What Are Hair Extensions - Short Guide

Know The Basics

In the world surrounded by fashionable models and high-end fashion brands, it is difficult to match pace. But that shouldn't stop you from trying. 

Clip-ins, weaves, pre-bonded, micro-link and wigs make for amazing hair extensions. They are available in beautiful shades of brown, white, gray and the traditional black. Some people prefer natural hair extensions, while others go for artificial hair extensions. But regardless of the type, hair extensions are sure to create a breathtaking look. But there is a catch.

Putting on hair extensions is a hard task, and one that shouldn't be taken up by any beginner hairdresser. So before you experiment with your hair, make sure you have an experienced person around you. 

Curly Blonde Hair Extension

Hair Extensions Benefits - What's So Great About Them?

Hair extensions are taking center stage in the fashion world today. Women in every part of the globe love putting them on to enhance their look. But there is so much more to hair extensions than you know. Here are all the benefits that you can enjoy while wearing good-quality hair extensions.

Look exquisite with a new style

When it comes to women, hair makes for an important part of their entire look. You will see millions of women experimenting with their looks by primarily changing the color and style of their hair. Many women know that the art to look beautiful is to wear a nice wig or add some hair extensions. 

Whether you use real hair extensions or artificial ones, a transformative look is guaranteed. Both types come in a variety of styles, colors and forms, and you are free to choose one that you most like. But regardless of your decision, you will surely stand out in the crowd.

Feel beautiful

Looking beautiful is incomplete as long as you don't feel beautiful. Many people choose styles that appeal to either their boyfriends or their spouses, or even their friends. This leaves them disliking their new look. But that should be out of the question. You put on new extensions, so you could feel beautiful. So the best way to go about it is to make a decision that appeases you the most. Take everyone’s advice into consideration, but the final decision should be yours.

Feeling beautiful is a special feeling. And you deserve it as much as any other person in the world.

The right way to experiment with hair styles

Following norms may allow you to live a good life, but without experimentation, you will never be able to achieve the pinnacle of success. All good things in life come to those who dare to take a chance. With new extensions, you are not only breaking old-age norms, but you are also changing the way people perceive you. You are adopting new colors and new styles and making them an essential part of your life. And there is one person who will love this new look; YOU.  And that person’s opinion is the only one that counts.

Safe alternative for hair disorders

Not everyone has the luxury to put on extensions out of sheer will. Some people are bound to try them on because of recurring health issues like a damaged scalp, balding or hair loss. But there should be no shame in admitting that.

People all around the world experiment with new styles every day, and you should do. You can try out as many wigs and hair extensions as you like until you end up with one that feels like magic. You should never compromise. Compromising is for cowards, and you are a fighter, an extraordinary FIGHTER.

Lasting ease and convenience

Hair extensions may not last an entire lifetime, but they save you the trouble from having to find solutions every other day. Most hair extensions, and especially the ones we have mentioned below, can last for up to 3-4 months. Most of them also require minimal maintenance and care, thus saving your time and energy.

Furthermore, extensions allow you to experiment with different  . You can achieve a perfect braid, an exquisite hair bun or simply let your hair loose. Regardless of the look, hair extensions will surely make you look like a true princess.

2 ladies with different hair color

Types Of Hair Extensions - How Diverse Are My Options?

When it comes to hair extensions, you don't have to limit yourself to one style only. There is a lot of diversity and versatility waiting for you at the other side of the tunnel. Here is everything you need to know about these stunning styles.

1. Clip-in hair extensions - your safest option

Available in a strand of contoured pieces, these hair extensions make for a great evening look. They are attached at the base with either silicone or a smooth fabric. They are also easily available and can be put on within minutes. 

The clips are attached to the base of the extensions. To place these extensions, all you have to do is clip the pieces to your hair, and you are good to go. Another amazing thing is that all these clips open and close with a quick snap and hence save your time and energy.

Another thing to remember is that this type isn't a permanent solution. On the contrary, it is the least permanent style of extensions and can be removed within seconds. This also makes them one of the least damaging of the extensions.

Moreover, you can put these on at home within 5 to 15 minutes. This saves you the additional cost of going to a salon every time you want to wear extensions. 

So if you are a frequent user of extensions but don't want to place any heat or pressure on your hair, this is the best solution for you. Click here for more fashion ideas using clips.

clip-in hair extensions

2. Tape-In Hair Extensions - for a unique look

Next on our list is a type that will instantly make you fall in love with it. As the name suggests, tape in extensions are pre-taped and glued on either side of your hair. This requires the help of a hairdresser who would apply tape-ins to your hair, thus helping align the extensions to your natural hair. 

The above procedure requires heating of your hair. You can thus expect a little damage to your hair in the long run. However, when carefully done and executed, the damage is minimal and reversible. 

Time is another consideration for you, as the entire procedure can easily take up to one hour. Moreover, like installation, the removal of the hair extensions is also time-consuming and strenuous at times. This is why we recommend this type to professionals who have an hour to spear for their look.

Another important consideration is in regard to treatment of your hair. You will have to be extra cautious and not use too much conditioner or hair product. This could seriously hamper the consistency of your hair extensions.

At the end of the day, remember that a little effort can go a long way. So if you are looking to dress up for a wedding or a grand party, don't think twice about the time wastage or the extra caution.

3. Sew-In Hair Extensions/Weave - for their long-lasting appeal

The beauty of the extensions lie in how easily they are able to fool the onlookers. A good extension will not allow any person to separate your natural hair from the artificial ones. And this is exactly why this type stands out so well.

It is applied by braiding the natural hair into cornrows first. The hairdresser then uses a small needle and a thread to sew the weave into the cornrow. But this special technique isn't for everyone. The technique only works well for people who have thick and long hair. This makes it easier for the hairdresser to weave the extensions. 

Despite having a plethora of benefits, it has some downsides to it as well. These types of extensions require many hours and may feel uncomfortable at the end of the day. This is especially true for people with relatively thinner hair.

Another thing to ensure is the kind of hairdresser you go to. The process is a technical one and one that requires extreme expertise. So don't trust an amateur hairdresser to do a good job. 

Once you have achieved your desired look, it is important to retain it. You will have to moisturize your scalp regularly. Furthermore, you need to use a good conditioner and protein rich hair products to maximize your hair beauty.

The process may seem exhaustive, but as a result, you will get hair extensions that will make any celebratory feel jealous.

short hair extension

4. Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions - great for all types of hair

The process of adding these extensions is as interesting as its name. Also known as bonding extensions, these are fused with natural hair with the help of a glue. It usually takes up to 3-4 hours to complete the processor. However, it is important to remember that the process requires a special technique that only an experienced hairdresser can perform. So don't risk your hair’s safety on an amateur.

Furthermore, remember that this technique isn't for every client. It is a relatively damaging process and should not be done on virgin hair. It requires the use of a very hot glue gun that glues the hair to individual strands of your hair. 

The good thing is that fusion hair is treated much the same way as your real hair. You don't need any special products as you can use your everyday shampoos and conditioners to achieve a perfect look. However, some care is important at the start because application of glue can lead to hair loss or even scalp irritation.

On top of all of that, it is important to remember that this is not a permanent solution. The hair extension can stay on your hair for up to 4 months only.

So if you are looking for hair extensions for your wedding or for a quarter of a year only, this is a good choice for you.

5. Micro-link Hair Extensions - for a more permanent solution

Backed by a strong and efficient innovation, this type of hair extensions are applied by attaching tiny wefts of hair to your natural hair using a small silicone lined bead. Next, your hairdresser will use a special tool to secure the beads to the hair and tighten them, so they don't look haphazard. 

The best thing about this procedure is that it doesn't use any glue or heat. However, like most other methods, this also requires a professional hairdresser. The attachment of the beads is an intricate process and one that can easily go wrong. In the latter case, the beads can put too much pressure on the roots, thus damaging the hair in the hand. 

The method requires up to 3-4 hours, depending on the length and quality of your hair. As for treatment, you can wash the extended hair just as you would your natural hair. Lastly, remember that micro-link hair extensions will require repositioning every 3 months as your hair grows.

This process is most suitable for people who want a relatively permanent solution but with little risk involved. 

6. Wigs & Hair Pieces - transform your look completely

We have saved one of the most common types of extensions for the last. Wigs and hair pieces come in a variety of different forms and applied to your hair topically. Normally, wigs are used to cover your entire hair, thus completely transforming your look. 

Many people use wigs due to hair loss or balding, however, the most common reason is still a complete transformation. People looking to experiment with their looks and try out exciting new features absolutely adore this style. 

If you want to surprise yourself and your friends, you can go for a bun, ponytail or a braided wig. There are as many options as you like. 

So rest assured, there is something for everyone out there. There are many hair extension styles you can apply, so know which hair extension will suit you.

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