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Enjoy beautiful hair, without the overwhelming hairstyle routine.

Life Is Too Short To Spend Hours On Your Hair Everyday. Don't be held back..

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JuvaBun Messy Bun

$24.99   $49.98

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JuvaBun Straight Bun

$27.99   $55.99

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JuvaBun Claw Clip Ponytail 12'

$39.99   $79.99

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JuvaBun Small Curly Bun

$22.99   $40.99

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JuvaBun Magic Ponytail


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JuvaBun Claw Clip Straight Ponytail

$34.99   $54.99

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Meet Our Ambassadors.

Hair transformation with less time

Hair transformation with less time Style your hair whenever you want just like our JuvaBun Ambassador Sherrie! She effortlessly creates a new updo in just a few minutes. Whether it’s an impromptu FaceTime after her home workout or a virtual date with girlfriends, she won’t have to worry about her hair anymore.

 The JuvaBun messy bun is the prefect hair accessory to achieve a fuller and thicker hair style in just a few seconds. Plus, it makes her "look cute."

Confidence Booster!

Sometimes there's nothing much to do with short hair, and wearing it up in a bun can be challenging. With the JuvaBun Messy Bun, it can be fun and easy to play and get your hair done easily, plus some a big portion of our customers mentioned that it makes them feel more feminine and attractive. You’ll be excited to wake up in the morning and take the (less) time to style your hair.

Let’s not forget to mention that adding length and volume to your hair can also create that younger look. You would be surprised how many years just a few extra inches of hair could take off your appearance.

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