8 Hair Extension Styles: An Easy Guide

Luxurious hair is the dream of every girl. But shiny thick hair, gifted by nature, is a rarity. Almost every second representative of the fair sex has thin, brittle hair that cannot be grown to the desired length. To solve the problem, many people choose a short haircut. Oftentimes, such experiments are disappointing. After all, short hair is suitable for a few, besides, then you have to wait until they grow back. Fortunately, thanks to the modern hairdressing industry, there is a way out!  Hair extension is a procedure that will make the dream of long, thick hair a reality.

Hair extension is a hair-time machine that quickly transports you to a bright future. Where the hair is already long and luxurious. In this article, you will find out what this procedure is.

The market today is overflowing with offers of hair extensions. It is worth asking once in a search engine for information about this service. And advertising of salons will haunt you for a long time! But how to choose the best among all the ads? First of all, it is worth deciding what  hair extension you want.

Hairstyles with a claw clip

Types of hair extensions:

  • Hot capsule (Italian)
  • Tape
  • Hollywood
  • English
  • Brazilian
  • Extension to rings
  • Ultrasonic

What are hair extension styles?

Capsule hair extension - the most popular

This is when the master attaches to the strands of hair small transparent capsules the size of a grain of rice. Long strands of hair "grow" from the capsules. The attachment points are completely invisible and hidden from prying eyes. Insight - only long thick curls. However, the capsules are exposed to temperature. Unfortunately, this can damage your hair.

Capsule hair extension of hair is comfortable to wear. They "might fit" almost any haircut. And then do a variety of hairstyles. But the key point here is the work of the master and his knowledge of capsule attachment technologies. 

Tape hair extension - the most popular

The advantage of tape build-up is that it is carried out without exposure to high temperatures. The extension tapes are attached to the adhesive. This prevents experimentation with hairstyles and is generally less comfortable. But much safer.

Many girls are interested in what material is used for building. It can be either artificial monofilament or natural hair strands. Among the natural ones, Asian, European, and Slavic strands are distinguished. By the way, the latter is better suited to most Russian girls. Therefore, they are more expensive. The salon will also help you choose the length and color of your hair.

Hollywood build-up

Hollywood or braid hair extensions are one of the cold hair lengthening methods.

Several braids are woven at the back of the head, to which a tress with donor strands is sewn.

English hair extensions

One type of hot hair extension. Using a special gun, the resin-based composition is melted and attached to your own hair. You do not wear such an extension for more than 3 months!

Brazilian hair extension

Slippery type of building also refers to cold.It can be performed using a pigtail or using a "bundle". Donor strands are woven into your own hair with a braid. Or the hair extensions are folded in half, a strand with its curls is applied to the place of the fold and a pigtail is braided. Braiding is fixed with either donor hairs or synthetic thread.

Hair extensions on rings (ring star)

Cool type of extension using micro-rings.

The overgrown strands are fixed using micro-rings made of cermets with a diameter of up to 3 mm. Rings come in a variety of colors.

Ultrasonic hair extension

This look is one of the newer and refers to cold hair extensions. The keratin capsule is sealed by ultrasound.

Hair extensions colors

Hair extensions clip in use:

Clips (mini clips) are represented by special hair clips, using which it is possible to build up hair in a minimum of time. That is why hair extensions on clips are considered the best way out for those people who are in a hurry to an important, responsible event, where they should look perfect, and there is no time to create a full-fledged hairstyle. It is also an excellent solution for women who love to experiment with their appearance. After all, performing hair extensions on clips, you can create a new image every day, pleasantly surprising yourself and the people around.

What are the ways of hair extension?

Hair extensions are hot and cold. The popular capsule build-up is a hot method. It is subdivided into Italian and English extensions. When using the Italian method, a strand of hair extensions with a small keratin capsule, similar in structure to your own hair, is pressed against them with heated tongs. This method allows you to attach strands to any part of the head. For example, on the back of the head, temples  and even bangs.

The English method of capsule hair extension involves the independent formation of strands by the master, (unlike ready-made capsules with Italian extensions). The master uses an organic keratin-based resin. A special heating gun and only natural hair are required. The build-up according to the English method is less resistant to temperature extremes. Hot methods are considered more persistent. However, thermal exposure is certainly harmful to hair.

Cold hair extension involves the use of glue or clips. With tape extensions, artificial hair is attached to the head with adhesive tape. When building up tresses (it is also called afro-growing), the master weaves a small horizontal pigtail. Artificial strands are attached to it, interconnected at the base by a thin and long fabric strip. One of the novelties of recent years is an ultrasonic extension. This technique does not require exposure to high temperatures. To fasten the strands, synthetic polymers and ultrasonic pulses are used.

Is the hair extension procedure harmful?

There are two main risk factors. This is the effect of temperature and stress on the hair follicles. Before carrying out the procedure, you should consult with the master and read reviews on the Internet. If you choose a cold extension, you need to find the optimal number of strands that will not overload the hair follicles. And then with careful hair care, everything will be in order.

hairstylist putting extension

How to care for hair after hair extension?

Whichever type of hair extension you choose, after the procedure, new long strands will have to be carefully looked after.

  1. How to wash hair extensions:

As a rule, it is not recommended to wash your hair for the first two days after hair extension. And after that, of course, you will have to pick up shampoo. Moreover, it is better to take this seriously. Washing is a real test for hair extensions. They can get tangled and even fall out.

Therefore, it is important to choose shampoo as mild and neutral as possible. Ideally, choose the not overwhelmed by anything unnecessary tool. In addition, it should be intended for sensitive scalp and hair.

  1. How to use the balm if you have hair extensions:

In addition, to keep hairless tangled, do not ignore the balm. But it must be applied, slightly retreating from the attachment points of the strands.

  1. How to comb hair extensions:

In addition, you should not go to bed with damp and wet strands. Otherwise, they will roll into tangles. Be sure to dry and gently comb your hair with a fine-tooth comb. After that, it will be a good idea to spray the strands with a strengthening spray.

  1. What hairstyle to sleep with if you have a hair extension:

Finally, don't sleep with your hair loose. Instead, it's best to braid the strands into a loose braid. This is such a beauty ritual for hair after extension every time you need to wash your hair.

hair extension

What kind of hair extension is considered the most gentle?

Cold build-up using glue is preferable, as hot build-up uses hot resin. Ultrasonic, tape, and aphro extension (a procedure using tresses) is considered the least harmful to the hair.

Are there any contraindications to hair extension?

The extension is not recommended for hair loss, skin diseases, and allergies. Hair extensions can also be uncomfortable if you are prone to migraines.

How many strands do you need to create a beautiful volume?

It all depends on your preference. However, on average, 150-200 strands are increased.

How long does the hair extension procedure take?

Of course, it all depends on the desired density and the chosen method. On average, the procedure takes 3-4 hours. That is, no longer than dyeing with pre-clarification.

How often do you need correction?

It depends on the rate of hair growth. Usually, the correction is carried out every 3-4 months.

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