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Women spend a lot of time and effort to decorate their curls and give them a more well-groomed look every day. Most often, various styling products are used for this. Recently, such a procedure as the extensions for curly hair has begun to gain momentum. It allows you to get the desired hairstyle without harming your hair.  Bear with us to know everything you need.
Nuances of the extension procedure for curly hair

Nuances of the extension procedure

Given the complexity of caring for artificial material, the master tells the client about all the nuances. The fact is that the more extended curls grow back, the more they become entangled with natural ones. That is why it is critical to periodically correct it. The master can offer the client a choice of three types of extensions for curly hair: Slavic, European, or Asian.

You can choose Asian hair for short term extensions, and their cost is much less than the rest.

European extensions for curly hair occupy the second position in terms of price. The best option is Slavic extensions for curly hair. Even though they are more expensive than all others, the wear period is the longest. Besides, they can withstand the increased stress associated with caring for curls.

If you are going to have extensions for curly hair, keep in mind that their structure does not allow staining. The fastening process also has its characteristics. Due to the larger volume of the hairstyle, the number of strands required for the procedure is significantly reduced. However, despite this, curly hair extensions are more expensive. Besides, it should be noted that they are often confused, especially in the root area, which makes combing more problematic. As a result, the correction will have to be carried out much more often. Considering all this, you need to think several times before agreeing to the extension procedure.

Modern methods make it possible to make extensions for curly hair, even for short hair, but much depends on the technology. The hairdresser will help you decide on the choice, who will tell you which method is better to choose and what result will turn out in the end.

You can get a hairstyle with extended curls to the shoulders with your hair length of about 6 cm. But this is a detailed process that only a highly qualified specialist can handle. The greatest difficulty is presented by short asymmetric haircuts. In this case, the fixation of the artificial material is not carried out along the parting.

You can have extensions for curly hair regardless of hair type. The main thing is to choose the right professional who will carry out this procedure. However, in this case, it is necessary to consider that curly hair has a more porous structure than straight hair, so moisture leaves them much faster. For this reason, it is better to choose extensions for curly hair that will match in color with natural ones. In this case, it will be possible to avoid constant tinting and keep the hairstyle well-groomed for a much longer period.

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Curly hair extension techniques

If almost any method can be used to extend straight hair, only specific options are suitable for extensions for curly hair. Several technologies are used here, including hot and cold methods. The appropriate option is selected by the master, taking into account the condition of the natural hair, as well as the client's wishes regarding the price. Most often, the Italian or English version is chosen with the hot extension method. The Spanish technique is by far the safest for hair.

The procedure cost depends on factors such as the length of natural hair and material and the technology used. When performing the work, curls of several types can be used. However, the best option is precisely Slavic natural curls. They not only last longer but also are not strongly exposed to the environment. If desired, they can be additionally curled or straightened. Asian-type curls are used in cases where it is necessary to obtain a short-term effect. European strands are cheaper than Slavic ones but more expensive than eastern ones.

Terms of wearing hair extensions

The duration of using extensions for curly hair depends on the care of the curls and the technique chosen. For example, the African method allows you to use your hairstyle for up to 3 months, and the term for wearing hair extensions using the English method is already up to 6-8.

But these are average figures because much depends on the individual characteristics of a person, including the rate of hair growth. Experts advise correcting at least 2-3 times a month to make your curls dazzling.

Contraindications to the procedure

For all techniques for building curly hair, there are certain restrictions:

  • migraine, disturbances in the work of the vascular system, vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • taking antibiotics and hormonal agents;
  • undergoing chemotherapy;
  • damaged, parched, and brittle hair;
  • sensitive scalp;
  • dermatological problems, wounds on the skin;
  • increased greasiness;
  • increased hair loss;
  • age not exceeding 16-18 years.

Pregnancy should be referred to as relative contraindications. In this case, you can extend curly hair, but not in all ways, and only in the safest methods. Besides, proper care will be required after them.

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How to care properly  for your hair after the extension procedure

You made up your mind and did the curly hair extension, so an updated hair will delight you and stimulate further experiments. Long strands give considerable scope for imagination when choosing a hairstyle. Albeit, you should adhere to specific rules to not spoil your hair's beauty and not confuse them.

Proper care is necessary not only for the new hairstyle to look great but also for the health of the curls and maintaining the attractive appearance of the artificial material. Long curly hair needs to be able to wash, comb properly, and dry. Otherwise, the gloss and presentable look will quickly disappear.

After a specific time (about two months), extensions should be corrected. For reuse, the same strands can be taken if their quality has not deteriorated. It is worth noting that the same material can be used repeatedly for one year.

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