7 Effective Vitamins For Growth And Healthy Hair

What should you pay special attention to in hair care, and what rules should you follow to have strong and beautiful chevelure?

Even those who are usually satisfied with their chevelure’s length and thickness face the problem of weakness, brittleness, and dullness in the off-season. You should add essential foods to your daily diet, and remember that vitamins are good for hair growth to strengthen the curls, help them add in length, make them more elastic and shiny.

But while you are growing out your chevelure and working on improving its appearance, you can use hair extensions. Change your look every day and experiment with hair-free hairdos.

woman taking Omega 3 to beautify her hair

How Does Hair Grow?

You must first understand how chevelure grows to analyse what is behind your chevelure’s quality.

Each follicle contains a chevelure root made of protein cells. The oxygen then enters the bloodstream. Without oxygen, cells would not be able to divide. This separation creates hair that begins to press against the skin from below.

Gradually the chevelure grows from the skin. At this moment, you already see them on the surface of the head. As they grow, each hair passes through the sebaceous gland. As a result, it is lubricated, which makes it soft and shiny. Then the old chevelure falls out and is replaced with a new one.

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Factors Affecting Hair Quality

The way your chevelure looks, its thickness, structure, colour and quality, depends much on genetics. There is no way you may change the structure of your chevelure and affect its growth rate.

Other factors that you can't do anything about are age and gender. The fastest chevelure rise occurs between the ages of 15 and 30. Then the process slows down.

You may still partially affect the quality of your chevelure. For example, stress and smoking play an important role and nutrition, which must be balanced and rich in all macronutrients and micronutrients. In case of a lack of any nutriments in women’s bodies, it is needful to replenish them with vitamins or other nutritional supplements to accelerate hair growth.

Select the right shampoo

The shampoo is meant to cleanse the chevelure, not restore or heal. Therefore, the head skin condition and the appearance of the chevelure itself depend on the choice of this basic care commodity — the main secret of selecting a shampoo for a specific skin type. For dry skin, is suitable a moisturising and nourishing shampoo. For oily skin, it cleans and gives volume, for sensitive skin it is hypoallergenic. Professional shampoos do not contain fragrances, parabens and other aggressive ingredients that can harm your chevelure. These shampoos have a pleasantly light aroma, make enough lather and cleanse the skin well of dirt and styling products. Moreover, a vitamin is added to such shampoos for hair growth.

Don't forget about hair balms

The chevelure needs nourishment and restoration after cleansing. The professional balm will give smoothness, healthy shine, silkiness to chevelure. The hair will be easy to style and comb thanks to it.

The natural ingredients that make up the balms envelop the chevelure with a transparent film, creating a protective barrier against the external environment’s negative effects. We advise you to select a chevelure balm that is identical to the shampoo.

You need to nourish and moisturize your hair

Vitamins good for hair growth and proper care include constant nutrition and maintaining an optimal balance of moisture. Professional masks will help protect chevelure from the harmful effects of the environment and restore damaged strands.

The peculiarity of the chevelure mask is that the concentration of nutrients in its composition is twice that in the balm. The mask should not be applied often; one application per week is enough to heal the chevelure and improve its condition. Professional hair products contain vitamin complex to accelerate chevelure rise.

Thermal protection is the guarantee of health and beauty of hair

Why give up styling and thermal modelling when you can minimise their harm? Your chevelure is not afraid of a hairdryer, iron, curling iron or hot curlers with professional styling commodities. Special fixing sprays, soft foams and mousses for chevelure, and fixing gels will help achieve beautiful styling and protect your chevelure. Use styling products that do not contain aggressive ingredients and are absolutely safe for chevelure and skin.

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Foods Beneficial For Hair Growth

Often, problem chevelure and skin are the results of an unbalanced diet. The body simply lacks vitamin and nutrients for hair growth. In this case, the situation can be corrected by adjusting the diet and adding the necessary supplements. 

The next most common causes of chevelure deterioration are hormonal changes, thyroid disorders, skin diseases, stress, medication, and chemicals exposure.

In such cases, the chevelure not only loses its beauty but can also begin to fall out. Let's see what vitamins and nutrition are good for hair growth.

Foods that contain iron

Trichologists claim that iron deficiency is one of the non-obvious causes of hair loss. For the health of curls, eat foods rich in this element: spinach, oysters, white beans, buckwheat, tomato juice, beef liver and dark chocolate.


More than 90% of the chevelure consists of the protein substance keratin. It means that proteins are essential to maintain their health and stimulate rise. Eat chickpeas (or hummus), lentils, tofu, soy milk, cheese, eggs, cottage cheese and turkey more often because the vitamins in these products help improve hair growth for women and men.

Fermented foods

Bowel problems are often the cause of poor skin health and chevelure breakage. Fermented kimchi, sauerkraut, plain Greek yogurt, kefir, ayran, pu-erh tea, tempeh, and fermented cheeses will help you improve your gastrointestinal tract.

Fatty sea fish

Sea fish contains an enormous amount of protein; it has a large amount of vitamins A, D and E, important for health and hair growth, as well as phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper and iodine. Eat salmon, tuna, sardines, herring, mackerel and trout at least once every 2-3 days. When you’re waiting for your hair to grow, you can wear artificial hair or halo buns, to make beautiful hairstyles with long hair. 

Sunflower nuts and seeds

Pecans, cashews, almonds and sunflower seeds are among the leaders in zinc content, the lack of which leads to brittleness, fragility and chevelure loss. Be sure to eat a handful of nuts every day in the morning for maximum benefits and vitamins to improve hair growth.

vitamins for hair health

7 Important Vitamins for Hair Growth and Strengthening?

Thick chevelure is impossible without active nourishment of hair and head; therefore vitamins are so important for curls’ health. Taking supplements is the first thing to look out for if the first signs of deteriorating hair and scalp appear. External skincare products cannot be effective if the diet lacks protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

It is impossible to have a thick chevelure without active nourishment of hair and head; therefore vitamins are so important for curls’ health. Taking supplements is the first thing to look out for if the first signs of deteriorating chevelure and skin appear. If used along with hair care products, then it's ensured to be effective in brining out the hair's beauty potential.

B vitamins

B vitamins are the main components in the care of chevelure.

Vitamins B2, B5, B6, B8, B9 and B12 are responsible for chevelure rise, the amount in the body depends on how strong the chevelure follicles will be and how thick the strands will be.

Vitamin B8 or biotin maintains the lipid balance of the skin and fights dandruff and split ends.

Vitamin B12 saturates the chevelure with oxygen, B9 resists premature grey chevelure, and B2 fights breakage and prevents excessive hair loss.

Vitamin A

Doctors consider vitamin A or retinol to be an essential building block for chevelure, skin and nails. Vitamin A strengthens the body's resistance to harmful external factors and participates in collagen synthesis, preventing chevelure loss and stimulating hair growth. Besides, vitamin A repairs damage and split ends and counteracts excessive oily skin.

Vitamin E

One of the best antioxidants. If the body lacks this element, hair falls out and loses its healthy shine. This vitamin stimulates the renewal of skin and chevelure cells, heals microdamage and saturates cells with oxygen, fights dry skin, strengthens and makes curls soft and prevents chevelure loss.

Omega 3

Taking the omega 3 complex helps against chevelure loss and for fast hair rise. Omega 3, chevelure vitamins relieve the follicles’ inflammation, leading to chevelure loss, helping tighten the chevelure, and increasing its diameter. Besides, omega 3 is considered one of the best remedies for dry and itchy skin. If there is no individual intolerance, then even children can drink it.

Copper for hair growth

Copper deficiency is much less common in humans than zinc and iron deficiency, but this does not mean that it can be treated without proper attention. Copper is involved in blood formation and bone formation, which is directly related to the curls’ strength. This mineral is also involved in the synthesis of melanin, which means it resists early grey chevelure.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is responsible for the absorption of iron by the body; it is no accident that one of the signs of iron deficiency and anaemia is hair loss. Moreover, vitamin C also strengthens blood vessels, including the capillaries of the skin, which positively affects follicles’ nutritioncles, which will help accelerate chevelure growth.

Zinc to improve hair condition

If the body lacks zinc, shampoos and masks will not help. You need to start eating foods that contain zinc. It will help prevent tissue loss of protein, what provokes dry skin and brittle chevelure. Zinc has a regenerating effect, participates in collagen synthesis and is an antioxidant. It is essential to replenish zinc level after pregnancy.

woman with beautiful vitamin nourished hair

Have you decided to maintain the beauty of your chevelure and additionally choose complex dietary products? Do not take any vitamins or supplements without consulting your doctor. Read the instructions carefully before taking vitamins.

If you are determined to start growing your chevelure, but cannot wait, then use chevelure extensions. This method will help you look the way you want and create original hairdos. Besides, chevelure extensions will not damage your hair, and you can change your image as often as you wish.

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