Pineapple Method For Curly Natural Hair

Who does not remember the “Curly Sue” movie? You apparently might have no doubt that this movie raises only good and sensitive feelings in your heart and mind. Maybe, the reason is that curly people always seem fancy-free, dreaming, and romantic.

In most cases, it is definitely true. So, it is not a surprise that this type of girl is popular amongst men because curlies are associated with infant spontaneity and incredible easy-going character features. 

However, the female owners of wavy or curly hairs are faced with a lot of difficulties caused by the requirements to treat their natural curlies properly. In order to keep the natural curly strands of hair unchangeable, each girl should use various hair care products. 

Nevertheless, curly hair has a wide range of advantages. Hence, you have the original hairstyle without the means of hairdressing at any time. Curly strands have many hairstyles such as a bun, Greek hairdressing, various French braids, a bob, etc.

The new-old variant for the curly natural hair setting is the pineappling technique, so-called because of the output form of hair setting similar to the shape of that exotic fruit.

This hair setting could have an esthetical solution for disco-like party or essential approach for the hair shape improvement.

woman braiding her hair

Do You Need a Pineapple Hairdo?

The pineapple-shaped hairstyle is the best solution for naturally curly hair especially if you intend to go to bed. Besides, such a setting adds the naturally eye-bending volume on the tip of the head.

To this end, you need a fabric hair tie because the ordinary one strongly tightens the hair. Also, you should lower your head down, fix all strands of hair on the tip of the head and tie a ponytail. As mentioned above, the final result should be like a voluminous pineapple. 

If you gather the hair on the tip of the head and leave it for a night your curly strands won't become entangled and keep their elastic shape and volume. Such a hairstyle coolly saves your time especially in the morning, because you simply let your strands down.

Pineappling Is Non-Discriminatory Hairdressing for Natural Curly Hair

Sexual, racial and even age differences are not the restrictions to apply the pineapple method for natural hair. The main feature influencing this hairdressing choice is to be a curlie.

Pineapple Hairstyle for Curly Young Girls

Following the highly nice-looking Rihanna’s hairdressing, you must keep the next steps to make your natural curvy strands stylish, extraordinary, and unique.

1. Prepare the tightened hair tie which could hold the hair volume for a long period of time.

2. Tilt your head down and gather your well-combed hair together, making the high ponytail fixed on the tip of the head close to the forehead and visually similar to the pineapple. 

3. Put a small quantity of the hair shining gel on your hands and go through the whole head, eliminating even tiny hair fibers or staring strands. 

4. Fix the gathered hair as the ponytail and properly make them fluffy in your fingers, forming a pineapple tail.

    Pineapple Method for The Male Natural Curly Hair

    The pineapple-shaped hairstyle is also a well-loved one among young and experimental-fan men. However, the male pineappling has neither part nor lot with the female one. That means that the traditional ponytail fixed on the tip of the head is rather a haircut similar to the tropic fruit identically.

    The male pineapple hairstyle is performed according to the sequence of the actions below:

    1. Cut the hair, keeping the strands 10-12 cm in length on the top of the head.

    2. Use bleach in order to lighten the hair.

    3. The long strands are to be dyed in green. In order to avoid the coloring of the lighter hair in a greenish tone, you should protect them with the help of the film beforehand.

    4. Using the hair cutting machine, shave the lines on the head, imitating the pineapple skin structure.

    5. Applying the hair setting gel or wax, shape the green pineapple tail rising up.

    6. To the extent of hair growth, the strands should be bleached once more.

      Pineappling wanted for kids

      Pineapple Hairstyle for Kids

      There are many hairdressing possibilities for children with curly hair. The female children’s natural hair is easily fixed by this original hairdressing. Furthermore, such a hairstyle does not require drastic changes of the little girl's appearance, haircutting, and, of course, dyeing manipulations. This extraordinary hairdressing needs a lot of your time and skills, however, the final result given with your kid eyes is worth your affords.

      The features of the children's pineapple hairstyle differ from the adult variant a little. First, you need to plait the French braids starting from the backside of the head to the hair central part. At the central part level, the plaiting is stopped, and the remaining strands are fixed with the help of the hair tie.

      When all strands of hair are plaited, you can begin to form a pineapple tail. To this end, the small braids are gathered into the big French braid with the tail on the top. As a result, you receive a very stylish and original pineapple.

      Such hairdressing is very suitable to do in summer. The top-fixed hair would not make your kid heated.

      As you see, the pineapple-like hairstyle is so simple as to count to 1, 2, 3, and 4 on fingers This page along with other JuvaBun posts aim to bring stunning beauty for your curly natural hair.

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