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As much as you love golden bright autumn and snowy winter, these two seasons are the most detrimental to the hair’s condition. Despite the increased humidity in the air, once lush chevelure becomes unruly and dull. Therefore, in the autumn-winter period, you need meticulous hair care. How to care for your chevelure in winter? Observing simple rules, they will amaze with their brilliance, and volume.

Moreover, you can turn to a professional who will dye your hair in a color that will be fashionable in winter to maintain a beautiful and healthy look of your chevelure. If you do not want to change your image drastically, you can use hair extensions. What colors will be in fashion this winter? Let's figure it out all right.

Trendy hair colors this winter

It is better to leave the method of independent trial and error in the past and entrust your appearance to professionals. A good master colourist will find the perfect balance between your desires, personality and the latest fashion trends. We offer you many options for inspiration, and stylists and extended strands will always help you realise plans related to a new image.

Cold blond perfect winter hair shade

Hair care in winter

This is a truly wintery shade if your skin has a cool pink or bronze undertone. But for girls whose skin has an olive or yellow undertone, cold blond is contraindicated: it will make their appearance expressionless and faded.

This colour will look luxurious in winter. If you don't want to drastically change your image, try a wig or hair extensions to test this colour for yourself.

Silver shades of hair

Silver looks stylish and very elegant. An essential component of this look is the hair’s metallic shine, and the shade can vary from light grey to rich charcoal. Monochromatic colouring or a play of shades here is the main thing for a professional to do the work; otherwise the shimmer of precious metal on the hair will not be achieved.

You can also diversify your hairstyle by adding just a few strands of hair extensions of this colour.

Red colors for winter hair

Red hair colour this season is very fashionable and in demand, but in this case we are not talking about gentle and light shades, but about the brightest and most saturated variations of it. Shining copper will emphasise all the advantages of the appearance of girls with fair skin and light eyes.

Boldly dyeing all your hair, or using this shade to colour individual strands, any option will look luxurious.

Blond in pink shades

Blond in pink shades

Rose quartz remains in vogue. This is a good opportunity to dilute the grey winter days with a stylish bright hairdo and create an interesting look during the New Year holidays and parties.

There are many shades of pink, so depending on your skin, chevelure and eye colour, the master will be able to select your perfect shade. It is not necessary to colour the entire mass of hair, using hair colouring techniques, you can organically grow pink strands so that your hairstyle sparkles with new colours. You can add hair extensions in different colours depending on the season and not harm your hair.

Winter ombre

Sun glare and subtle warm shades of classic ombre with the onset of winter lose their relevance. If you can afford the colder shades, try the quirky ombre tint, going from a rich lavender or purple at the roots to a trendy platinum hue at the tips. It is best to use hair extensions for this color, the strands can be dyed without damaging the hair.

How does hair behave in winter?

The most common problems the owners of colored hair faced in winter are brittleness, dullness, loss, itching. Cold, frost, the wind has a rather detrimental effect on the condition of the chevelure. They contribute to significant vasoconstriction, due to which the natural secretion of sebum decreases, which leads to dryness.

Besides, women often notice that their hair is increasingly electrifying. Here, the weather is no longer the fault, but the wearing of woollen and synthetic things. You care about the comfort of your body and completely forget about your chevelure. It is enough to equip your wardrobe with clothes made from natural materials to minimise electrification. At the very least, ensure that the hairstyle is in contact only with those things that do not contribute to magnetisation.

The negative winter factors for hair colors include drying with a hairdryer and perm. The more often you resort to such procedures, the worse the hairstyle looks. We recommend not to be too zealous with home styling and self-painting. It is better to entrust your hair to professionals. After all, the salons know how to select a gentle mode during drying and modelling and use reliable and proven means for dyeing and curling. Hair extensions also need protection and care. Moreover, hair extensions will be more difficult to restore and restore their shine and healthy appearance, so you need to take care of them.

The main rules for the care of hair color for the winter

care of hair color for the winter

Hair needs extra care in winter. It is not enough to use the usual shampoos, conditioners and rinses during this period.

  • Be sure to wear a hat. It serves as a kind of air gap between the street cold and chevelure. By the way, although etiquette allows women to be indoors with their heads covered, try to take off your hat as soon as you cross the threshold of a heated building. Otherwise, due to a sharp temperature change, the hair will be subjected to another stressful influence.
  • Intensive care aimed at nourishing and moisturizing hair in winter. Use masks and do hair restoration treatments. If a professional master does your hairstyle, he does not need to be reminded that special compositions are extremely important in winter. If you use hair extensions in your hairstyles, they should also be looked after as they do not receive natural moisture in winter.
  • Never expect that two or three trips to the salon a month will make your chevelure attractive, vibrant, and healthy. In the autumn-winter period, an integrated approach is very important. That is the obligatory combination of salon procedures with home procedures.
  • Taking vitamins and proper nutrition. You can buy a specialised complex for strengthening and healthy hair, as well as pick up a general strengthening product. This method will only work on your own hair. Naturally, the choice of vitamins should be based on the usual diet, preferred pastime, and the body’s health as a whole. Omega-3 polyunsaturated acids, zinc, calcium and protein will help take care of your hair.


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