle and dry.
  • Bright shades are quickly washed out of the hair structure. The best decision for your hair color is special shampoos for dyed hair. Also, do not forget to pamper hair with masks with the effect of pigment securing. 
  • Do not forget about moisturizing your hair with quality masks. They can be not only shop-bought but even homemade. In both cases, the result will be positive. 
  • In your arsenal, there must be items intended for dyed hair. It may be not only masks but also sprays, as well as balms.
Take care of your luxurious rose gold strands
  • Do not use natural oils for hair care. They redound to the rapid bleeding of dye.
  • It is ill-advised to use electrical appliances for styling hair, as they worsen their condition. If there is an opportunity, dry hair naturally. 
  • If there is not enough time for natural drying, you need to use thermal protection sprays.

Rose gold hair is your chance to create a new stylish look taking into account your natural hair color, personal preferences and your image in general. Do not be afraid of change for the better, starting with your strands!


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