Top Braid Accessories

woman holding her hair with hair spirals

Various jewelry and hair accessories have entered our everyday life as an integral part of personal style. Forms, designs, and colors of products change from season to season, and some models remain relevant out of trends. But what hair braid accessories will we be trendy in 2021?

Here Are the Top Accessories for Hair Braids

  1. Seashells For Hair
  2. Hair Rings
  3. Ribbons For Hair
  4. Hair Beads for Braids
  5. Silk Rubber Bands
  6. Hair Spirals
  7. Feather Headband Side Braid
  8. Hairbands

    Various popular accessories will help a woman to look stylish and fashionable, transforming her appearance, as if by magic. Experimenting with different accessories is exciting and creative, and no woman should deny herself this pleasure.

    The most popular hair braid accessories are:

    Hair Rings

    Hair rings are one of the most popular accessories for hair braids today. If you add rings to even the simplest braid, you end up with an interesting boho-chic hairstyle. This hairstyle does not require special difficulties. Just braid a small pigtail and attach metal rings to it, like earrings.

    Why are rings in your hair cool?

    This is a quick and easy way to spruce up almost any braided style and add a trendy twist to it. If your strands are dyed in the same color, the braids may not look so embossed, and then accessories in the form of small rings will add sophistication to the hairstyle.

    Seashells for Hair

    Seashells for hair are a popular braid accessory. This is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry but also an unusual way to express your individuality. Seashells for hair are having a major moment. These stylish hair accessories are a great choice for summer. This type of decoration has long existed in Africa.

    How to add seashells for hair to pigtails?

    The special set of seashells has a small plastic or specially modified hairpin. This device resembles a loop. Then we choose a suitable place on the pigtail and insert the hairpin there.

    Ribbons for Hair

    Ribbons are the most unusual and even, at first glance, strange braided accessories. The main idea of the trend is to secure your braid or bun with tape. Perfectly created images often look boring, so a slight carelessness gives the hair a zest.

    woman tying her hair with a ribbon hairstyle

    How to Choose a Ribbon for Hair?

    To harmonize the appearance, it is important to choose the right fabric to complement the weaving. The minimalistic braid format is good for those with thick braids. For women with thinning hair, it is better to choose wide ribbons.

    The pigtail does not have to be complemented with a single lace. It is permissible to use 2 or more strips. Ribbons are acceptable, identical, or different in color, texture, thickness. The format of the braid is selected taking into account the appearance. A braided rope will set off a beautiful shade of eyes, hair, and complement the ensemble of clothes. Thanks to the brightness of the weaving, styling can become an accent of a holistic image.

    Hair Beads for Braids

    Initially, braiding hair into braids using beads originated in African countries. It has been very common for African fashion throughout history to braid hair using a variety of natural hair braid accessories.

    These braiding hair accessories come in various styles and sizes, it can adjust the braiding beads according to your hair volume and your needs easily. Hair beads for braids will make you look more eye-catching from the crowds, bring you a different wearing experience.

    Silk Rubber Bands

    Silk hair accessories claim to be the leader in the trend list of the coming year. Prefer silk elastic bands. This fabric is safe for hair and, on the contrary, helps to maintain its beauty and healthy appearance.

    Hair Spirals

    Want a fashionable hairstyle that will keep your hair in place? Hair spirals can secure any hairstyle. These hair accessories hold your hair up much better than regular hairpins.

    woman with hair spiral on her hair

    How to Use Hair Spirals?

    The spirals are very easy to screw in, you just have to collect the bundle and screw in these spirals. The bun will last all day and will not fall apart. These spirals can be twisted out of the hair just as easily. You just need to find the tip of the hairpin in the bundle and twist it. They do not pull hair. There are round tips that protect the head from scratches on the ends of the spirals.

    Feather Headband Side Braid

    Feather Headband Side Braid is the fastest, easiest, and most sustainable way to spice up your outfit. This is a very stylish accent for those who want to express their individuality. These braided accessories are guaranteed to grab attention and bring the wind of change into your life!

    What are the pros of Feather Headband Side Braid?

    • Quickly add length, volume, and bright accents to hair;
    • Give the image originality, lightness, and uniqueness;
    • Create a highlighting effect without dyeing and damaging hair.


    This year retro headband fashion is back in style. All kinds of headbands quickly returned to fashion, and, it seems, they liked modern women of fashion, nostalgic for the carefree 2000s. Richly decorated or minimalistic, satin or velvet, knitted or leather, but always massive and voluminous.

    Hair accessories are the most popular today and they are an important element of the beauty and fashion industry. The most important plus is that they are affordable, so everyone can find the right accessory for themselves. We have many tips about using hair accessories and you can access them easily on JuvaBun!

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