How To Use Argan Oil And Benefits Of Argan Oil For Hair

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Argan oil in its pure form is a rare example of a product that allows you to enjoy the result and the process of using it. Argan oil, made from the argan tree’s fruit, has long been famous for its endless number of beneficial properties. It is used not only for the body but also successfully for hair care. 

What is the value and irreplaceability of argan oil? Amazing herbs with unique properties are ideal for your hair! Moreover, argan oil is now used worldwide for a variety of culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal applications.

Argan oil is a herb oil produced from the kernels of the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) that grows in Morocco.

Argan oil originally сonsist of fatty acids and different phenolic compounds. Most of the fat content of argan oil is from oleic and linoleic acid. Thus, around 29-36% of the fatty acid of argan oil is made from linoleic acid or omega-6, making it a perfect source of this essential nutrient. 

Argan oil for hair is a rich source of oleic acid, monounsaturated, and omega-9 fat. 

Furthermore, oleic acid can be found in the following foods, including avocado and olive oils that help to provide heart-protective effects.

How to Use Argan Oil for Hair

Argan oil is a natural source of vitamin E, healthy fats (omega 3,6 and 9, oleic and linoleic acids). Moroccan residents traditionally treat diseases, heal minor wounds, irritations, acne, care for the skin around the eyes, and get rid of aging and dry skin signs.

Various hair types and can tame even the most unruly curls. You can use it as a styling agent and leave-in conditioner. It helps thick hair to get rid of excess frizz and gain shine.

Argan oil can be used to treat the hair in its pure form. True, it is better to apply argan oil for hair only on the ends. Otherwise, the hair will quickly become greasy. However, if you want to make a hair mask from pure argan oil, then it must be heated to room temperature and only then distributed over the entire length of the hair. At home, you can make other hair masks with argan oil.

With regular use of argan oil for hair, you will not only keep your curls hydrated and look healthier, but you can also get rid of split ends. 

Knowing how to use argan oil for hair will be excellent support for those who want to grow healthy hair. 

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1. Argan oil shampoo

Argan oil shampoo is great for revitalizing hair and promoting hair growth. It can make your hair shiny and soft while reducing brittleness. 

Squeeze a coin-sized amount of the shampoo on your palms and rub it into your scalp and along the length of your hair. Work up a lather, and then rinse the shampoo with cool water. Use the shampoo once in two days to nourish and improve the appearance of your hair.

Everyone should use rejuvenating oils like Argan shampoo in their hair hygiene.

2. Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner

It is effective and chemical-free. It is good for hair growth. Take in a few drops of argan oil in your palm and rub your palms together. Finger it through your washed hair gently and massage the scalp thoroughly.

3. Argan Oil Mask

Use pure argan oil as a mask for hair growth by leaving it overnight on your hair.

A liberal amount of oil in a bowl is enough that should be warmed. Massage the oil into your scalp, hair, and tips. Begin from the hairline and work your way backward, covering the sides. Continue the massage for 15 minutes.


Then, wrap your hair with a towel and leave it on overnight. Allow the oil to soak into your hair and scalp thoroughly. Wash your hair in the morning with a regular shampoo.

Leaving the hair mask overnight helps your hair absorb all the nutrients in argan oil. It becomes incredibly smooth, soft, and shiny.

4. Argan Oil And Castor Oil Mask

Castor oil works well with argan oil, and both have similar benefits. Castor oil helps condition the hair and repairs hair damage. This mask prevents split ends and hair loss. It also helps prevent dandruff. This is an excellent hydrating mask.

5. Argan Oil And Coconut Oil Mask

Coconut oil and argan oil is another ideal combination for the growth of your hair. Both oils can penetrate the hair shaft and nourish from within. They can repair damage and protect it from UV radiation.

Treating your hair with natural oils takes longer than applying cosmetics from a store. But fans of oils assure that it is worth it!

There are a lot of home remedies for hair using argan oil on the net. So, you can easily learn how to use argan oil for hair. Do you love DIY recipes? 

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Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

  • it nourishes and moisturizes hair from root to tip and restores shine.
  • argan oil is the perfect remedy for hair due to its balanced nutrient content. Argan oil helps to strengthen hair, stimulates hair growth, "sticks" split ends, and gives shine to curls.
  • the oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids, among which are indispensable helpers of female beauty: linoleic, palmitic, and oleic acids. The phytosterols contained in the product are almost entirely composed of alpha-tocopherol, a vitamin that protects hair from oxidative processes and supports its main protective functions.
  • shottenol and alpha-spinasterol in oil stimulate cell regeneration, making the product widely used to accelerate hair growth and treat dandruff. The product contains triglycerols, important for the restoration of lipid metabolism.

How to Buy Argan Oil

  • all bottles must be marked with the country of origin.
  • it is essential to pay attention to the bottle in which the oil is placed - the filling agent should be stored in dark blue or brown glass bottles.
  • you also need to pay attention to the color of the oils. Yellow pills look attractive, but they are fake. Real argan oil has a rich amber hue and consistency.

Hope our JuvaBun review and the benefits of argan oil for hair will convince you to consider argan oil the best product for your hair! Choose and buy the right argan oil for your hair!

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