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Headband-style braids are cute, carefree, and comfortable to pull off. They are better for long hair, but this will work for medium lengths. Moreover, you can take overhead strands, and no one will notice.

A variety of weaving options allow you to make new styling, experiment with shape and type. The scythe has several weaving options that rely on the structure and longitude of the chevelure.

bobby pins

Step-by-step instructions for weaving hair braid band

You must clean your chevelure so that volume appears and the hairdo looks neat before creating any hairstyle. Take a balm or conditioner after washing; rely on your chevelure kind.

Step 1

Dry your hair with a hairdryer or let it dry yourself. For wet chevelure, use a wide-toothed comb and brush gently. It is also best to apply special cosmetics to secure the braid and give it a neat look.

Step 2

homemade braided headband

Divide your chevelure into several sections with a comb to make hair braid headbands. Small strands should begin at the way, separating and end after the ear on the other side. Take part from the partition you constructed, divide them into three identical parts, and begin braiding lengthwise the hairline.

Step 3

When you have already braided the scythe to the other side of the head, do not stop and scythe to the hair’s ends. After you have finished braiding, secure the hair with a scrunchie. Moreover, to make the hairdo seem more voluminous, you can slightly correct the braid.

Step 4

Fix the scythe closer to your head to make it look pretty. Attach it to the underside of the chevelure at the back of the head using barrettes but so that they remain hide below the rest of the chevelure.

Step 5

Now that you've finished braiding, you might want to consider styling the remaining curls. They can be left straight, or you can make light waves with the help of a curling iron. Carefully run your fingers across it to smooth the chevelure and secure them with hairspray after you have waved all your chevelure.

You have a braided headband that will amaze everyone.

You can use a hair braid band made from faux strands if you have short hair or don't have time to weave your braid every day. This headband is quick to put on, and you can diversify your hairstyle in just a couple of minutes.

Fishtail braid

You can select the right braid made of synthetic chevelure. With this headband, you can easily make elegant hairstyles.


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