What To Do With The Oily Scalp And Dry Hair

Solving the problems oily scalp and dry hair

It is a relatively common problem to have oily roots, and dry hair ends at the same time. Probably you are exhausted enough to wash your hair every day, and looking for a solution on the Web. Don't worry, you got what you need.

Being worried about your health is pretty good, but today we will learn how to solve the problems, while keeping your nerves calm.

Doubtless, you know what to do in this case, but let us provide you with a list of all the possible ways to solve your problem. Don't hurry to decide because you should pay attention to all the potential factors, like your hair type, lifestyle, and intolerance of various shampoo or conditioner components. You can find out more from articles about questions related to the health of the hair and scalp from a medical standpoint.

Always use your judgment while looking for an answer because that item, which is suitable for your friend, may become harmful for you. Remember that no one knows your needs better than you.  Check out the info below to take proper care of your oily scalp.



3 Tips for Solving The Problems of Oily Scalp and Dry Hair

Before making a decision, you need to find out a thing, which actually causes a problem. Let's get down to the cases below. It is easy to solve the problem with oily scalp and dry hair, you just need to correct your hair care routine. We prepared for you a short list of tips and tricks on how to solve your problem.

Select the proper shampoo

    It is an essential point in hair care routine to use a suitable shampoo. As you know, everyone needs a unique approach, so you should select a shampoo and try it on your own. You’d better avoid the shampoo’s synthetic components, as they can be harmful. To keep your hair healthy and prevent the sudden appearance of problems, ignore products contain sulfates, which won't suit people with sensitive skin and hair. Don't buy products containing parabens, which can act like the estrogen hormone in the body and disrupt the hormone system’s normal function. Also, forget about shampoo products with the component called formaldehyde,  which can be an irritant and an allergen.

    Don't forget to keep your hair hydrated all the time

      Moisturize your hair with the right conditioner, to achieve a balance between oily scalp and dry hair. It will help to avoid your scalp providing more sebum and become more greasy. 

      Focus on those products, which are in conjunction with your selected shampoo. In a perfect world, a conditioner and shampoo should complement each other to get the best result.

      Eat healthy food

        As you know, proper nutrition will always be a solution in any case. Like other organs, our hair needs to be fed up with particular nutrients, like Protein, Omega-3, Zinc, Magnesium, A, B, and C vitamins. Remove from your daily nutrition all the junk food and sweets to achieve the best result. Start eating the avocado and spinach, more oily fish, berries, and eggs. Make it a habit to drink plenty of water every day.

        Why My Hair Is Still Greasy After I Wash It?

        Hair overwashing is one of the most influential factors causing problems with the oily scalp and dry hair. Why it is bad to wash your hair too often? When you are cleaning your hair more often than it is allowed, a shampoo removes all the sebum and moisture from your hair, when your scalp starts producing more sebum, which causes the formation of an oily scalp with dry hair.

        On average, it is recommended to wash your hair about 2-3 times per week.

        woman happy after fixing her dry scalp problem

        3 Thing to Remember When Looking After Your Hair

        Stop touching your head

          Get out of the habit of touching your head. Stop doing this right now. As you can understand,  your scalp and hair usually become greasy faster because your fingers produce oils, leaving on your hair. The same goes for the skin on your face, so consider using the hairband to put your long hair back.

          Use a suitable hairbrush

            Have you ever noticed that after combing hair, it becomes more greasy? Why the procedure of hair brushing is needed while looking after your hair? In that way, you help the sebum transport from your hair’s oily roots throughout the whole length and right to dry ends

            You should select the right brush to keep your hair moisturized. Well, it does not just help you to transport the sebum through the hair length, it will provide a massage procedure for your scalp to save its health. Sebum is needed for keeping your hair healthy and preventing it from its loss

            And, again, while selecting a hairbrush, your choice must depend on your hair type. Focus on the comfortable one, which is easy to clean and which will meet all your needs, 

            Trim your hair regularly

              Trimming is a necessary procedure for all kinds of hair. Also, you can get a new haircut, and try yourself in a new shape. You can try our hair extensions, which are available for every hair type to reach a more elegant look. Renew your look just by adding a little detail to your haircut — messy and straight buns, ponytails, and braids are available. You can also check out the reviews of satisfied customers.

              Finally, you should realize that oily roots and dry ends are temporary problems facing almost everyone. You need to correct your hair care routine and select the correct washing tools to achieve the required result. A bit of advice — don't save on your health, quality products cost money. Treat this theme seriously because a condition of the hair is a mirror of our health. For more hair health tips visit JuvaBun!

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