How To Take Care Of Curly Hair: 6 Simple Reminders

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We know how hard it is to come to love your curly hair sometimes. However, it is a fact, no matter how much you love or don’t love your ringlets, there is a thing that is more important than this, and it is a care of curly hair.

Here you can find new tips and tricks we collected for you to turn your hair, whether it is dry fluff or just not, the perfect kind curls into glossy locks.

Yes, if you have beautiful curly hair, you need to care for them to keep it fresh, hydrated, and shiny. Below are a few top tips on how to take care of curly hair. Following these tips and tricks will lead you to the lock of your dream.

First off, we’re going to tell you what you shouldn’t do with your precious locks.

Taking Care of Curly Hair: A Professional Advice

1. Don’t Wash Them Every Day

This applies both for straight and curly hair. Whether you wash your hair or skin, the effect is the same in both cases - and it is not so good. Yes, you can remove visible dirt and debris with water, but it definitely will not wipe out oily deposits and odors. Your shampoo is a great water helper in removing this dirt, smells, and a smoky scent of sweat. They also eliminate excessive oil.

As you know, our sebaceous glands produce a natural oil that keeps our hair moisturized. Therefore, moisturized healthy hair is less prone to split ends, dryness, and frizz. But it is crucial to understand that too much moisture can reverse the effect, and your hair will look dirty, limp, and greasy.

If you don’t wash your hair for approximately 3 or 5 days, the natural oil will build up closest to your scalp, so any hair looks dirty enough. Actually, most shampoos created to remove excess natural oil and keep your beautiful mane look cleaner for a longer time.

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2. Don’t Sleep On A Cotton Pillowcase.

Did you know that the most commonly used fabric for bed linen is cotton? We are sure you did. But it is not that simple with cotton. Yes, it is a perfect fabric for most clothes and bed linen, but not for pillowcases when you have curly hair. Cotton is the most absorbent material.

Therefore, while you sleep, your cotton pillowcase absorbs the natural oils produced by sebaceous glands meant to moisturize your locks. By the way, wavy hair needs more moisture than straight locks only because it is a lot harder for natural oils to reach the hair tips. That’s why people with wavy hair need natural oils more than straight-haired people.

Cotton pillowcases can make your hair dry, tangled, and frizzy in the evenings and mornings that will lead to a bad mood 100%. Unlike cotton pillowcases, silk ones can only help to keep your hair moisture evenly. In contrast to cotton, Silk fabric let your hair slipe smoothly over the surface, thereby preventing friction, lessening frizz, and protecting your mane from missing moisture.

It is different from cotton pillowcases because when your hair tips rub against a cotton fabric, it can cause unwanted split ends, then you’d have to go cut off the ends of your wavy hair. Yes, this procedure is the care of curly hair, and it is good for your locks, but agree that it is not one of your favorite procedures you want to resort to.

Silk pillowcase can keep your hair's wavy pattern a lot longer; thereby, you don’t have to wash your hair while longer by wetting your hair every busy morning. Moreover, silk pillowcases don’t tug at your face and don’t cause wrinkles, dry skin. Such fabric also doesn’t soak in face creams and masks.

3. Choose The Right Conditioner And Focus On It

These are the essential things in your care of curly hair. Wavy hair requires a lot more attention than straight ones; that’s why conditioner is a must-have for curly locks because it intensely moisturizes your strands and keeps them from frizz and tangles. Be sure your curl shape will be preserved by using conditioner.

The frequency of conditioner use depends on your locks type. Loose curls owners can be conditioned from 2 to 4 times within a week. If you have more twisted curls, you need to wash it with a deep conditioner one time a month.

Keep in mind that shampoos and conditioners composed of sulfates can remove natural oils produced by sebaceous glands from your hair and scalp; this, in turn, can make your hair dry, brittle, and frizzy. Still, sulfates allow you to remove dead skin, debris but you don’t get carried away and try to change your shampoo and conditioner without these components.

cold water for curly hair

4. Cold Water Is Your Friend

Try to rinse out the conditioner with cold water or cool for the first time. This procedure will help to seal the cuticle of your hair and keep the moisture your it just has got. By the way, if you want your hair shine, cold water will help you with it too.

Some experts said that this cold water method is not such a suitable method, but many curly-haired people achieved good results using the cold water method. In short, try cool water at first, and if you notice any changes, just keep doing this.

5. Use Clips for Your Curly Hair

Yes, clips can hold your hair in particular places while your hair is drying or when you want to make any hairstyle. But most often, pins and clips are used for wavy hair to make a little volume or raise them on the top of your head.

It is just curly-haired people stuff, but most of them find the top of their head a little bit flat compared to the rest of their mane. No problem, pins and clips can deal with it and provide a uniform look to the locks and give confidence and a pretty overall picture. Such clips can be bought in any drug store or internet shop and are easy to use.

6. Use a Diffuser

Letting your hair air dry is always a good idea, but what you do if you are in a hurry? Use a diffuser! Don’t use a hairdryer without this attachment; this threatens to brittle and dry hair. Diffusers are the best choice if you care about your curly hair. This attachment spread out the airflow to not mess up your natural pattern and provide a de-frizz effect.

Following these simple methods, you will open up a whole new world of curly hair care for you. Now you will have the best curls you could ever have dreamed of. More healthy, shiny, fresh hair. If you have a habit of washing your head every day, you just drying out it.

When you switch to more conditioning and diffuse attachment when drying your hair or ideally air drying, you will eventually see beautiful changes. Once you follow our JuvaBun advice, your hair will look more attractive, and curls will be more noticeable because it will have the needed proper care.

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