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Rice water contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. It affects well on the skin and is good for the chevelure. There are various types of decoction, regular and fermented. Fermented rice water is doubly valuable thanks to the fermentation process.

You should definitely try rice water if you have approved to unravel the secrets of Asian women's hair’s beauty at least once in your life. Try rice decoction as a mask, apply it before showering for half an hour, and your chevelure will be robust, compliant, and silky. This miracle cure will be no less effective if you use it after cleaning as a rinse aid. How to use rice water for hair growth and give it a healthy shine? Let's take a closer look at this article.

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How Do Asian Women Use Rice Decoction?

Asian women with long chevelure clean it with the decoction. Ladies of the imperial palaces used it for the chevelure’s excellent condition; it gave a healthy and lush look to the chevelure.

The decoction can be used to clean the face and body; the skin becomes gentle, tightens the pores. The fermented decoction can heal wounds and make the skin look healthy. When washing chevelure with such water, hair becomes shining, and the nutrition of the skin bulbs improves. Chinese women believe that decoction prevents chevelure from turning grey; it gets softer and healthier.

The water that remains after washing must be left for a day to ferment. Then it is boiled; you can add a few drops of your favourite oil to create a pleasant scent. This decoction should be kept in the cold. The head is washed by rubbing the solution into the chevelure roots.

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The Benefits of Rice Water for Hair

The composition of rice water is rich in all essential vitamins for leather and hair. It has vitamins of groups B, C, and E, zinc, silicon, magnesium, folic and ferulic acids, selenium, potassium, iron, and other useful microelements.You can delay aging and make your chevelure healthy and shiny if you use it regularly. Rejuvenation also occurs by improving blood circulation.

The composition of the water effectively protects chevelure from harmful UV radiation. Moreover, it has cleansing properties that will help moisturize your skin.

You will get healthy chevelure with an organic shine if you use the water as a gargle. It will help get rid of dandruff, regulate the sebaceous glands and eliminate unwanted itching.

What else is rise water useful for? It is often used in traditional medicine as well. The product is drunk for certain gastrointestinal disorders (food poisoning, vomiting, and diarrhoea).

Rice water solution

It is believed that such a composition has a large number of medicinal properties. The fact is that in the process of fermentation, the acidity of the water changes. As a result, a chemical is released that promotes cell regeneration. And although the procedure takes quite a long time, it is definitely worth it because your hair will look much better.

You need to take white rice and fill it with warm water to ferment the water correctly. Leave it for two days. The mixture is ready if a characteristic smell appears. Next, pour the infusion through a fine sieve, and squeeze the rice slightly.

A slightly diluted fermented product can be used to wipe your face and rinse your curls. It can also be added to the water before taking a bath to ensure a rejuvenating effect on the whole body.

Rice contains a lot of starch, proteins, and amino acids. This is a dietary product. There is a lot of rice in the dishes in oriental cuisine. Brown rice is the most valuable cereal. There are many biologically active substances in its shell. Medicinal decoctions are also prepared from it. If you add sugar and milk to the rice, the porridge will increase its nutritional properties, positively affecting the chevelure’s health.

The use of rice recipes in everyday life is very simple and accessible to everyone. The main thing is a useful and environmentally friendly product with unique properties.

Moreover, regularly using rice water can improve the health of your hair. While you are growing and strengthening your chevelure, you can change your look with chevelure extensions. Extensions can also be rinsed in decoction for a firmer and shine rinse. 

how to use rice water for hair

Recipes and uses of rice water

The most common decoction is an excellent rinse aid that can be used after cleaning up a couple of times a week.

Asian women have used fermented brown rice decoction to rise chevelure according to the secrets of oriental beauty. 

  • You will need brown rice and hot water to make it.
  • Pour the pre-washed rice with hot (but not boiling) water and leave it at room temperature for at least a day until the same specific smell appears.
  • When ready, strain the infusion through a sieve and use it for rinsing after cleaning.

You will strengthen the roots and stimulate the hair growth thanks to this decoction. Besides, you will be able to get smooth, soft, and silky curls.

The use of a decoction has a positive effect on the work of the sebaceous glands. The product has a slightly drying effect, so it is especially suitable for oily curls and skin prone to dandruff.

If you are tired or, for some reason, do not want to use the product in its pure form, many useful additives can diversify the composition.

  • You can add coconut oil, aloe juice, grape seed pomace or wheat germ to the base product for dry and damaged chevelure.
  • Tincture of chamomile, nettle or onion peel is perfect for dull and thin curls. They will give a beautiful shine and make the strands stronger.
  • A good addition will be a decoction of oak, lemon juice or a few drops of essential oil of mint, bergamot or fir for oily chevelure.
  • A mixture of water and tea, shea butter, macadamia or avocado will help restore damaged chevelure structure.

Rinse off the composition is unnecessary; on the contrary, let it be absorbed so you get the best result.

Rice water has a positive effect on hair and its health. This is a great budget option to speed up hair growth. Rice water does not irritate the scalp and can get rid of dandruff after the first use.

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