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Over the past year, everyone has realized how previously underestimated professional haircuts and hairdos in salons. After all, trying to trim the tips on your own, or hide the overgrown roots, turned out to be much more difficult. Negative experiences can be helpful, too, especially when they are in the past. 

What trendy hairstyles and haircuts to do this season? 2021 hair trends will surprise you with their diversity and boldness. If you want to be the most stylish and fashionable, you need to make an appointment with a hairdresser urgently. Here are some trendy and simple hair options that you can repeat at home or sign up for your master. Follow hairstyles trends and experiment with hair coloring this year.

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Trending hairstyles for women

  • Large waves. Classic voluminous curls are a universal option for those who do not like complex looks and prefer natural styling. Fortunately, the love for natural curls will not disappear in the new season but will only grow.
  • Layers on long hair. A bob cut in different variations is hair trends in 2021, but nothing beats the soft layers on long hair. A simple haircut does not need to be carefully groomed to maintain its chic appearance. It is enough to introduce habitual beauty rituals such as soft combing, additional moisturizing, and nourishing with masks.
  • Smooth bangs. The only way to stand out while wearing a mask is to trim your bangs. Fortunately, the new season of hairstyles trends has different variations of bangs. Among them are the most even thick formats that are especially suitable for girls with an oval and round face shape.
  • Fishtail. Weaving fishtail has not appeared in the beauty chronicle for a long time. The traditional braid will be replaced by a more complex in the new season, but no less beautiful, so-called fishtail. Do not worry if some strands are carelessly knocked out of your straight hairstyle. Do not fix the trendy braid with long-lasting gel, but rather use a mild moisturizer for hair to create a more natural look.
  • Curtain bangs. This is one of the simplest and most versatile options for everyday bangs. This haircut will be in trends 2021, and it looks fresh and vintage at the same time. You can cut your bangs casually or maintain a neat hairstyle.
  • Long braid. Looking for trendy but simple hairstyles? Fortunately, women's stylish options for long hair are not limited to beach curls and ragged bangs for the next season. Traditional long braids are also trendy. For maximum smoothness, use a moisturizing shine cream.
  • Smooth, soft waves. Do you prefer simple glamorous looks? Then try on soft and smooth waves with this trending hairstyle for women. Apply fixing spray to the front strands to follow the style. When styling, use a natural bristle comb for the smoothest texture possible.
  • Braided low ponytail. A regular tail is beautiful, but only for everyday life. On special occasions, decorate the traditional hairstyle. Braid where you want the wide elastic to be.
  • Small pigtails. The thin pigtails that were popular in the 90s will not disappear in the new season. Anyone can repeat the main advantage of such 2021 hair trends. Simply braid two tiny braids on each side, and leave the rest of your hair loose or tuck back to recreate the trend. Finish with texturizing spray all over for a causal effect.

Haircut female trends 2021


Haircut female trends 2021

Many hairstyles that are suitable for long hair are also relevant for women of medium length.

  • Careless square. Messy curls and medium bob are the perfect combinations for the new season. Ask your hairdresser to create a light, airy bob that will look casual. By the way, when the hair begins to grow back, the hairstyle will look just as good as earlier. Remember the main beauty rule of the next season; the simpler, the better.
  • Disheveled waves. For a stylish haircut with light waves, use a volumizing mousse. With the help of the tool, you can give your haircuts a natural texture, which will be in trend 2021.
  • Tall bun and curls. If you have naturally curly hair, take advantage of this and get a messy, high bun. A rare bang of small curls will be an excellent addition to your beauty look.
  • Textured layers. Well-groomed strands look perfect both in the context of the office and as part of an evening dress. Try on bold, casual layers to give your look a fresh edge. And don't forget about the natural volume at the roots.
  • Low tail. The low ponytail is a fast and graceful hairstyle trend that you can complement with a good accessory. Take hairpins and use them to spice up everyday styling. Use pins and hair glue to secure the jewelry.
  • Soft waves in the style of the 60s. It is another vintage 2021 haircut trend you can safely wear in the new season. If you're feeling nostalgic for the past, go for glamorous chunky curls and secure them on the sides with massive bobby pins. Use a smaller curling iron to keep the waves from getting spoiled during the day. Curl in one direction, then loosen the finished curls with a soft-bristled comb.
  • A bun with strands on the face. All sorts of haircut trends in 2021 can't do without a classic bun. A particularly elegant high bun looks paired with soft curls that neatly frame the face. For maximum effect, use a moisturizer before styling.
  • High 90s hairstyle. Fashion insiders love vintage looks. Create sharp curls and fix them with a high ponytail. And, of course, do not forget about the careless strands of the face, which seemed to fall out of their own accord in the midst of a disco.

Trending hairstyles for women with short hair

  • Inverted bob. A short relaxed bob is another trend of the coming year. This hairstyle is timeless, easy to care for, and harmonious in any look.
  • Tousled pixie. Sloppy pixie is the 2021 hair trend. Moreover, this simple and trendy styling is perfect for those with short hair. Apply fixing mousse to damp short strands, then blow-dry to lift after finishing styling with texturizing spray and fixing the strands on the sides to style this look.
  • Wet styling. This is one of the top hairstyles trends. To repeat the beauty look, comb your wet curls back and fix them with a special wet gel.
  • Small curls. What's missing is a curly hairstyle with a side part? Miniature hairpins, of course. To create a voluminous texture, use a special product that will not weigh down your hair. Classic varnish will not work.

Hair color trends 2021

Hair color trends 2021

Last season one could observe how balayage and ombre were taking over catwalks, covers of glossy magazines, and city avenues. These stains continue to look as natural as possible and are still at their peak in popularity.

Tweed coloring will replace traditional balayage. Smooth transitions are achieved by using small paint through each strand. This coloring reveals the natural hair color in a new way and does not completely overlap it.

Lightness, airiness, and even a little romance, this is how you can describe the impending wave of madness and freedom hair color trends 2021. Experiments this season have no boundaries.

  • Pearl blond. This is the same ashy shade but with a more comfortable golden tint. These two shades work great with each other and require much less maintenance.
  • Salted caramel. This tasty tone makes the natural color look less boring. The caramel shade makes the hair color warm and radiant, masks signs of age, and creates a sun-glare sensation on the strands.
  • Blushed Chocolate. The peculiarity of this chocolate shade is a barely expressed copper tint. It is an extremely versatile shade that is suitable for any skin and any color type. The main plus of color is the ability to make the natural hair color brighter and more radiant.
  • Strawberry balayage. Bright and colorful fuchsia is replaced by a gentle and light strawberry blond. Several years ago, it tried to enter the top of favorite colors, but the mission failed. Now, this type of coloring will be in the top hair color trends 2021.
  • Honey blond. It looks more natural than others, mostly without overflow. The main rule when choosing a honey shade, the darker the eyes, the more creamy the hair palette should be.
  • Apricot Red. The peach tone looks very natural and not shocking, as it might seem at first glance. The image is fresh and delicate but completely discreet. This season, it reveals exactly in ombre on dark hair.
  • Rooty Blonde Blend. This coloring has been solving the problem of coloring the roots for several years already. With this shade, correction can be carried out much less often if the color at the roots is close to natural.
  • Sandy blond. This is a combination of warm honey and cold ash. It has shades on both sides of the spectrum, making it a neutral blonde. This coloring not only got into the tops of hair color trends 2021 but also took a special place in women's hearts.
  • Ginger Brunette. Everyone is a little tired of the screaming fire, and the result is a balance of a sweet ginger shade and the usual dark chestnut. This season this shade will reveal itself in all its glory.

The main trend is hair care and restoration

Professional dyes allow for cosmetic experimentation and minimize damage to your hair. But if the hair deteriorates during the dyeing process, it must be restored with the help of unique cosmetics and procedures.

While your hair is recovering, you can experiment with hair extensions adding volume to your head. Hair extensions are harmless and will help add volume and a new look. Add colored strands and have new look every day.

If you've experimented unsuccessfully with your hair, hair extensions will help hide unsuccessful hairstyles or coloring. Go only to trusted hairdressers.


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