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It doesn't matter if your hair is short or long; it still gets tangled from time to time. If you abruptly brush dry strands, there is a risk of tangling them even more. And combing wet strands can injure your hair. What to do, how to comb tangled hair and not harm them? While you are treating your hair, it may look a little greasy. To keep your hairstyle stylish use elastic bands with false hair. They entirely mask dry and damaged hair and add volume to the hairstyle.

How to prevent hair tangle?

how to prevent hair tangle

Before getting into the secret of how to comb tangled hair painlessly and quickly, it is best to find the root cause of why it is tangled.

The cuticle of healthy hair has a smooth and uniform surface, but it becomes uneven when the strands become tangled. And since the hairs are always in motion and in contact with each other, this can cause them to get tangled.

If you continuously fall prey to tangled hair, this is a sure sign that your hair is dry or damaged. If your hair is tangled only a couple of times, this may be an accident or a consequence of how you slept.

Find a product that makes combing your hair easier

Using a lot of softening and smoothing products is the key to combing tightly tangled hair. You will regret not having done this before once you start using additional funds.

A good smoothing serum will help you comb your hair quickly without damaging whether the knot is large or small. If your hair is prone to tangling when dry, apply a few drops of serum before combing.

Remember that hair beauty begins in the shower, and after washing, be sure to apply a nourishing conditioner to it.

Choose the right comb

how to choose the right comb

The correct comb will help to comb tangled hair with less damage. It is best to detangle it with your fingers and a soft massage comb to least damage the hair. Moreover, the correct choice helps to comb your hair more quickly and prevents split ends.

Treat your hair with care

How to comb tangled hair? Brushing your hair quickly will only strip you of some of your hair that could be preserved and will not do you any good. It's best to set aside time in advance and devote it to brushing your hair. Remember that hair grows slowly, so treat it with care to maintain its natural beauty.

Comb your hair twice a day

One of the secrets to how to easily prevent hair tangle is to comb it twice a day. Then the strands will not have time to get very tangled. You can spend a couple of minutes combing in the morning and the same amount before bed.

Try to comb from the tips and only then work down to the roots. It will help relieve root pressure and reduce brittleness. To make the curls less tangled, touch them less with your hands during the day, and collect them in a braid before going to bed. Try to brush slowly and avoid pulling your hair.

Take care of your hair

hair care

If you are concerned about how easy it is to comb the tangled hair, include an express firming treatment in your daily hair treatment. Choose products that remove static, get rid of frizz, nourish and strengthen hair, and make it easier to comb. Simultaneously, the product mustn’t need to be washed off, which means it can be used anywhere.

How to detangle your hair? Step-by-step instruction

If you find tangled hair while brushing, don't worry.

Here's a step-by-step guide to unraveling it:

  • Wash your hair with a shampoo appropriate for your hair type.
  • Apply hair conditioner for three to four minutes, rinse with warm water. It will help remove residual hairspray and other styling products that make it difficult to detangle your hair.
  • Dry your hair gently with a towel to keep it damp but not wet.
  • Divide the hair into sections with your hands or a wooden comb with wide teeth.
  • Start detangling your hair from the ends, gradually moving towards the roots.
  • If the hair is very tangled, then detangle it in small strands. It is a very time consuming but effective process. Try not to pull your hair.
  • After you detangle your hair, you can apply the mask on it for 20-30 minutes.

Six tips for detangling your hair

how to detangling your hair

  1. Hair extensions should only be detangled with your hands to avoid damaging the capsules with the comb. If you can't untangle the hair extensions on your own, you will have to contact a master at a beauty salon with this problem.
  2. Hold the section you are working with your hand to reduce pain when detangling your hair. It will relieve tension on the skin.
  3. If your hair is very long, braid it before bed to avoid tangling.
  4. You will need several combs: a comb with the finest teeth, a comb with more frequent teeth, and a comb with fine teeth when unraveling the strands. So you will gradually work through the entire mass of hair and not miss a single knot!
  5. If you need to detangle hair that is tangled on a round comb, do so by pulling small strands off the edges of the comb.
  6. You can use coconut, olive, or argan oils (the latter is especially effective on curly hair) instead of a balm when detangling your hair.

Which comb is the best for detangling your hair?

You should be especially careful when choosing a comb if your hair is prone to tangling. Moreover, in your arsenal, there should be not one but several types.

Experts recommend giving preference to combs made of natural materials: wood, bone, bristles. They do not build up static electricity, which means they do not get frizzy hair.

What combs will help detangle your hair?

  • You will need a sparse-toothed comb to comb through wet hair, and you should also start detangling your hair with it.
  • A fine-toothed comb will help you comb even the smallest knots in your hair.
  • The massage brush is good for daily brushing and head massage.
  • The round brush is used to create volume and curls. But,  it is because of it that the hair most often gets tangled during styling at home.


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