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Fashion does not stand still.  Every season, new trends appear in hairstyles, makeup, manicure, and clothes. But there are trends that do not lose their relevance over time. One of them is bangs. Today, we'll show you how to style your curtain bang in different ways.  Try it, and you will update your image, adding zest and originality to it.

curtain bang

Lovely ladies at all times strived to look their best. To do this, they dressed beautifully, put on makeup, devoted long hours to care for their body, face and hair. By the way, a fashionable hairstyle has always been in the arsenal of beauties far from being the last weapon: remember how fashion trends for this or that styling or haircut changed over time, and how sacredly the fair sex tried to follow these trends.

Such a detailed hairstyle, like bangs, either came into fashion or remained in the shadows. Now it is in trend, in addition, there are many ways to wear and style it. How to properly lay it so that it emphasizes all the advantages of your appearance - read the article.

Curtain bang is a rather noticeable part of the hairstyle, and if it is styled unattractively, it immediately spoils the whole impression. Let's figure out if it is difficult to lay it on your own, and what is required for its design.

short curtain

What do you need to do to make a curtain bang?

For starters, you should purchase a hair styling product. It can be spray, mousse, or foam. Choose a product depending on your hair type: water sprays or clay-based products are best for the owner of curls or hair that is prone to oily roots, and foam or mousse for women with straight, dry, or normal curls. In a hairdresser, you may be offered to lay your bangs with a special professional product enriched with vitamins. It will make the hair more pliable, moreover, it will protect against temperature exposure and UV radiation.

Whichever product you choose for styling, remember that even for long curtain bangs you need to take quite a bit of it: a drop, the size of a pea. It must be applied to wash, slightly damp curls.

By the way, cleanliness is a must. If you are not a supporter of daily shampooing, wash your bangs separately. Lather a drop of shampoo, rinse your hair thoroughly, blot off excess moisture with a towel, and you can apply the styling product.

The next necessary attributes for styling a curtain bang are a hairdryer and a brush-shaped comb or "massage". You need it to grab the hair along its entire length and straighten it by drying it with a hairdryer. In this case, we use the hairdryer as follows: we transfer it to the low airflow mode, direct the airflow so that it goes in the direction of laying the bangs. If you are happy with how you styled your bangs when drying, set the hairdryer to a cold setting, then perform the same manipulations again.

The final touch will be combing the curtain bang and “varnishing” it (if desired).

Just remember that the bottle of varnish must be kept at a distance of 20-30 cm from the face and when spraying, cover your eyes with your hand. Do not overuse this tool, otherwise, you will get a stiff clump of hair instead of beautifully styled bangs.

How to style curtain bang?

Times are changing, and the current fashion is very loyal to those who want to be at its peak. There are no more strict frameworks, for example, that the bangs should be on the eyebrow and must be straight, or the like. You can style your bangs exactly the way you like, highlighting the dignity of your face.

These are the trendy forms of curtain bang.

  • Straight. It can be of almost any length. The shortened version is chosen by lovers of daring creativity, the middle (classic) is preferred by conservative stylish ladies, and the bangs that reach up to the eyelashes hint at a kind of mystery and extravagance.
  • Oblique. This variety does not get along with curls, since the main rule when cutting and styling oblique bangs is that they should be smooth, solid, without falling strands.

"Torn". This option also does not cut on curly hair. For all the seeming "sloppiness", the "torn" bangs have their own styling rules. So, it is always worth pulling it down with a hairdryer, while if you want, you can twist the ends or leave them straight. Such a bang implies a certain degree of negligence, so the main requirement is its cleanliness, and it is absolutely unnecessary to put to hair.

Fashion trends of curtain bang

trendy bangs

XXI century is very loyal to fashionistas. Now the emphasis is on developing your personal style, and not strictly following the canons. Accordingly, the choice of hairstyle, and, consequently, the shape of the bangs, is yours.

You need to focus on what suits you and emphasizes your individuality. Of course, every season has favorite bangs. That's what's trending now:

  • Strand bangs. In fact, this is not even a bang in its traditional sense, but just a shortened strand, trimmed near the face. Has the effect of growing bangs.
  • Oblique with thinning. Suitable for creating a casual, cheeky look. It looks very nice with a ladder haircut.
  • Side bangs are suitable for almost every type of appearance and style of clothing. It can be long, medium, or short - it doesn't matter at all, you will be "in style" anyway by doing this styling.
  • Asymmetrical curtain bang. Most often has a triangular or arched shape. Lovers of short unusual haircuts, with many "feathers" and sharp corners, stop their choice on such bangs. It is important to know that when laying such a bang, it is worth avoiding the "falling out" of the strand from the general row - that is, if it has the shape of a triangle, then it should lie in a triangle, and not in its sloppy likeness.
  • Shortened. This is considered a bang to the middle of the forehead, or even shorter. It is worn with both long and short hair, but you need to remember that it is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, before deciding on such an experiment, study the features of your face and, if possible, do a preliminary computer simulation.

As you can see there are a lot of options for haircuts with bangs, and each of them is good in a special way, choose the option that is right for you!

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